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Bistros in Paris: The Best in Montorgueil

May 07, 2023
Known for its bustling thoroughfare in the 1st arrondissement, Montorgueil is among the most popular districts in Paris. Rue Montorgueil alone bustles with many boutiques, markets, shops, cafes, and of course, bistros too. Would you believe that Montorgueil has some of the finest bistros in Paris? Perhaps you would if you ever get the chance to dine in L'escargot Montorgueil, Le Compas, Bistro Burger Montorgueil, Bistro&Gâteaux les Artizans, and Bella Sera! These are some of the most popular foodie hotspots in the neighborhood and for good reason. They serve excellent food, provide a charming ambiance, and make the culinary experience that much more pleasant!

Bistros in Paris: The Best in Montorgueil

L'escargot Montorgueil

By its name alone, you can already tell what L'escargot Montorgueil's specialty is, don't you? Paris is known as the home of haute cuisine; the ultimate food capital of the world. And though the city's culinary scene is lauded as one of the best, it's also infamous because of one delicacy: the escargot. The rest of the world might not understand what to delicious about snails but one meal in L'escargot Montorgueil is all you need. Here, they prepare their escargot perfectly, so much so that you'd easily forget they were snails at all!
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Montorgueil
Source: L'escargot Montorgueil

Le Compas

Le Compas is one of the most popular bistros in Paris. Located on Rue Montorgueil, it's a well-known brunch spot among locals and tourists alike. It helps that the ambiance is charming and casual. It's not as high-brow as many other restaurants in the city. With its earthy color scheme, rattan chairs, and classic wooden finish, it's like a regular old cafe in Paris. Add to that the fact that it's a fairly affordable hotspot too. For just €28.00, you can enjoy a brunch of avocado toast with poached egg paired with smoked salmon and fresh orange juice. What's not to love?
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Montorgueil
Source: Le Compas

Bistro Burger Montorgueil

Here's another bistro in Montorgueil where the name already gives it away! A burger is perhaps the last thing you'd expect to find in a bistro in Paris. It's a classic American dish, more prominent as a fast food staple than haute cuisine. But of course, Bistro Burger Montorgueil doesn't see it that way. The place itself is far from a regular burger joint. It's a fairly chic space that shares the same novel charms as the many cafes in Paris. And instead of coffee, you can indulge in as many burgers here as you can handle. Rest assured that their own take on the American dish is a bit more elevated than what you'd find in a Mcdonald's!
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Montorgueil
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bistro&Gâteaux les Artizans

More commonly known as simply Les Artizans, Bistro&Gâteaux les Artizans is another must-try among the bistros in Paris. The place is everything you'd want in a Parisian culinary hotspot! A charming cafe? Check! A great brunch spot? Check! A chic restaurant? Check! A nice tea room? Check! Even a cool bar at night? Check! No matter what it is you're craving or you're simply starving, you can trust Les Artizans to have you feeling satisfied at the end of your meal. As for what to order here, try their sample plate of ham slices or scrumptious clams!
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Montorgueil
Source: Les Artizanss

Bella Sera

Finally, there's Bella Sera! If you think its name sounds fairly different compared to the other hotspots on this list, it's because the place is an Italian bistro. French cuisine is all well and good, especially in Paris, home to many Michelin-starred restaurants. But sometimes, you'll crave some pasta, pizza, or any other dish that Italy is known for. And to satisfy you, you'll want to head on over to Bella Sera on Rue Montorgueil. Despite how humble the place seems, it packs quite the culinary punch! Their pizza is so good, you'd swear it came straight from Italy!
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Montorgueil
Source: Bella Sera Facebook Page

It's no surprise that some of the finest bistros in Paris are located in the Montorgueil neighborhood. Rue Montorgueil alone is lined with exceptional culinary hotspots. So you can bet that this district has a lot to offer!

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