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How to Spend Autumn in Dublin

July 03, 2023
There are just some cities where autumn looks and feels more magical. New York is one, London is another, and surprisingly enough, there's also Dublin. The Irish capital doesn't get enough recognition as a great tourist destination. The city is as beautiful and as exciting as the most popular metropolises out there. But if you truly want to see Dublin in its most enchanting, you'd do well to go here during autumn. In the orange glow of the season, it's almost as if the city transforms into something else. And perhaps it's because of the beautiful foliage, the cool festivals, and the warm pubs, among many others.

How to Spend Autumn in Dublin

See The Fall Foliage

In just about anywhere in the world, the best and most beautiful part of the autumn is the colorful foliage. It's the embodiment of the season; the one that people anticipate for when it's that time of the year. And of course, there are a lot of places in Dublin where you can enjoy such spectacular views. Not the least of which is Trinity College Dublin, the most prestigious school in the city. The institution is famous for its picturesque campus and when the trees here turn a lovely shade of crimson or orange, it's such a sight to behold. There's also Fitzwilliam Square, a lush green space that turns into a Van Gogh painting once autumn arrives.

Enjoy A Stroll

Like spring, autumn is the best time of the year to go on a stroll in Dublin. It's not as hot as summer nor is it as cold as winter. The weather and temperature are just right, and with such colorful scenery in full view, you can't go wrong with a brisk walk or two! Even when it rains, it's still so pleasant to go outside and just walk. Amidst the raindrops and the fall foliage, the historic Irish capital, with all its old-world appeal, almost looks and feels cinematic. And the best part? It won't cost you a penny!

How to Spend Autumn in Dublin

Step Out on Culture Night

September usually marks the start of autumn in Dublin and the rest of Ireland. And around the third or fourth week of this month, the Irish capital puts on its annual Culture Night. Similar to Nuit Blanche in Paris, this is the one night in the whole year when Dublin's various cultural attractions stay open late and are free to the public. Even after the sun has set, you can go visit some of the most famous museums in the city and check out their priceless works of art. Or go to the theater and catch a late-night show too!

See The Deer at Phoenix Park

Although Dublin boasts a good number of green spaces, among the most notable is Phoenix Park. Why? Because it's the only park in the city—perhaps the only of its kind in any city—where you can see deer roam about. Similarly to Nara Park in Kyoto, Japan, Phoenix Park is famous for these adorable four-legged critters. Just imagine them frolicking apart against the orange glow of autumn in Dublin! You can even pet them if you get close enough. Just be careful and make sure that they approach you first. This lessens the risk of them charging at you out of fear.

How to Spend Autumn in Dublin

Go To The Theater

The Dublin Theatre Festival takes place around late September to early October every year. It's an 18-day event where various troupes and companies perform in some of the most notable theaters and event halls in the city. And since the festival takes place right in the middle of autumn, it's become a seasonal tradition for locals and tourists alike. For the Irish, autumn means fine performing arts. Think Shakesperain plays, beautiful ballets, and independent shows. If the beauty of the season wasn't enough to inspire a love for art, perhaps this festival will!

Celebrate Halloween Here

You can celebrate Halloween practically anywhere in the world. In fact, even just watching a horror film at home is enough to get into this holiday spirit. With that said, you haven't truly celebrated Halloween until you've spent it in Dublin! You'd be surprised at how much the Irish love horror and scary stuff. The Irish capital even offers ghost tours, visits to the famous Glasnevin Cemetary, and a festival dedicated to the famed horror novelist, Bram Stroker. All of these and more are perfect for celebrating Halloween to the fullest!

How to Spend Autumn in Dublin

Experience The Bram Stoker Festival

Speaking of the Bram Stoker Festival, this is a definite must when you spend autumn in Dublin! Held every October 27 to 30, right around the time of Halloween, the whole city joins in on all the fun. Stoker, after all, is a Dublin native. Having risen to fame for his 1897 novel, “Dracula,” which gave rise to the world's most famous vampire, it's only fitting that he gets his own festival in his hometown. And perhaps the most exciting part of the event is Stokerland, a pop-up Victorian theme park with rides, games, and more. What's not to love?

Have A Drink at A Pub

And finally, enjoy a pint at an authentic Irish pub! Though you can do this no matter the time of year, there's something special about doing it in autumn. The season is pretty cold, after all, and pubs are famous for their warmth, among many other things. Whether you're in a crowded hotspot where football and rugby games are played or you're in a fairly intimate bar on a romantic date with your special someone, there's nothing quite like an Irish pub. And what better place to go to one than in the Irish capital?

How to Spend Autumn in Dublin

Do you know how to spend autumn in Dublin? From the city's many festivals to something as simple as going to the pub, there are lots you can do to pass the time and enjoy this colorful season in the Irish capital.