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Why is Dublin A Great Destination?

July 12, 2023
Is Dublin worth visiting? The city serves as the capital of Ireland, a noteworthy nation among the British Isles. It's a beautiful territory with lots of natural wonders, a fascinating history, and an esteemed heritage. With all of these in mind, it makes sense to be curious about what its capital city might be like. And who knows? You might just be surprised at how much you ended up loving Dublin. The city is a great destination, thanks in large part to its fascinating history, beautiful green spaces, and lots of fresh food. Hence, it's weird that the Irish capital isn't as famous as other capital cities out there!

Why is Dublin A Great Destination?

It's A Historic City

It's safe to say that all cities are historic in their own ways. They didn't just pop up out of thin air, after all. The many metropolises you see today are the results of years of hard work, perseverance, and in some cases, survival. With that said Dublin is one of the few that has preserved its centuries-long history. Many of its most famous and beautiful sites serve as relics of bygone eras. There's Dublin Castle, for example, which is a Medieval castle that once served as the seat of power of the Irish government.

It's A Green City

Not many realize just how green of a city Dublin really is. At first glance, it's easy to think of the Irish capital as another urban metropolis. Its most central neighborhoods are bustling with commerce and community. Let's also not forget the fact that this is still a capital city. All that hustle and bustle are par for the course. And yet, the city stands out with its vast green spaces too. Phoenix Park is a perfect example. Covering a whopping 707 hectares, it's the largest public city park in Europe. St. Stephen’s Green Park, on the other hand, flourished with its lush greenery.

Why is Dublin A Great Destination?

It's Near Extraordinary Places

Dublin's proximity to natural wonders doesn't stop with its massive public parks. On the contrary, many would consider the nearby coasts, farmlands, and more as the best reason why the Irish capital is a great destination. Look no further than the Cliffs of Moher. Located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region, it's a 14-kilometer coastline of majestic sea cliffs. The scenery it provides is so breathtaking, you almost couldn't believe it's real. And what's even harder to fathom is that it's not that far from the ever-busy Dublin. Pretty extraordinary, don't you think?

It's A Great Place for A Drink

If there's one thing to know about the Irish, it's that they're notorious for their drinking. These are the people that invented Guinness beer, after all. It's almost natural for them to love drinking more than the average person. And you'll definitely see it in the many pubs in Dublin. Naturally, there's the iconic Temple Bar, a famous hotspot that has become as symbolic of the Irish capital as many of the world's most famous landmarks. Of course, you can't forget the St. James Brewer too. It's also known as the Guinness Storehouse and that's enough to tell you why it's such a noteworthy place.

Why is Dublin A Great Destination?

It's A Lot of Fresh Food

Dublin doesn't get enough credit as a foodie destination. While it's not exactly a food capital and nowhere near as notable as the likes of London and New York, you can always expect fresh food here. Remember that Dublin is surrounded by beautiful coasts and vast farmlands. They provide the freshest produce that the city's most notable restaurants use to prepare their bestsellers. So whether you're into seafood or meat or you're a straight-up vegan, you can expect the freshest food on your plate. And that's not something even the most influential food capitals can boast about!

It's A Funny City

The Irish don't get enough credit for their humor. They can be as wild and outrageous as Americans or even as dry as the British. Even Dublin, their capital city, doesn't take itself too seriously. Beyond its most historic spots and business districts, there are a few attractions that will have you giggling. One of them is the National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland. Just as its name says, this is an entire gallery devoted to the Irish mythical figure, not to mention other interesting folklore too. The Little Museum of Dublin near St. Stephen Green Park also highlights Irish humor in a quirky way.

Why is Dublin A Great Destination?

It's A Bookworm's Paradise

If you're a bookworm, then Dublin is your kind of place. The city is a treasure trove of bookstores, libraries, and the like. You can spend an entire day in Dublin reading to your heart's content and it still won't be enough. Just the famous Trinity College Dublin Library alone will likely take you more than a week, a month, a year, or possibly even a decade to finish. This stunning library, among the most famous of its kind, is home to more than 200,000 books. They include novels, historical texts, references, and more.

It's A Cool City... Literally!

Many of you probably see the typical cold weather in Dublin (or in Ireland, in general) as the worst thing about the place. The British Isles are notorious for their cold climates, after all. While its neighbor, the Mediterranean Islands, glimmer in their sun-kissed tropicality. The British Isles almost seem gloomy in comparison. At least, that's what it looks like to certain people. There are still lots of you out there who probably prefer the low temperatures in Ireland instead. Perhaps you just like colder places better than hot destinations. Or maybe you're often charmed by the idyllic atmosphere of autumn in Dublin. The city is particularly charming at this time of year!

Why is Dublin A Great Destination?

Should you visit Dublin? Absolutely! The Irish capital is a great destination, whether you're a tourist just visiting or you plan to move here yourself. There's so much to look forward to in this beautiful and historic metropolis.

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