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Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Florida: What to Do

August 17, 2023
Florida sounds like the best place to celebrate any holiday, doesn't it? It's sunny all year round, there are lots to do, and the energy is always high. The state is all about having a good time, perfect for spending special days with your family and friends. Of course, this includes Thanksgiving Day too! On one of the most celebrated American holidayss of the year, you can do all sorts of fun and exciting things beyond the usual dinner. You can soak up some rays on the beaches of Miami, for example. Visit Disney World in Orlando. Or go on an adventure in Jacksonville!

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Florida: What to Do

Go to The Beach in Miami

Does Thanksgiving always have to mean layering up sweaters and drinking coffee to warm up? Not necessarily! For example, if you spend the holiday in Miami, you can trade in the usual fall foliage and cool weather with shining rays and soft sand. Although Miami—and Florida as a whole—still gets its cold spells around this time of year, it's not so cold that you can enjoy a day at the beach. And the beaches in Miami are perfect! Picture it: you're soaking up some sun or swimming in the sea on Thanksgiving Day. Not your ordinary holiday, isn't it?

Have Fun at Disney World in Orlando

Since Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and friends, you can do just that in the “happiest place on Earth,” Walt Disney World! Orlando, Florida is the theme park capital of the world. It's home to dozens of parks, each more exciting than the next. But for the holiday that's centered on sharing how thankful you are for your loved ones, there's no better place than Walt Disney World. Imagine all the fun everyone will have on the rides, playing games, and meeting their favorite Disney characters. Fortunately, there are also many luxury rentals near Disney World that you can rent! You can have your traditional holiday feast there.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Florida: What to Do

Check Out Winterfest in Pensacola

An Elf parade, reindeer games with Rudolph and his glowing red nose, and a puppy part with ol' Santa Claus himself. If all that sounds like a lot of fun, then you'll definitely want to spend Thanksgiving Day in Florida this year. In the vibrant city of Pensacola, Winterfest brings about the holiday cheer as early as the weekend right after Thanksgiving. After you've had all the traditional turkey and cranberry sauces you can eat, you and your entire family can burn the fat away in this magical winter wonderland. It's a pretty unique sight too, considering that it never really snows in Pensacola!

See The Light Festival in St. Augustine

Speaking of the holidays, what's the holiday season without some beautiful lights? Thanksgiving Day marks the unofficial start of the holiday season in the US. If you're celebrating the day in St. Augustine, Florida, then you shouldn't miss the city's incredible “Night of Lights” Festival. The event starts as early as mid-November, just in time for Thanksgiving, and goes until after New Year's Day. So even if you have a lot of time to catch it, there's nothing quite like seeing them light up for the first time during the American holiday.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Florida: What to Do

Visit The Animals in Jacksonville

Truth be told, Thanksgiving Day isn't exactly the most exciting holiday, is it? It's heartwarming and happy, sure, but is it exciting? Does it have fireworks displays like the 4th of July? Or the fun parties like Halloween? The answer is no, it does not. But just because Thanksgiving doesn't have all of that, it doesn't mean you can't have a holiday adventure of your own. If you go to nature-bound Jacksonville in Florida, for example, you can have a thrilling Thanksgiving Day. From its nature parks to its wildlife reserves, there's no telling what adventures await you in this part of the country!

Watch The Paw Parade in Mount Dora

If you still want to see some adorable animals but don't care for thrilling adventures, you can always spend Thanksgiving watching the Paw Parade at Mount Dora. The Floridian city's annual Heroes Foundation Paw Parade is the perfect holiday tradition for the whole family to get into. Held on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, you can watch the city's adorable canine critters proudly show off their fluffed-up furs and pampered pedigrees. The entire thing is just so cute, you'll want to buy a dog for yourself too!

Revel in The Romance of Tampa

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving Day with just your significant other this year? Perhaps it's your first holiday as a couple? Or as newlyweds? Whatever your case is, you'll want to celebrate the American holiday in Tampa, Florida. The city is among the most romantic in the country, known for its stunning coastlines and couple's activities. Go on romantic rendezvous all over the city and end it with a scenic sunset on Tampa's incredible beaches. It will surely be one of the most romantic trips you'll ever have, even when it's on Thanksgiving!

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Florida: What to Do

From spending the day on the beach to visiting the most theme park in the world, celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Florida is a lot more fun than you probably realize. It's going to be a memorable holiday!

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