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The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin

July 04, 2023
The Irish are pretty proud of their drinking culture. You'll see it in Dublin, their capital city, too. While the city has a flurry of exciting hotspots, there's no denying that the bars and pubs are often the most crowded. You can't even blame them too, because places like The Temple Bar, The Long Hall, Neary’s, and Toners are just so amazing. Beyond the great drinks that they serve, they also offer the perfect ambiance for you to let loose, relax, and even have fun. If you're in Dublin now or you'll be there soon, don't miss out on the best bars around!

The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin

The Temple Bar

You can't go to Dublin and not check out the iconic Temple Bar at least once! Located in its own namesake neighborhood in Dublin, the pub has become emblematic of the city and of Ireland as a whole. At least, when it comes to the Irish's love for drinking! The Temple Bar never fails to draw in large crowds, be it with its lively music scene or its pints of Guinness and other intoxicating beverages. And don't forget to take a selfie with its iconic crimson facade too!
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Brazen Head

With its distinctly Medieval-looking facade and sign, you can already tell that The Brazen Head has a lot of history to it. And you're right! This old-fashioned Irish pub is the oldest of its kind in Dublin. It first opened back in 1754 as a coaching inn and eventually became the watering hole for the rustic and ever-so-brusque Irishmen. But that was back then. Today, The Brazen Head serves as a relic of the country's colorful and tumultuous history. Not to mention a great place to get some drinks too!
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: The Brazen Head.

The Long Hall

On South Great George's Street, you'll find The Long Hall, another of the best pubs in Dublin. Having been around since 1881, its centuries-long legacy is proof that the pub is as much-beloved as many of the city's main tourist attractions. But what is it about The Long Hall that continues to captivate its patrons? There's its old-world ambiance, for one thing. From its glowingly rouge interior to its fine quilted leather lounge seating, barely anything has changed about The Long Hall over the past centuries. It's a neat journey back in time accompanied by a great drink. What's not to love?
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: The Long Hall

Palace Bar

The Palace Bar is fairly near the iconic Temple Bar on Fleet Street. It's only a few steps away and they both proudly decorate their facades with beautiful flowers and shrubberies. In fact, you might even miss it if you're not careful. Their floral decor tends to cover the sign. Nevertheless, the Palace Bar remains a favorite for locals and tourists alike. It has no trouble getting its fair share of patrons even when a world-famous bar is nearby. After all, The Palace Bar is widely regarded as the best place to get some Irish whiskey.
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: The Palace Bar Facebook Page

John Kavanagh

You probably wouldn't have imagined that a day in Dublin would include a drink by a cemetery. But if you want to check out one of the best bars in Dublin, you have no choice. The fairly historic John Kavanagh's pub is right by Glasnevin Cemetery. The hotspot even got its moniker, 'The Gravediggers,' because folks of that profession would be its most common patrons. You really can't blame them though! Not only is the bar near their workplace, but it also serves great food and drinks. Add to that the fact that John Kavanagh's pub is also among the quieter bars in Dublin.
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: John Kavanagh The Gravediggers

The Swan Bar

Speaking of chill bars in Dublin, The Swan Bar is one such place. You can even tell by its black exterior and old-fashioned Victorian ambiance. Even though it bears the same old-world appeal as many of the other more popular Dublin pubs on this list, The Swan Bar just looks and feels intimate. This is the kind of bar you'd take your special someone to on a romantic date. Or when you want to drown your sorrows in a pint.
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: The Swan Bar

The Black Sheep

Even though Dublin is home to the world-famous Guinness Storehouse, not all of the city's bars focus on the stuff. The Black Sheep pub on Capel Street is one of them. By focusing more on craft beer than Guinness, this place has stood out against the crowded nightlife scene in the Irish capital. You can expect 20 varieties of craft beer on tap and plenty of other local and international beer brands in this beloved hotspot. And of course, don't forget the comfort food too!
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: The Black Sheep Facebook Page

Toner’s Pub

If you traveled or even moved to Dublin, chances are you love beer. This is a stereotype, sure, but if it does apply to you, then congratulations! You're in the motherland of beer lovers! As this list has proven, the Irish capital has more than its fair share of bars and pubs. And one of the best for beer lovers is Toner's Pub on Baggot Street. This is no ordinary pub, mind you, as it's actually a beer garden. It boasts a charming outdoor area where beer is free-flowing and the fun never stops!
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: Toner’s Pub


Grafton Street is mostly known as a shopping district. The area is home to high-street brands, homegrown boutiques, and the like. But if you go further down a side street, you might just end up in front of Neary’s, another of the best pubs in Dublin. The reason why it's so beloved is that its location is pretty strategic. Shoppers who get exhausted from going from one shop to the next can enjoy a break in this old-fashioned Irish pub. And they just so happen to serve Guinness, Irish Whiskey, and delicious comfort food. What more could you ask for?
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: Neary’s

The Blue Light

Finally, there's The Blue Light pub located in the Sandyford suburbs of Dublin. It's a fair distance away from the city center. So much so that you might need to take more than just one mode of public transport to get there if you don't have your own car or you can't get a cab. But is all this effort to get there worth it? You bet it is! If not for its Guinness pints and craft cocktails, The Blue Light also offers some of the most enchanting views of the city. It's a refreshing contrast to the old-school pubs that dominate this list.
The 10 Best Pubs in Dublin
Source: The Blue Light Facebook Page

Get to know the best bars in Dublin. It's no secret that the Irish know a thing or two about drinking and having a good time, so what better place to do just that than in the Irish capital? There's no doubt that you'll have fun in any of these hotspots!

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