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The Finest Vintage Clothing Stores in LA

August 14, 2021
In a glossy town like LA, it's no surprise that everything new is worth looking into. The moment something new and completely unexpected comes onto the scene, Los Angeles turns into a magpie that's ready to pluck the latest shiny object and bring it back to its nest. And while that's all well and good, there are still those who appreciate the timeless and the classic, even when it comes to fashion. In a city rich with a glamorous history of stars and style, these vintage clothing stores prove that Los Angeles still knows how to embrace the past too!

The Finest Vintage Clothing Stores in LA

The Way We Wore

Located along South La Brea Avenue, The Way We Wore has one of, if not the best collections of vintage clothing in all of LA. From classic haute couture pieces to forgotten fads that are itching to make a comeback, this shop has it all. Established and run by the vintage collector, Doris Raymond, who also starred in a reality TV series, 'LA Frock Stars,' which was centered on how she manages the store, it's no surprise that this place tops the list. The Way We Wore has served celebrity clientele, costume designers looking for inspiration, fashion magazines, and all vintage-lovers alike! Source: The Way We Wore Instagram Account

What Goes Around Comes Around

From 'The Way We Wore' to 'What Goes Around Comes Around,' these LA vintage clothing stores sure know how to pick the catchiest names! Although this one didn't necessarily start in this city! What Goes Around Comes Around actually began as one of the finest vintage stores in New York, eventually gaining enough traction to open another shop here in Los Angeles. Just like with its 'mothershop' in the 'Big Apple,' this place is all about designer goodies. From French labels to Italian brands, they offer the best of the best of what the major European fashion capitals have presented in the past. Source: What Goes Around Comes Around Instagram Account


There's clearly no better name that suits the vintage store, Decades, in Melrose. Located in one of the trendiest districts in Los Angeles, this store is a treasure trove of 20th-century fashion. Think of the flapper fringes of the 1920s, the slinky lamé gowns of the 1930s, or the strong-shouldered silhouettes of the 1940s. Not to mention the cinched dresses of the 50s, the sexy sequins or hippie creations from the 60s, or the disco glamour of the 70s! Of course, there are also the opulent showstoppers from the 80s, the minimalist sexiness of the 90s, and more! Those are what Decades is all about! Source: Decades Instagram Account


Another vintage clothing store worth checking out in Melrose is Scout! Though not as famous as the aforementioned shops, this one holds its own in Melrose Avenue. It helps that Scout also focuses on designer clothing, but more on the timeless yet trendy side. The vintage vibes here aren't the glamorous eras of the 20s, 50s, or even the 70s, but more so the streetwise energies of the late 90s, early 2000s, and even the more recent 2010s. Instead of couture, you're more likely to find the right denim pieces or the perfect leather jacket to complete your West Coast look. Source: Scout LA Instagram Account


More than just a typical LA vintage clothing store, Recess is actually a consignment that works with some of the elites of the city. This means that, whatever you purchase here, there's a good chance it came from the closet of a Hollywood celebrity or a member of Los Angeles' high society. Whichever the case, it makes sense that this well-curated collection of classic couture and old-school designer pieces cost a pretty penny. You might even need to rethink your budget for your living costs here in order to buy one single dress! But you know, despite such monetary problems, that each piece here is a worthy investment! Source: Recess LA Instagram Account

Jet Rag

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Jet Rag, a vintage clothing store located along La Brea Avenue. Offering secondhand apparel and footwear, this place is one huge bargain bin of awesome designer finds! Yep! The clothes here are more or less affordable. At least, way more affordable than what these other stores offer. That in of itself is a good enough reason to pack your wallet, prepare your credit card, and go on a shopping spree here. You can spend hours and hours looking through racks of designer brands, well-preserved pairs of shoes, quirky accessories, and more! Source: Jet Rag Instagram Account

Lemon Frog

Along Alvarado Boulevard stands a treasure trove of rare finds and past trends, particularly those from the 1950s to 1980s. It's called Lemon Frog and yes, the fashions here are as quirky as the store's name! Featuring a selections curated by vintage collector Micki Curtis, this shop offers the best of the best of late 20th-century fashions. See the rainbow of forgotten fads displayed through each decade, offering the loudest, brightest, and at times, even questionable styles of the past eras. It's no wonder rockstars, kooky celebs, and those bold enough to revive such trends shop here! Source: Lemon Frog Shop Instagram Account


Here at Golyester, another vintage clothing store located along La Brea Ave., old-school-style reigns supreme. The place offers the best of the best from the 1910s to the 1970s, ranging from designer duds to noteworthy knock-offs. Whichever style one needs to stand out, you can bet it's here and well-preserved too. For the ladies, there are bejeweled dresses, well-made day suits, classic purses, all with heels to match. While for the men, Golyester also offers a generous helping of dapper suits, retro accessories, and timeless footwear worth any stylish gentleman! What's not to love? Source: Golyester Instagram Account

Here in LA, while all that glitters isn't gold, all of the new stuff isn't the only worthy pieces to shop for either! These fine vintage clothing stores prove that timeless styles can still reign supreme! Who knows? Your next prized possession might come from any of these shops!

When looking for a luxury home here, make sure you get one that will fit all your amazing finds from these awesome LA vintage stores!