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Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

April 29, 2023
Los Angeles girls have a certain look. In the same way that Parisians have their signature style and chic New Yorkers have their quintessential must-haves, there are certain style staples that are in every LA girl's wardrobe. They include oversized shirts, puffer vests, tank tops, high-waisted jeans, and trainers, to name a few. Though some of these are generic pieces that practically everyone else wears, there's just something about how LA girls rock them that gives them their edge. They have the right attitude to make a tank top look like a million bucks. Or even make trainers seem as sophisticated as a pair of heels.

Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

Oversized Shirts

Practically everyone wears oversized shirts these days. From Parisians to Sicilians, anything oversized has become a popular fashion staple. Yet there's just something about how an LA girl rocks it that stands out. A certain attitude and a swagger that's completely unmatched. If you want to be an LA girl, an oversized shirt is a surefire way to look effortlessly cool. Go for a button-down and pair it with a nice pair of shorts for a refined yet nonchalant summer look. You can also choose a big tee and tuck it inside a pair of high-waisted jeans for a slightly vintage vibe.
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

Statement Tee

Speaking of big tees, that's another style staple any LA girl should have in her wardrobe. Or rather, statement tees. It all goes back to exhibiting that nonchalant and effortless style. Here in Tinsel Town, you need to have that star quality to help you stand out. Even if you're not a celebrity and you don't want to be one, it helps if you evoke the same sort of confidence and attitude. And what can help is a statement tee. Whether it's logomania or a popular slogan, it's a simple yet effective piece to let your personality and vibe come across without doing too much. You’ll find one everywhere too, be it in a high-class boutique or a vintage store in LA.
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

Tank Tops

Los Angeles is a hot city in every sense of the word. It's known for its warm climate and Hollywood appeal. It's the sort of place where people want to look and feel hot. Go to any LA gym and you'll find it packed no matter the time of day. Locals always want to look picture-perfect and the best way for LA girls to show off their God-given goods is to wear a tank top. Originally, this piece was used as undergarments. But over time, it became a major staple for cool girls to show off their looks and attitude without looking vulgar. Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters are solid proof of that!
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

Puffer Vest

While the rest of the world fawns over the puffer jacket, LA girls are all about the puffer vest. Remember that Los Angeles is known for its warm climate, hence, puffer jackets aren't exactly all that common here. So what do the West Coast chicks do? Take out the sleeves and wear it as a vest. The result is a cool and urban look that's modern, hip, and instantly irresistible. It ticks many trends, ranging from the sporty look to even the Y2K resurgence. No matter what you pair it with, wearing a puffer vest will make you look cool in a snap!
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

Denim Shorts

Here in LA, there are two denim staples every girl ought to have in their closet. The first is a pair of denim shorts. Think Daisy Dukes for a touch of sex appeal or even Bermuda shorts for that laid-back and tomboy look. No matter which way you go, denim shorts are what you wear when the sun is bright and the temperature is at an all-time high. There's just something about this style staple that reeks of Los Angeles. And it helps that style stars like Selena Gomez, Pamela Anderson, and Lizzo have all been spotted wearing it.
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

High-Waisted Jeans

If you still want full-length jeans, however, go for a high-waisted style. Don't forget that LA is all about looking snatched and the best and arguably most comfortable way to go about it is to wear high-waisted jeans. No matter your size, this staple will make your waist as tiny as can be. And the best part? It pairs well with practically everything else! An oversized button-down? Check! A statement tee? Check! A tank top? Check! Even a puffer vest? Check! Since jeans are the ultimate style staple, it's no surprise that LA girls have a thing for them too.
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have


Now, let's talk footwear! LA girls wear practically every shoe in existence. Be they a pair of Italian designer heels or flip-flops from a garage sale, West Coast chicks will rock them like they're on the cover of Vogue magazine. But while taste in shoes differs from person to person, there's a particular kind of pair that likely all LA girls have: trainers! The sporty look has always been popular in the city and one way to incorporate it is to wear a pair of trainers. Even if you're not going to the gym, as long as you put these sporty sneakers on, you'll instantly look ten times cooler.
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

Midi Dress

Finally, there's the midi dress. What do LA girls wear on a hot date? Or to a cocktail party? Perhaps even at a wedding? A midi-dress! This isn't to say they don't like wearing mini frocks or floor-length gowns. This is the city for red carpets, after all. Any sort of fancy dress is welcome here. But a midi dress is often the go-to staple for LA girls when they want to look more refined. It can be an LBD that perfectly embraces the body. Or a wrap dress with a free-flowing silhouette to inspire a more bohemian look.
Style Staples Any LA Girl Should Have

If you want to look as cool as an LA girl, you need to get these style staples in your wardrobe. Even the simplest of these pieces are enough to give you that effortless swagger that West Coast chicks always show off!

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