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Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

March 30, 2020
Barcelona is one of those cities that have an appreciation for the old. A lot of their architecture is still from centuries ago. As are a lot of their customs and most of their city culture. It's not that they hate modernity—arguably, they embrace it more than a lot of major cities—it's that the city is often hit with spells of nostalgia. Coming to this Catalan capital is like time-traveling: a lot of the beauties of the past are still here. That includes music too! There are actually loads of vinyl record stores worth checking out in Barcelona.

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona


Discos Revolver

Remember back in the 90s? When the record stores didn't just sell records, they sold a lifestyle? More than just the vinyl, you'd get t-shirts, concert tickets, and more here. It's the place where you'd hang out with your friends after school, check out the new items in stock, and then go back to your parents to ask for an extra allowance so you could buy a new CD. Well, this is the sort of nostalgia that Discos Revolver brings about. And it's no gimmick either! The place has remained the way it is since they first opened in 1991! 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Discos Paradiso

Possibly the reason why Discos Paradiso was named that way is that, like a true paradise, you'll find what you're looking for here. From old and authentic disco records to vintage EDM and classic techno, some of the hardest-to-find records are in this very shop. They boast a wide selection of new releases and rare finds in their quaint shop near the Raval neighborhood. And through the years, it has become quite the hotspot for EDM fans and techno aficionados alike. So much so that many famous DJs have passed by this place wherein they're in Barcelona. You'll see them on the store's "wall of fame." 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: Discos Paradiso Facebook Page



Don't you just love it when establishments actually take into account what you want? They're not just shoving their items up on your face, they're actually considering what you'd like to get or invest in. They tailor their recommendations to your taste. We, if you do, Tvinyl is the place for you! Founder Jerome Dessolier takes pride in actually getting to know his customer and recommending them which among his selection of great vinyl find will befit their taste. This way, you'll really get the best for your money! 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: The Tvinyl Factory


Daily Records

Punk and reggae are two genres that couldn't be any farther from each other. The former has more of a darker attitude and is less structured a genre. Meanwhile, the latter is known for its relaxed vibe yet organized beats. Both genres are practically day and night against each other, but what they have in common is that they're both the top genres to be found in Daily Records. This slightly intimate music hub in Barcelona provides some of the best and rarest punk and reggae music in the area. You might not even know some of the items here, but then again, that's half the fun of visiting the place! 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: Daily Records


Disco 100

Over at the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona, rock fans usually congregate to get the latest, best, and even rarest finds at Discos 100. Though they offer a multitude of genres here, rock is ultimately their piece de resistance. Hardcore rock, punk, metal, or even classic 50s and 60s rock'n'roll—they're all here for the taking. At times, they'd even sell a few specialty publications all about that rowdy genre. With so many records and CDs on offer, any rock fan will have a field day scurrying through each row and finding a gem or two in them! 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: Disco 100 Facebook Page


NUT Records

If you're walking along the Gothic Quarter and you couldn't find NUT Records, it's alright. The fact is, the store is so small and secluded, practically everyone passes by it without noticing. But once you stumble upon it, you won't want to go! You'll spend hours and hours browsing through their prime collection of dance records, both from modern artists and classic works by the legends of past decades. In a way, the place has been touted a shrine to dance music, covering from the early days of the Disco period to today's most vibrant electronic era. 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: NUT Records Facebook Page


Discos Edison’s

Over at Carrer de la Riera Baixa, Discos Edison's is a place music-lovers should check out. They have a good many classics here—famous records that have impacted the music industry in more ways than one. You know those iconic releases that are so famous, you've probably heard of them a million times already? But they're so good, it's worth investing in them again! And yet, despite their popularity, not a lot of records stores today offer them, especially in vinyl. Well, there's a high chance you'll discover that popular gem right here in Discos Edison's! 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: Discos Edison's Facebook Page


Rhythm Control

It's always a great experience visiting a record store that an actual musician opened. In a way, it makes the place all the more authentic and real. That those running it actually loves music and has a passion for it, and they're not just treating it as a way to earn money. Well, Rhythm Control is such an establishment. Opened by Antony Manejas, aka DJ Bruce Lee, the store also offers a few personalized recommendations for their customers. Still performing as a DJ in the underground EDM scene in Barcelona. Manejas understands that music is a lot more intimate than a mere enterprise. 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: Rhythm Control Facebook Page


Wah Wah Records

Who knew that jazz and electronic music can go so well together? And no, there's really no record that combines the two genres, but Wah Wah Records over at Carrer de la Riera Baixa 15 in Barcelona specializes in offering both. You can find loads of genres here, but their most popular items are usually either EDM or jazz, which makes this place quite an interesting spot. Here, you'll find all sorts of popular and rare records that are the very best of the genre. Artists and releases that you probably have never heard of, but then, you should have! 

Classic Sounds: Best Record Stores in Barcelona

Source: Wah Wah Discos Facebook Page


Barcelona is all about embracing the past in the present, and in some great hidden spots here, that includes music. some of the city's record stores are packed with rare and classic music finds you won't see anywhere else!







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