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London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants

July 25, 2023
Despite how influential of a food capital London is, it's still a bit intimidating. Many people feel they might be too low class for many of these high-brow hotspots. Not the least of which are kids. While they themselves might not care all too much, their parents might be too confident bringing them to London's Michelin-starred restaurants and upscale eateries. Fortunately, there are still places like Heddon Street Kitchen, Where The Pancakes Are, Pizza East, and Koya Ko Hackney, among many others. These are just some of the must-try family-friendly restaurants in London. From their food to their ambiance, parents won't have any trouble bringing along their little ones to these hotspots!

London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants

Heddon Street Kitchen

World-famous chef, restauranteur, and TV personality Gordon Ramsay isn't exactly the first person that comes to mind when talking about anything family-friendly. He's known for his crass language and aggressive critiques, far from what many would consider as kid-friendly. But his own restaurant, Heddon Street Kitchen, located on the street of the same name, is among the best places for kids to eat in London. For one thing, the little ones get to eat for free. Parents who find the high living costs in London difficult to afford would instantly want to go here to treat their kids. As for what to eat, the little ones can have either macaroni & cheese, burgers, spaghetti & meatballs, and more.
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: Heddon Street Kitchen Facebook Page

York & Albany

The York & Albany Hotel looks like an upscale establishment where snooty socialites would roll their eyes the minute they see a little kid pass by. At least, that's the first impression you might have upon seeing the place. The truth, however, is a bit far from that. Not the least of which is the in-house restaurant run by none other than—you guessed it!—Gordon Ramsay. In this elegant space, little kids can enjoy sweet and savory meals. But the best part is its location. Situated near Regent Park and the London Zoo, this is the perfect spot for a delicious meal on a family day.
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

The Arber Garden

Located in the Fitzrovia district of London, The Arber Garden is a chic and serene spot that serves British cuisine at its finest. It's easy to think of it as a very grown-up place, the kind children aren't exactly welcome in. But that couldn't be farther from the truth! The Arber Garden actually has a kid's corner where the little ones can play and eat and have the time of their lives. As they wait for their orders to arrive, they can draw, color, make arts & crafts, and more. The kid's menu has an impressive balance of heart meals (mini cheeseburger and chips) and healthy options (chicken breast with broccoli).
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: The Arber Garden Facebook Page

The Broadcaster

What was once a former BBC Television Center in White City became one of the latest must-try hotspots in London. The Broadcaster is a cool hotspot that every foodie should check out when they're in the British capital. Beyond the place's fascinating history, the food here is stellar too. Even the kids will agree! The Broadcaster has a separate kid's menu filled with everything they love—fish & chips, cheeseburgers, and scrumptious puddings. More than that, the place also has a designated area for the little ones. Just like The Arber Garden, this kiddie space allows your children to have all sorts of fun as they wait for their food.
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: The Broadcaster Facebook Pag

Where the Pancakes Are

From its name alone, you can already tell why this place is among the best family-friendly restaurants in London, right? On Southwark Bridge Road in the Southwark borough of London, Where the Pancakes Are is the sweet spot that'll have the little ones rushing to the dinner table. They'd get excited over the thought of having pancakes for lunch or dinner, even when they have to start with the savory variety. But they eventually won't mind when they get a forkful of smoked bacon and Yorkshire sausage atop their fluffy pancakes. Who knows? They might even like it better than the usual sweet pancakes!
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: Where the Pancakes Are

Koya Ko Hackney

It's easy to think that kids prefer Western cuisines above everything else. From American burgers and hotdogs to Italian pasta and pizza, these are the usual staples you'd often find on any kid's menu. And that's all well and good for the most part, but don't the little ones deserve some variety too? At least, that's what Koya Ko Hackney thinks! With their adorable kiddy trays, this Japanese Ramen shop aims to offer kids a taste of Japan's tantalizing flavors. Don't worry! Their noodles are soft, the vegetables are fresh, and the seasoning isn't too strong for their delicate palettes.
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: Koya Ko Hackney Facebook Page

Pizza East

Let's return to the subject of pizza for this next one. After all, this dish is one of the very few authentic delicacies that kids have grown to love and even crave. So if your kids want pizza for dinner in London, consider taking them to Pizza East on Shoreditch High Street. Firstly, the place is big enough that they can run around (though not recommended) without getting into too much trouble. Secondly, the menu includes little pizzas that your little ones can finish on their own. And even if they don't, they'd still want more of them when you get some for takeout!
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: Pizza East

All Star Lanes

Parents, it's time to admit that when you take your kids out to dinner, all they really want is to have fun. They still need to eat, sure, but they'd be so excited and stimulated by being out of the house, they won't be able to help themselves. So why not take them to a place where they can have fun and eat too? All Star Lanes is a bowling alley with its own American diner. Located on Bloomsbury Place in the Holborn borough, it has everything a kid would ever want in such a hotspot. Milkshakes? Check! Burgers? Check! Chips (or fries as the Americans would know them)? Check! And bowling too? Check!
London’s 8 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants
Source: All Star Lanes

London's best 8 family-friendly restaurants that the city's famous culinary scene isn't just for the high-brow adults. Even the little ones can enjoy London's excellent gourmet, all while enjoying time with their family and friends.

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