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Work Out With Celebrities in These Popular Gyms in LA

March 23, 2022
Here in Los Angeles, you either go fit or go home. Fitness is a huge part of this city that's mostly known for entertainment and keeping up appearances. Of course, everyone's welcome here and all, but when you go outside, you can't help but notice that most of the residents here are of a particular size and body shape. Especially the most famous residents—Hollywood celebrities—who look as if they were carved by the gods. Well, they did the carving themselves because they frequent many of LA's best gyms. Here are a few where you'll find them working out!

Work Out With Celebrities in These Popular Gyms in LA

Barry’s Hollywood Bootcamp

Apart from their celebrity clientele, what's great about Barry’s Hollywood Bootcamp is that it helps you focus on different parts of your body. General exercises are all well and good, but if you're more meticulous with how you look, you'll want to make sure each and every part of your body gets equal attention. Based on their high-quality fitness regimens, one day will have you focusing on your biceps and triceps and the next would be your pectoral muscles. And while you do that, you just might bump into the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Sandra Bullock. Exciting, right?

Cycle House Hollywood

Cycle House Hollywood doesn't just have a prestigious clientele that includes Shay Mitchell, Jessica Alba, and James Harden. This fitness center on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, one of the popular neighborhoods in LA, has appeared on its own reality TV series, 'Hollywood Cycle,' making it its own celebrity. And just as its name says, the way to peak fitness in this famous hotspot is to cycle for hours and hours while jamming to awesome music. It's a fun and adrenaline-pumping way to a trimmer figure. Just look at the cast of its show! You can look just like them if you exercise here!

Work Out With Celebrities in These Popular Gyms in LA

SoulCycle West Hollywood

For 45 minutes, you can spin your way to physical fitness at SoulCycle West Hollywood. They'll have you cycling in a dark room, pretty unique compared to other fitness centers of its kind, so you can focus more on your own progress. And while they pump our seak beats, they'll challenge you to cycle in rhythm with the music. They'll tantalize all your senses, making you even more pumped and ready for the fitness classes ahead. Even if you don't take their word for it, perhaps you'll trust Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham, and Mandy Moore, all of which are known to work out in SoulCycle West Hollywood often.


Rooney Mara, Emmy Rossum, and Busy Phillips are just some of the big names who regularly exercise at LEKfit, a prominent fitness studio on La Brea Avenue. Celebrity instructor Lauren Kleban founded this place and filled it with both conventional and unconventional fitness regimens that the stars have tried and tested. Her dance-enthused classes are a major favorite among the rich and famous. At times, she'll even include things like trampolines and ankle weights onto the mix to really pump their adrenaline. Think you can handle this sort of workout?

Work Out With Celebrities in These Popular Gyms in LA

Rise Nation

If you're not into dancing, perhaps you're more into climbing? Celebrity physical trainer Jason Walsh founded Rise Nation in West Hollywood as a means of making climbing the hottest new exercise of the stars. And it certainly worked considering that Academy Award-winning actresses Brie Larsen and Emma Stone, as well as supermodel Irina Shayk, have become this fitness center's many regulars. They climb for hours and hours in the gym's high-quality claiming exercise machines, all to maintain their fitness for their movie roles, photoshoots, and the like. Not to mention rocking their designer duds on the red carpet.

Shape House

Finally, there's Shape House on N Larchmont Boulevard Technically speaking, this place is more like a luxury spa than a conventional fitness center and movement isn't the primary objective here. What you will do, however, is sweat your heart out. After all, sweating has been proven to be helpful in aiding weight loss and improving physical fitness even when it's not the product of moving around. Here in this 'urban sweat lodge,' you get treated to heated beds that will boost your mood and immunity. They can even help you sleep better, which itself is a good way to improve your fitness. Just ask Demi Moor and Selena Gomez, two of Shape House's famous clientele.

Work Out With Celebrities in These Popular Gyms in LA

If you ever want to get as fit as the sexiest Hollywood celebrities, going to these amazing gyms and fitness centers in Los Angeles is your best bet! And if you're lucky, you might even bump into an A-lister during your session!

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