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Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta

March 26, 2021
Happy hour in Puerto Vallarta is a must! You haven't really lived until you've partied with a delicious cocktail here in this gorgeous coastal city. For many people out there, happy hour is the ultimate thing to do in Puerto Vallarta. Sure, the beaches are great for getting a tan, the waters are perfect for a snorkel or scuba dive, but when happy hour comes, it's like the entire city erupts into one huge party. People are lively, the music is pumping, the drinks are outstanding, and the mood is perfect. Most especially in these awesome happy hour hotspots!
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta

Apache Martini Bar & More

For a lot of people in the city, Apache Martini Bar & More is considered the 'Cheers' of Puerto Vallarta. You remember that 80s American sitcom set in a homely bar, right? It's the sort of laidback, slightly familial atmosphere that vibrates within the walls of this happy hour hotspot! In fact, it's even gone as far as to be extremely welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community too, even though it's not a gay bar. As for the drinks? You can probably already tell from the place's name what their specialty is: a martini!
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Apaches Martini Bar Facebook Page


You can probably already tell from the place's comic book-like man-to-man decor what kind of crowd to expect in Blondies! Located along Calle Pulpito, this bar is one of the ultimate LGBTQ+ haunts in Puerto Vallarta. The staff is even made up of hunks and hotshots as good-looking as the drawings on the walls. And you know, when gay people are around, the party is pumpin' unlike any other! As the greatest dancefloor hits from the likes of Lady Gaga, JLo, Beyonce, and more blurt out from the speakers, delicious fruit-laced cocktails make their way to the full tables during happy hour!
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Blondies Facebook Page

Cuates Y Cuetes

Located along Las Muertos Pier, Cuates Y Cuetes is one of the best seaside places on this list. When it comes to happy hour in Puerto Vallarta, nothing beats enjoying a well-made cocktail as you watch the sun go down! The calm waters, the cool breeze, and the relaxed atmosphere provide the perfect setting for a lazy end to another exciting day in this coastal city. Its location may make it rather difficult to reach via public transport on land but all the efforts of taking a ferry to get here are worth it.
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Cuates Y Cuetes Facebook Page

Joe Jack's Fish Shack

What's the best thing to munch on when you're having a beer or cocktail during happy hour? Some delicious seafood, of course! Granted Joe Jack's Fish Shack is far from the best places to eat in Puerto Vallarta, especially when it comes to seafood, their snacks and dishes here are nonetheless scrumptious and go well with the bevy of drinks. Think crunchy breaded calamari, served with rich tartar sauce, that you can pair with your beer. Or what about a shrimp cocktail? That can serve as a great appetizer before your dinner!
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Joe Jack's Fish Shack

Mr. Flamingo

Yes, Mr. Flamingo is the perfect name for a gay bar in Puerto Vallarta. And yes, this is exactly the type of scene you should expect here. The place, a tropical haven glowing with multi-colored lights, is one of the ultimately LGBTQ+ escapes in the city. Generally, Puerto Vallarta is famous—or for some, infamous—as a go-to summer getaway destination for the gays! And Mr. Flamingo is one of those happy hour hotspots that contribute to such a reputation. The party is as loud and proud in this establishment as the moment the sun starts to go down! Are you ready?
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Mr. Flamingo Facebook Page

Tuna Azul

Tuna Azul is one of the more unique places on this list. Why? Because, unlike the other hotspots, this one is a lot more family-friendly. And don't think this is inappropriate because the 'happy hour area' in the place is starkly separate from the family restaurant space. But in both, you're guaranteed a delicious menu of Mexican delicacies, many of which will pair well with your cocktail of choice. Crab enchiladas would taste so good with a sweetened fruit mojito! Shrimp tacos, on the other hand, will deliciously contrast any strong margarita served to you. And what about what would go well with beer? Some delicious Mahi Mahi!
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Tuna Azul Facebook Page

Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge

Finally, a rooftop place! This was probably what you thought whilst going down this list, right? In any case, the Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge is probably one of the more exciting places for happy hour in Puerto Vallarta! Why? Because their cocktails here are out of this world, literally! The bartenders in this place aren't afraid to mix the drinks menu up from time to time. They come up with concoctions that you'll probably never find anywhere else in the city or even in the world! As well as a few American and British cocktails that even James Bond would order if he went here!
Best Happy Hour Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge Facebook Page

Among the many things you can do in Puerto Vallarta, going for happy hour is one of the best of the best! There are so many hotspots throughout this coastal city that can ensure that your happy hour will be as lively and delicious as ever!