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Bistros in Paris: The Best in The Latin Quarter

July 09, 2023
The ​​Latin Quarter is a popular and often-bustling district in Paris. Home to many of the city's fine universities, the crowd here tends to be younger, hipper, and full of energy. So it makes sense that the area is full of amazing hotspots, ranging from cool bars to charming cafes. And don't forget about some of the finest bistros in Paris too! The Latin Quarter has La Grange Aux Canards, Heureux Comme Alexandre – Saint Michel, La Jacobine, Les Crêpes De Louis-Marie, and Le Coupe-Chou to boast about. These are some of the best places for you to eat out and have a good time.

Bistros in Paris: The Best in The Latin Quarter

La Grange Aux Canards

If you ever need proof that Paris is the food capital of the world, go to La Grange Aux Canards on Rue Frédéric Sauton! The place might seem like an ordinary bistro to you, but rest assured that its culinary weapons will hit you right in the taste buds! After all La Grange Aux Canards is known for its duck dishes! From Duck Margret Carpaccio to Stuffed Duck Next with Pork, you'll have a newfound appreciation for the poultry dish in no time! And lest you forget, the hotspot also serves escargot (snails) and lots of sumptuous seafood. What's not to love?
Bistros in Paris: The Best in The Latin Quarter
Source: La Grange Aux Canards

La Jacobine

French onion soup, escargot, Coq au Vin, and steak & potatoes. These are just some of the French cuisine staples that have helped La Jacobine turn into one of the finest bistros in Paris. The fact that the place is tucked away in a fairly hidden passageway in the Latin Quarter yet continues to be packed every so often speaks volumes of its popularity. And it's no surprise! La Jacobine has a no-nonsense, almost humble approach to serving French food in the city of haute cuisine. The recipes remain as traditional as ever, allowing for the country's true flavors to shine through.
Bistros in Paris: The Best in The Latin Quarter
Source: La Jacobine

Heureux Comme Alexandre – Saint Michel

Fondue doesn't get enough credit as supreme haute cuisine. Foodies and connoisseurs alike tend to favor more complicated and exotic dishes. For the high-brow, fondue seems a bit juvenile compared to other culinary endeavors. But perhaps they just haven't tasted the fondue in Heureux Comme Alexandre – Saint Michel on Rue de la Parcheminerie in the 5th arrondissement. There's no question that this charming bistro in Paris is among the best fondue places in the city and in the entire world. The sensation of the melted cheese adding a light dairy touch to a piece of roasted meat will stay with you forever!
Bistros in Paris: The Best in The Latin Quarter
Source: Heureux comme Alexandre – Saint Michel

Les Crêpes De Louis-Marie

Like fondue, crepe also doesn't get enough credit as far as haute cuisine goes. The snootiest of foodies will just regard it as street food or a sweet snack for kids. It's a fairly popular dessert choice, sure, but is it enough to let a bistro in Paris stay afloat? Especially amidst such heavy competition? Well, the Latin Quarter's Les Crêpes De Louis-Marie certainly has no problem with it! Located on Rue de l'Arbalète, this bistro's savory crepes are just as scrumptious as its sweetest selections. They turn what is usually seen as a mundane dish into an almost Michelin Star-worthy serving.
Bistros in Paris: The Best in The Latin Quarter
Source: Les Crêpes De Louis-Marie

Le Coupe-Chou

Finally, there's Le Coupe-Chou on Rue de Lanneau. Located right at the heart of the Latin Quarter, this place is all about having a good time. Hence, it's perfect for university students and young professionals who live in the area. And notably, the place is only open for dinner, making it the go-to hotspot for those who are out late and are hungry for some fine French cuisine. They'll get their fill of French cheese, duck breast, Salers beef, and creamy risotto here. Le Coupe-Chou takes pride in its Mediterranean menu, particularly when it comes to provincial French dishes.
Bistros in Paris: The Best in The Latin Quarter
Source: Le Coupe-Chou Facebook Page

The Latin Quarter is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Paris. There are cool bars, charming cafes, and of course, some of the best bistros in Paris too! Dine out in any of these hotspots and taste some of the best flavors in the city.

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