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Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

March 29, 2023
Truth be told, Washington D.C. is as much a tourist destination as it is an important capital city. Sure, it's the seat of power in the US, arguably the most powerful country in the world. But there's also so much to do and see here. Even your dad will find it exciting too if you ever bring him here. Perhaps on Father's Day Weekend this year? The holiday is all about your old man so why not take him to one of the most fascinating cities in the world? Here, you can spend time together visiting various museums, having fun at Georgetown, and of course, visiting the White House!

Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

Visit The White House

No first-time visit to Washington D.C. is complete without seeing the White House. Whether you actually join a tour inside or just see its iconic facade from a distance, this residence is the crowning jewel of the city. It's where the American president lives, after all. This is mostly where the leader of the “Free World” makes the most important decisions. It's also where countless historic events have taken place. It'd be worthwhile to bring your dad here on your Father's Day Weekend in the capital city. Especially if he's a history buff!
Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

See The Capitol

Technically a full-blown neighborhood in Washington D.C., Capitol Hill is more famous as the home of the US Congress. And how could it not be? The building alone is truly majestic. With its neoclassical architecture and that imposing dome that can practically rival the grand churches in the Vatican, you can already tell just how important the place is. It's literally where the laws of the country are made. And after that infamous riot back on January 6, 2022, it's become even more historic. Surely your dad will love seeing it in person too!
Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

Work Out at Lincoln Memorial

Do you know what's a great way to spend a day in Washington D.C.? Working out at Lincoln Memorial. Though it's a popular monument and tourist attraction, the area is so vast, it's become a go-to exercise for locals and tourists alike. And if your dad is still kicking and pretty active, you can spend the entire Father's Day working out together here. You can jog around the monument, do aerobics climb the stairs leading up to the memorial again and again, or perhaps even go cycling too. There's so much you can do to maintain your fitness near one of the most historic presidents in American history.
Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

Go Museum-Hopping

The American capital is a treasure trove of must-see museums. From the Smithsonian galleries to lesser-known but still fascinating attractions, you and your old man can spend the entire Father's Day Weekend in D.C. just hopping from one museum to the next. The National Museum of African American History and Culture is definitely one of the main highlights. Not only is it an architectural marvel, but it's also a great place to learn all about one of the most important communities in the country. The National Gallery of Art, on the other hand, is for art lovers. If your dad is into this sort of stuff, you'd do well to bring him here.
Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

Drive To Arlington National Cemetery

Father's Day is all about sentimentality for the man who raised you. It's a holiday in the US that celebrates fathers and father figures, both in the country and beyond. So what could be more sentimental than visiting the Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place of many fathers who've laid out their lives in service of the country? Even if you don't have a relative buried here, the place's history and heritage alone will make for a heartwarming experience for you and your old man. Beyond the museums and libraries, you'll learn more about this nation's greatness here too!
Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

Have Fun at Georgetown

After absorbing the history and seeing all the important sites in the American capital, it's time for you and your dad to have fun. It's Father's Day Weekend, after all. The holiday is practically built just for that! And in Washington D.C., there's no better place to have a good time than in Georgetown. Its Federal-style architecture will charm your pants off, but the entire area is made up of hip hotspots you simply shouldn't miss. One of which is Georgetown Cupcake, the most famous cupcake store in the city. Their desserts are so good, people line up for hours just to get a piece!
Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

Enjoy The Nightlife

It may not look it at first, but Washington D.C. has quite the electric nightlife. When the sun goes down and all the important is done for the day, the bustling metropolis lights up and people start partying! The aforementioned Georgetown is one of the best places for you and your dad to enjoy a night out on the town. The place is filled to the brim with cool bars, lively nightclubs, and even some chill bistros too. Dupont Circle is also a pretty cosmopolitan area where, ironically enough, you can order a cosmo or any other popular cocktails. What's not to love?
Spending Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

Want to spend Father's Day Weekend in Washington D.C.? Then you're in for a fun ride ahead! The city has a lot to offer, from national monuments to exciting museums and more. There's so much to do here, you won't know where to start!

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