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The Top Autumn 2023 Trends from Paris Fashion Week

July 22, 2023
It's only a matter of time before autumn arrives in Paris. Do you already know what to wear? If not, perhaps you could get some tips from the French designer brands who showed their seasonal collections at Paris Fashion Week. Don't forget that these are some of the most beloved and influential labels in the world. They set trends left and right and autumn 2023 is no different! There's no doubt that Saint Laurent's minimalist approach to power dressing would be a big trend. As would Chanel's floral fancy too. And the color of the season? Crimson according to Hermès!

The Top Autumn 2023 Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Minimalist Power Dressing by Saint Laurent Paris

“Elegance” was Anthony Vacarello's buzzword for this autumn 2023 collection for Saint Laurent Paris. You'd think this was par for the course considering the French fashion house he's working for. But if you're familiar with Vacarello's signature style, you know that “elegance” is often far from the most suitable word to describe it. It is, however, the right word to describe his latest line. An ode to Saint Laurent's iconic 80s haute couture shows, Vacarello was all about power dressing this season. Think broad shoulders, pinstripes, and a whole lot of black and white. It's a continuation of the Belgian-Italian designer's streak of sophisticated selections for the label. Yet despite the showstopping silhouettes, the collection also had a modern minimalism to it.
Source: Saint Laurent Paris YouTube Channel

Boxy Bombshells by Balenciaga

Speaking of broad shoulders, Balenciaga championed this shape for autumn 2023 too. On a stark white runway, Demna Gvasalia's greyscale parade of strong-shouldered suits stood out even more. Even though it was a unisex show, it almost didn't matter if the look was worn by a male or female model. Every exit exhibited such a strong structure, they're practically non-binary. It was pared back too, perhaps a strategic move as the label rises up from the ashes of its recent advertising controversy. Nevertheless, this season's Balenciaga collection was Parisian chic at its finest. As expensive as these clothes are, you could easily imagine a typical Parisian wearing them on the street.
Source: Balenciaga YouTube Channel

Feminine Menswear by Valentino

Uniformity was the name of the game at Valentino this autumn 2023. Pierpaolo Piccoli's Paris Fashion Week show deconstructed the uniform and created a refined, modern, sexy, and quintessentially French line. The collection had its fair share of Parisian style staples—the white shirt, the relaxed suiting, the black & white color palette—but they were reworked in such a rebellious way, it's almost surprising that these looks came from the ever-elegant Valentino house. Sure, there were still Piccoli's signature feathery frills, but at its core, this collection is a twisted (in the best possible way) take on French style.
Source: Valentino YouTube Channel

English Equestrian Elegance by Stella McCartney

Even though British designer Stella McCartney has been showing in Paris Fashion Week for more than a couple of decades now, her style has always had a distinctly English elegance to it. And it was most obvious in her autumn 2023 collection. Taking inspiration from equestrian paraphernalia—complete with real horses galloping around the 7th arrondissement's Manège de l'École Militaire where the show took place—her collection looked especially English. Perhaps it was the tartan? Or the exceptional tailoring? Or even the horse prints? The truth is it was all of it and more! And there's no doubt that many French (as well as British) women will be wearing these styles next season.
Source: Stella McCartney YouTube Channel

Subversive Bourgeoisie by Miu Miu

If there's one thing that many of these autumn 2023 collections have in common, it's their approach to bourgeoisie style. Practically every French designer brand had classic elegance on their minds this season. Even Miu Miu had it for its runway show too. Miuccia Prada was never one to stray away from twisting traditional styles into her intellectual whims and quirks. In fact, it's her signature style. And for this season, the Miu Miu girl is dressing up like a prim & proper woman with a subversively sexy spin. A cashmere cardigan and polka-dot skirt seem boring at first, but when you can see her underwear peeking in between, it becomes fascinatingly erotic.
Source: Miu Miu YouTube Channel

Floral Fancy by Chanel

Chanel is the fashion house to expect Parisian style at its finest. From its signature jackets and suits to its relaxed sensibility, no other brand has embodied French fashion quite like Chanel. And for autumn 2023, the classic chicness continues. This time around, however, there's a certain theme all throughout: camellias. A certified Chanel signature, the camellia was always a stand-out accessory even during Lagerfeld's day. But Viard took it further with her latest collection. Some looks had camellia prints all around, while others had 3D rosettes pushing for a more avant-garde aesthetic. The floral fancy is bound to take over the trendy districts of Paris this autumn.
Source: Chanel YouTube Channel

The New “French” Look by Louis Vuitton

Step aside Dior, there's a new designer defining the “New French Look” this autumn 2023. Nicolas Ghesquière is returning to his French roots for his latest ready-to-wear collection for Louis Vuitton. “What is French style? It’s an ambitious question, but being at Vuitton you have a certain responsibility because the name of the brand is so strong in the world.” said the designer during his runway show last Paris Fashion Week. And it's safe to say that he did exactly that! With cinched waists, sweetheart necklines, and space-age suiting, Ghesquière pushed classic Parisian style into the new frontier.
Source: Louis Vuitton YouTube Channel

Crimson Autumn by Hermès

Truth be told, the Hermès autumn 2023 collection wasn't as groundbreaking as all the others on this list. Designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski presented beautiful clothes, sure, but there wasn't anything new and surprising about it. What was most striking, however, was her color palette. The show began with a showstopping red look and everyone instantly knew what the color of the season will be. It made total sense considering the hot pink Barbiecore trend is already a tone away from crimson. It's not far-fetched to see that red will then follow suit as the go-to color to sport on the street come autumn!
Source: Hermès YouTube Channel

Don't know which style to go for this autumn 2023? Perhaps you can take some notes from Paris Fashion Week instead! The biggest French designer brands presented what will likely be the biggest autumn trends this 2023.

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