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Where To Get Vintage Records in Paris

July 29, 2023
There's just something about Paris that inspires a love for vintage. Be it vintage clothes or vintage prints, the history and heritage of the French capital fills you with an almost overbearing sense of nostalgia, even if it's to times that you weren't even born yet! And it's the same with music as everything else. Doesn't it sound and feel oh so Parisian when you listen to vintage records as you sip coffee in the morning or drink wine at night? But where do you get these vintage records in Paris? Consider going to Superfly Records, Paris Jazz Corner, or Heartbeat Vinyl, among many others.

Where To Get Vintage Records in Paris

Superfly Records

Even though Superfly Records only opened back in 2009, this vintage record store has grown more popular than even the older shops on this list. DJ-turned-entrepreneur Manu Bouilli set up this shop to provide Parisians (and the tourists who come here) with a fine selection of international music. And 'international' is an understatement considering that many of the rarest finds from this shop off of Place de la République come from various countries. It offers jass, reggae, and soul from places like Cuba, South Africa, Brazil, and more.

Paris Jazz Corner

When you reach the corner of Rue de Navarro in the 5th arrondissement, you can't help but notice the bright blue facade. Without reading the store sign, you'd think this was a toy shop or another of the livelier cafes in Paris. But in truth, it's actually the Paris Jazz Corner, a mecca for the genre. 12,000 vinyls and CDs make up this fairly intimate but popular space, all of which are jazz. And the best part? The Paris Jazz Corner does serve coffee too! Nothing beats a lazy afternoon in this amazing spot!

Where To Get Vintage Records in Paris

Patate Records

On the 11th arrondissement's Rue de Charonne, Patate Records piles on the reggae! Its namesake founder, Pierre Patate, has been selling reggae records since 1992. By its longevity alone, you can already tell that this place has a lot of rare finds. And by focusing on a relatively underserved genre, it just makes the vintage records all the more valuable. If you've heard of the likes of Phyllis Dillon, Leroy Smart, The Shadows, and more, you'll definitely love this shop! You won't even mind spending hours browsing the collection too.

Heartbeat Vinyl

Welcome to Our World of Merry Musics,” says the homepage of Heartbeat Vinyl. Located on Rue Godefroy in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, this is another great place to find vintage stores. In fact, it's safe to say that it's among the most popular on this list (as well as in the city). After all, “Merry Musics” is what they sell, and boy, do they deliver! Racks upon racks of exceptional records await the melophiles in Paris, especially those who are into funk, soul, and disco.

Where To Get Vintage Records in Paris

Vinyl Office

On the border of the 11th and 12th arrondissements, Vinyl Office stands as the Parisian paradise for rock lovers. Or to be more specific, collectors of vintage records of punk and garage music. Make no mistake—Vinyl Office also has tons of other genres to offer, but over the years, the place has become popular for these specific genres. It's mostly because they often have the records of bands that many have thought to be long-forgotten. It's as much a haven for vintage rock record Holy Grails as any other shop on this list.

Techno Import

In the hip and happenin' Bastille district or Paris, you'd think that the bars and nightclubs would be the best place to listen to house music. In truth, many of these hotspots do offer a good time. But then there's also Techno Import, a vintage record store on Rue des Taillandiers. If you hadn't guessed from its name yet, the shop specializes in one genre: house music. From famous legends to obscure artists, you'll feel like you're in the best club in town when you check this place out!

Where To Get Vintage Records in Paris

Syncrophone Records

Also on Rue des Taillandiers is Syncrophone Records, which is also all about beat-heavy house music and similar genres. Going through the vintage records here—as well as listening to what's currently playing—will feel like you're on a club-hopping trip across Europe. Syncrophone Records specialized in disco and techno records from the 'Old Continent.' Whether you're in French disco artists to UK-borne DJs, any vinyl you pick up here will have you dancing all night long!


Although shopping for vintage records in Paris is fun, some would find going through racks of vinyls a little frustrating. It's not always fun to go through countless racks just to find a specific genre, right? So perhaps you might like Crocodisc more than any other shop on this list. Their selection is so extensive, they opened three stores in the Latin Quarter, spanning from Rue des Écoles to Rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève. The original Crocodisc is all about soul, funk, hip-hop, and reggae. Crocdisc 2, on the other hand, offers French records of rock, metal, and punk. And the third, Crocojazz, truly lives up to its name.

Where To Get Vintage Records in Paris


Great music, hot coffee, and exciting events. What more could you ask for? The vintage record store Dizonord in Montmartre isn't just a place to buy old (but still good!) music. It's become a community hotspot for Parisian melophiles. Though the shop itself isn't so big, it has enough space for locals to gather, drink coffee, and revel in their shared love for music. Even more so since Dizonord's selection is pretty global. From South America and Africa to other European countries, the records here feature the sound of the world!

Marché Dauphine

Finally, there's Marché Dauphine on Rue des Rosiers in the 4th arrondissement. As you've probably already guessed, this isn't technically a vintage record store in Paris, but rather a flea market. Amidst the racks of vinyls will be food stalls, antique kiosks, and more. Does that make it any less worthwhile? Of course not! On the contrary, you never know what you might discover here! Parisan flea markets are well-known treasure troves of rare finds, after all. This is just as true with vintage music as it is with anything else.

Where To Get Vintage Records in Paris

Vintage records just hit differently, don't they? And if you're looking for the best and rarest finds, check out these vintage record stores in Paris. They have jazz to rock and everything in between!




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