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The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta

June 23, 2023
Puerto Vallarta doesn't get enough credit as a romantic city. It's a well-known vacation spot and gay destination, sure, but it's also a great place where couples can get all lovey-dovey. Newlyweds can go here on their honeymoon while ordinary couples can enjoy the ultimate romantic getaway here too. After all, Puerto Vallarta is as much a treasure trove of romantic spots as any other famous city. Here, the likes of Old Vallarta, Zona Romántica, the Marietas Islands, and the Vallarta Botanical Gardens will captivate any couple. These are the places you'll want to visit with your special someone!

The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta

Zona Romántica

It's already in the name: Zona Romántica! Perhaps the most famous neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, this is the beating heart of this coastal Mexican city. It's a trendy district with lots to offer. Want to immerse yourselves in local culture? You can do that here! Want to eat in some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta? There's a lot of them here. Want to meet locals and perhaps even make friends? This is the best place for that. What makes Zona Romántica perfect couples is that they can do a lot in this part of the city.
The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Old Vallarta

Even though Old Vallarta is technically the same as Zona Romántica, it deserves its own special mention. The old-world beauty of this district is absolutely charming. The cobblestone streets, the colonial-style architecture, and the colorful papel picado are quite the sight to see. You can spend an entire day in Puerto Vallarta just exploring this place and it'd still be a day well spent! And as cliche as it sounds, Old Vallarta is also the perfect place to take as many couple pictures as you can. They'll be the perfect mementos for your honeymoon or romantic getaway in the city.
The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Conchas Chinas

Out of the many beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Conchas Chinas is definitely the most romantic. Not only is it naturally stunning, but it's also big enough that you can snag a hidden spot for just you and your special someone. If you chose Puerto Vallarta as your honeymoon destination, it's places like Conchas Chinas that make your decision worth it. You can get as much sand, sun, and sea here, all while enjoying each other's warmth too. Now doesn't that sound like the perfect honeymoon? And who knows? You might just go home from your Puerto Vallarta trip with a new little someone too.
The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Another Believer.

Marietas Islands

If you want true privacy for your coastal romantic trysts, you'd do well to escape to the Marietas Islands. Though you may have to kayak to go there, rest assured that all your efforts will be worth it! The Marietas Islands boast a good number of secluded beaches, some of which barely look and feel like people have actually been there. And among these sparkling shorelines, the “hidden beach” is a definite must-see. Surrounded by a big cave, it's almost as if it's an underground beach. But don't worry! There's still some ample sunshine here too.
The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Christian Frausto Bernal

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

There's just something about botanical gardens that look and feel so romantic. Perhaps it's all the natural beauty that surrounds you. Though these are well-manicured gardens, you can deny that these exotic flowers (and perhaps even a few fascinating faunas) are just so charming. As if God made them beautiful just for you! And there's no better way to have a relaxingly romantic day in Puerto Vallarta than to tour the Vallarta Botanical Gardens with your partner. You can just enjoy a nice stroll as you bask in the natural glory of the city.
The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta
Source: Vallarta Botanical Gardens Facebook Page

Rhythms of the Night

A dinner show might sound like a typical, almost cliche date idea but Puerto Vallarta's Rhythms of the Night is a different story! Firstly, it's set on the relatively secluded Las Calestas beach, guaranteeing a fairly intimate night ahead. Secondly, the performances are hot... literally. They include fire dances and torchlight spectacles that will leave you breathless. And third, the dinner is great. While it's not exactly among the most notable restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, you can still expect some culinary excellence here. All of that makes for a great romantic dinner date with your special someone!
Source: Vallarta Adventures YouTube Channel

Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel

While many would argue that you're better off renting a luxury apartment in Puerto Vallarta for your romantic getaway here, you ought to consider going to the Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel. More than just their sophisticated suites and first-class amenities, this coastal accommodation captures the tropical romance of Puerto Vallarta. It offers scenic seaside views, Mexico's signature sunshine-filled warmth, and of course, excellent service. Even if you already have another place in the city, you can still dine or even enjoy Happy Hour at the hotel too.
The Most Romantic Spots in Puerto Vallarta
Source: Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel

Any couple looking to have their honeymoon or just a plain old romantic getaway in Puerto Vallarta ought to know about its most romantic spots. From old-world districts to remote beaches, these places are extraordinary!

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