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Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

March 28, 2021
Is there anything more British than fish & chips? Perhaps afternoon tea? That's for another time. What's so great about fish & chips is that it's an easy snack to get and eat at any time of day. On the tube? Sure! At the park? Why not? Even during afternoon tea? A bit weird but okay! There's no limit to when and where you can eat this quintessentially British snack. There, however, a select few places that serve them that you could call the 'best!' Here they are.

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London


Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack

London is far from what you'd call a 'seaside town,' but the Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack over at Fitzrovia sure makes it a little convincing. This quaint establishment is somewhat of a mecca of seafood, their specialty being fish & chips. Like any other seaside town in other parts of the world, the shack only serves fresh fish, fried delicately to still retain its savory and salty taste, and paired with premium cut chips. A bit of the fish and a chip will already be quite the mouthful, you won't need dip at all. But the latter does help! 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: Bonnie Gull Facebook Page



This place is so proud of their seafood selection they made their name do all the talking! And so they should. The fish they serve here—as well as the way they serve them—is topnotch! Tender with a crunchy breaded coating, the contrast of the two makes for quite the sensation for your tastebuds. But how do they achieve such lightness? They batter the fish with some beer. It magnifies the taste tenfold and gives it that extra kick. The chips, on the other hand, acts as the perfect pairing to fill anyone's tummy! 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: Fish Borough


Fish House

Just right by the beautiful Victoria Park, one of the best parks in London, stands a modern and minimal space that will answer any of your culinary concerns. But before you think this is an haute cuisine joint, think again. It's largely posh, yes, but the heart and soul of this place is their fish & chips. No wonder it's called the 'Fish House.' Here, they serve all kinds of seafood excellence, ready to tantalize your taste buds to turn you into a pescetarian! However, despite all the extra hullabaloo about their more upscale dishes, their fish & chips offering is something you must try! 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Souce: Fish House


Golden Union Fish Bar

Take a trip down memory lane and into the 1950s with this slightly kitschy but oh-so-yummy SoHo diner, Golden Union Fish Bar. Yup, it has all the trappings of a gimmicky themed restaurant complete with authentic mid-20th-century ambiance and an actual jukebox. Weirdly enough, it's in SoHo, no less, arguably one of the more modern districts in London. But enough about the gimmicks. You'll stay here because of the fish & chips, and boy are they good! Both parts of the snack are fried to perfection that they turn out golden, both in look and taste! 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London


Hook Camden Town

Want your fish & chops done the old-fashioned way? Come on over to Hook Camden Town over at, you guessed it, Camden Town! This place is so good, the district had no problem giving its name to the establishment. Here, it's as classic a London snack as fish & chips snack as you can get! Crisped fish with tender textured underneath, a satisfying crunch at every bite. Potatoe slices done so well, you'd think they were made by a gourmet chef. Not to mention their palatable array of dips, from the tangiest of ketchup to the spiciest of curry.  Mouth-watering, isn't it?

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: Hook Restaurants


Kerbisher & Malt

There's something about the way Kerbisher & Malt makes their fish & chips that will leave a taste in your mouth. And it's the good kind! Whether you have it traditionally battered or deep-fried, each and every variation has its own satisfying kick to it. This is especially when you pair it with their premium potato chips. Down it with a good lager and you'll feel as British as ever! Maye that's why this place has become so popular! They don't just offer any old fish & chips. They offer a truly British experience! 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: Kerbisher & Malt



No, the place isn't named after some aristocratic English girl from the countryside. In fact, it couldn't be farther from that. Because here, the place is all about the kitschy charm of early 20th-century Britain. It can rival the most gimmicky of London’s library bars and pubs. Keep your eyes peeled and you'll see all sorts of touches from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and even a little bit of the 60s. But the best part, of course, is the food. Here, you have the option of frying or grilling your fish. Both options are still good, but the grilled fashion makes for a unique variation on the classic snack.

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: Poppies


Sutton & Sons

The charm of fish & chips is that because they're quite easy to make, sometimes it feels as if they're homemade. Well, the snacks over at Sutton & Sons are exactly that. They don't cock the food at their home, per se, but preparing the traditional classic for their customers is a family affair. And with how they end up tasting, you won't notice that it was made out of a popular restaurant. The freshness of the fish, the delicacy of which it was fried, and the juiciness of the chips will feel like you just got served as part of their family. 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: Sutton and Sons Facebook Page


The Chipping Forecast

With so many other fish & chips places around, what makes The Chipping Forecast so special? Well, apart from its pun-tastic name, they've added their own twist to the classic dish. And it's all in one magic word: curry! Yep, the dip for their scrumptiously fried fish here is the Indian signature dish that has charmed Londoners for centuries. But then, other places use curry as their dip too. What's the difference here? It's their devotion to really chime in the Eastern influence that's truly a standout! Here, fish & chips isn't just a British classic. It's a worldwide phenomenon! 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: The Chipping Forecast



Established in 1968, Toff's has delighted locals and tourists alike for decades. It's a charming British culinary institution, standing proudly in the capital city for several decades now, that continues to serve delicious fish & chips. That's basically it, and sometimes, that's all you need. As long as there are places like this—that you can trust can serve a good heaping of fish & chips no matter how long they've been in business—you've got gold! 

Where To Get The Best Fish & Chips in London

Source: Toff's 


If you think fish & chips is just a boring and old traditional British snack, thing again! You haven't really lived—and experienced London—if you haven't tried some of the city's delicious variations on the classic dish. These hotspots will surprise you!




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