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What to Expect When You Spend Christmas in Prague

September 04, 2023
Spending Christmas in Prague seems like a random idea, doesn't it? Maybe in Paris, London, or Rome, sure! But the Czech capital? There's no doubt that Prague is a beautiful city, but what makes it so special during the holidays? Well, lots of things! One is that you get to enjoy a white Christmas if you spend it in Prague. Seeing the capital city all covered in snow will take your breath away! Then there are the Christmas markets too. Who knows what sorts of treats and trinkets you'll find in their adorable stalls? It's the quintessential European Christmas experience!

What to Expect When You Spend Christmas in Prague

Enjoy a White Christmas

Arguably the best part about spending Christmas in Prague is the high chance of getting snow. The Czech capital is one of the best places to experience a white Christmas. There's always at least a 42% chance that it will snow around mid to late December, right in time for the holidays. And though it gets extremely cold in Prague around this time of year, seeing all the sparkling snowflakes fall on this already beautiful city more than makes up for it. The entire place turns into a real-life Christmas card, or perhaps even a holiday Hollywood movie.

See The Swans on the Vltava River

Even if you don't get a white Christmas in Prague, there's no need to fall into despair. You won't see snow, true, but at least there's another amazing sight to look forward to: the swans at the Vltava River. On the castle side of the river, there's often a flock of swans floating and swimming about, enchanting passers-by with their natural beauty. You can't help but feel you've entered a Christmas fairy tale when you see them, especially with such grand buildings in the background. And though most birds fly off to the south every winter, these swans stay all throughout the holiday season.

What to Expect When You Spend Christmas in Prague

Check Out The Christmas Markets

You simply can't miss Prague's Christmas markets! They're part of what makes the city so lively and vibrant every holiday season. The city sets up two, one at the Old Town Square and another at Wenceslas Square. The former is the quintessential storybook-like setting, especially with the gothic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in the background. You can't get any dreamier than that! The latter, on the other hand, is the livelier one. This isn't to say the other isn't lively, it's just that there's often more energy in the Wenceslas Square Christmas market than the one in the Old Town Square

Taste Some Trdelník

Now, let's get into the Christmas treats! Here in Prague, getting some Trdelník is a holiday must! It's not exactly the most traditional Christmas treat in the Czech Republic, but it's definitely a holiday mainstay in the capital city. You can various tons of stalls and street vendors selling it, be they in the Christmas markets or any other neighborhood in Prague. But what exactly is Trdelník? It's a cinnamon sugar-coated pastry dough rolled up and commonly filled with soft-serve ice cream. Having it with the latter can get pretty cold, sure, but its sweetness makes every shiver worth it!

What to Expect When You Spend Christmas in Prague

Drink Some Svařák

Prefer something hot instead? Look no further than Svařák, the Czech version of mulled wine. Always served hot, it's the best treat against the winter cold in Prague. It also boasts a more balanced flavor than typical mulled wine. While the English and German kinds are notably sweet, Svařák is distinctly more fruity in flavor. That's because the Czechs truly emphasize the citrus touches even more when they prepare Svařák. They commonly used lemon too, guaranteeing a stronger citrus punch. And yet the sweetness still pushed through at the end as well.

Hear Mass at St. Vitus Cathedral

Let's not forget that its core, Christmas is a religious holiday. Even as a holiday in the Czech Republic, people still take the religious aspect of it very seriously. As such, one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas in Prague is to hear mass, even if you're not a Catholic yourself. And while there are many grand churches in the Czech capital, there's arguably no better place to do it than in the iconic St. Vitus Cathedral within the Prague Castle complex. With its imposing gothic and Medieval appearance and its centuries-long history, hearing Christmas mass here would feel like no other!

What to Expect When You Spend Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague is the holiday fantasy you think it to be. There are swans, bustling Christmas markets, tasty treats, and more! Why not spend the holidays in the Czech capital this year? Bring your loved ones while you're at it!

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