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Christmas in London: What To Do

September 02, 2023
If you could take a trip to anywhere in the world this Christmas, where would you go? If you answered London in the UK, then you're in luck! The city is one of the best Christmas destinations out there. If you thought the British capital was already hectic to begin with, wait until you go here during the holiday season. The streets, stores and more are packed! But that's also part of London's Christmas charm. From the lights on Oxford Street to the window displays of the city's beloved department stores, spending Christmas in London is as dreamy as can be!

Christmas in London: What To Do

Play in The Snow

Although it's rare, a white Christmas in London is possible. Snow tends to fall in the British capital around January or February. But if weather forecasts predict that it'll be a white Christmas in London this year, then get your tickets, pack your bags, and head on over here. To say that a snow-covered London is magical is an understatement. The city already looks enchanting at any other time of the year. What more when it glistens with falling snowflakes? And if you add the dazzling light displays London puts on every holiday season, the sight will surely take your breath away!

Visit Oxford Street

Regardless of whether it will be a white Christmas in London this year or not, the lights on Oxford Street won't fail to dazzle you every time. Year after year, this famous shopping street becomes the bright part of the British capital around Christmastime. It's not just that they hang fairy lights on buildings and trees and call it a day. They actually design the entire street to look like a Christmas wonderland. There are sparkling angels, bright stars dangling all about, bright balls swinging with the winter breezes, and more. At this time of year, Oxford Street turns into one of the best Instagram spots in London.

Christmas in London: What To Do

See The Famous Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square

On the famous Trafalgar Square at the heart of the City of Westminster in Central London, you'll see one of the most iconic Christmas trees in the world. But why is it so famous? For one thing, it's one of the tallest Christmas trees in the country, possibly even in the entire world. It's generally around 20 meters tall, sometimes a bit taller, other times slightly smaller. Moreover, the tree is part of a years-long tradition wherein Norway gifts the British capital a decades-old Norwegian Spruce tree to stand at the center of the latter's most famous public square. This has gone on since 1947.

Ride The London Eye

Riding the London Eye is perhaps the ultimate tourist activity in the British capital. If you've moved to London and have lived here for quite some time now, you probably don't care about such a thing, don't you? That's all well and good during any other time of the year, but around Christmastime, you ought to consider doing it again. When the city is all lit up, it makes for quite a dazzling sight. You already know about the lights on Oxford Street and the tree at Trafalgar Square, right? Imagine seeing that and more form way up high in the sky. It's only possible through the London Eye!

Christmas in London: What To Do

Hear Midnight Mass at Westminster Abbey

Hearing Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is one thing. Hearing Midnight Mass in the iconic Westminster Abbey is a totally unreal experience! Picture it: You're in the actual church where various British monarchs have wed and were crowned. There's so much history and heritage in the place that it's practically overwhelming. Add to that the solemnity of a Christmas mass and it becomes even more of an other-worldly experience. And yes, Westminster Abbey is open to the public, as long as you buy tickets. Rest assured that they're worth every penny just to see the historic church in person alone!

Attend a Christmas Carol Concert

Part of what makes hearing Midnight Mass in Westminster Abbey an almost haunting experience is the choir singing Christmas carols. The way their angelic voices echo throughout the centuries-old structure is heavenly, to say the least. But it's also worth noting that Westminster Abbey isn't the only place you can listen to Christmas carol performances. On the contrary, various places hold such concerts when it's Christmas in London. One of the more famous ones is the Royal Albert Hall, a place where some of the world's most famous artists have performed. They hold Christmas concerts here annually too.

Christmas in London: What To Do

Go Ice Skating

Somerset House, Hyde Park, Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, and Alexandra Palace. What do these places have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they're some of the most notable tourist attractions throughout the different neighborhoods in London, they also have the best ice skating rinks. And nothing says Christmas in London quite like ice skating beside a grand palace. Getting to glide beside such stunning structures is a holiday experience you won't forget, even more so if you do it with someone special. An ice skating date, perhaps? Now that's a great holiday idea!

Visit The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Speaking of Hyde Park, this is also among the ultimate holiday hotspots in London. The skating rink here is just one part of the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, an annual fun fair that liven things up every holiday season. Around this time of the year, the world-famous green space transforms into a sparkling carnival, complete with a Ferris Wheel, a carousel ride, fun games, cool shows, and more. It's the best place to spend some quality time with friends and family as you celebrate Christmas in London.

Christmas in London: What To Do

Warm Up in a Pub

Spending Christmas in London is fun and all, but the cold can get too much sometimes, doesn't it? Even when it's a white Christmas (or especially when it's a white Christmas), how can you have the time of your life when you're freezing to death? When this happens, there's only one thing to do: warm up in a pub! Fortunately, there are many great pubs in London. There's The Grenadier, The Harp, The Holly Bush, Princess Louise, and the Pembury Tavern, to name a few. Beyond their beer handles and craft cocktails, these places also stay warm around this time of the year. They're some of the best places to enjoy a hot Christmas meal.

Watch a Panto

Perhaps the kitschiest of all holiday experiences in London is the pantomime play, referred to simply as a “Panto” by the British. What is a panto, exactly? It's a type of musical comedy performed for a family audience. Sort of like Broadway, but again, a lot quirkier and kitschier. As such, Londoners (at least the sophisticated ones) tend to brush it off as gimmicky and touristy. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Let the snobs jeer and sneer! Pantos are undeniably fun and entertaining; a quintessential part of Christmas in London!

Christmas in London: What To Do
Source: Flickr.com/ AudaCity3371

If you want a memorable holiday experience, spend Christmas in London. There's a lot to look forward to in the British capital during this time of the year, from dazzling lights to amazing shopping and more!

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