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Honeymoon-Style Activities in Pensacola, Florida

March 14, 2021
You might not know it yet but Pensacola is a great city to visit. When people think of Florida, they often think of Miami, Orlando, and such. They rarely consider Pensacola. But those people are actually missing out on a great city. It's especially fitting for a honeymoon. Though far from Paris and London, Pensacola is a perfectly quiet place to spend your honeymoon in. And here are the activities you should do while you're there!

Honeymoon-Style Activities in Pensacola, Florida


Take a Dolphin Cruise

Off of Northwest Florida's Gulf coast are numerous services wherein you and your partner can take a one-of-a-kind dolphin cruise. Florida has always been a go-to state for nature-bound adventures and visiting these animals is one of them! Early in the morning, you'll sail off to the deeper parts of the sea and watch these beautiful creatures swim by and put on a show for you. Now, why is this romantic? Especially since you have to wake up so early? Seeing these exceptionally beautiful creatures will make you appreciate life more.  

Honeymoon-Style Activities in Pensacola, Florida


Sail Through the Pensacola Seas

If you're not into dolphins or you simply don't want to wake up early, going sailing at noon or in the afternoon is a good alternative. Along the beautiful beaches of Pensacola are various services wherein you can rent a sailboat for up to four hours. You can spend some precious alone time in your sailboat, taking in all the sea and sunshine. And that sunset? No other place in Florida will you ever find such a gorgeous spot for it. This is what honeymooning is all about. Spending a quiet day with the person you love! 


Visit the Pensacola Lighthouse

While you're at it, why not visit the famous Pensacola Lighthouse? It's not that scary a place but it is isolated enough that you won't get disturbed there. Especially when you go there on a weekday. And once you've climbed up all those stairs, you'll see that the magnificent view it offers was worth every step. You'll fell you're on top of the world right beside that special someone in your life. Also, it'll be a welcome change of pace from the other more relaxing activities on this list. 

Honeymoon-Style Activities in Pensacola, Florida

Source: Pensacola Lighthouse


Have Fun at an Amusement Park

Go back to those days when you were just dating by taking your new spouse to an amusement park. At a time where you're both all alone, a day at The Park at OWA will be so much more fun. Harken back to those times when you were just young and you wanted to impress your crush. You wear your best outfit, go on the rides with them, and you're hoping that, by the end of the day, you'll finally get that first kiss. This is the sort of reminiscing that will rekindle any romance. 


Express Your Love Through Poetry

Ahh, poetry! Often regarded as the "language of love." Though it's no longer that popular, it is its rarity that makes it even more romantic today than it was ages ago. Fortunately, there's a special place in Pensacola where people can express their love for and through poetry: Sluggo's Restaurant on S. Jefferson St. This quaint establishment has formed a reputation among locals and tourists for their poetry nights, where just about anyone can perform. It's a great way to surprise your new spouse and reminding them why you married them in the first place. 


Go to the Saenger Theatre

Going to the theatre is always romantic, especially if you're seeing a love story in play. Here at Pensacola, Florida, one of their most famous spots is the Saenger Theatre. Once referred to as the "Grand Dame of Palafox," the arts center proudly stands as a reminder of the romantic past. Its Spanish baroque architecture, Rococo-style interior, and vintage-style serve as a reminder to a simpler time when romance was ever more fleeting. Take your partner and travel back in time by visiting this place. It's also a great excuse to dress up nicely for the evening. 

Honeymoon-Style Activities in Pensacola, Florida

Source: Pensacola Saenger Theatre


Make Art Together

If you're not into performing but you're still into arts, why not take an art class together? There are loads of art studios in and around Pensacola wherein you can sign up for a night or two and simply make some art. They include the First City Art Center on N. Guillemard St., The Blue Morning Gallery off on S. Palafox Place, and many others. Here, you can even make something special for your spouse. A memento from what can be a very memorable honeymoon. The mere fact that you created it yourself will mean a lot. 


Listen to Romantic Records

A honeymoon is not complete without great music. And you might find the right romantic tunes for you over at Revolver Records on E. Gregory St. It’s a place that can rival those in Barcelona, Paris, and the like. They have mostly everything here, from vinyls to CDs, to even a few VHS and DVDs! It's a trip down memory lane all in one cool spot. Whatever music or movie you're looking for, you'll likely find here. Even the songs you might have forgotten you loved listening to a long time ago. This hit of nostalgia will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, and fortunately, your new spouse is right there by your side. 

Honeymoon-Style Activities in Pensacola, Florida


Planning a honeymoon? Consider Pensacola, Florida. Even though it's not a popular destination, it still offers up countless experiences that'll make you fall in love all over again! 





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