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What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day

March 30, 2022
Truth be told, it's pretty understandable when someone says that Washington D.C. is a boring city. If you're not into history and politics, even you won't be tempted to visit the American capital city. However, while it's easy to imagine Washington D.C. as a dull metropolis that's only for power-tripping politicians and snooty intellectual elites, that doesn't mean it's the truth. You'd be surprised at how much you could enjoy your time in Washington D.C., even when it's only for a day. The fun side of the American capital has a lot more to offer and here are a few worth noting.

What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day

Exercise at The Lincoln Memorial

The iconic Lincoln Memorial is definitely a must-see! Even if you're not an American yourself, you won't help but feel the emotional weight of this stunning monument. Especially when you stand right in front of the giant Georgia marble former president. With that said, when you have a free day to spend in Washington D.C., working out in this spot is a good idea. The stairs that lead up to Lincoln are great for low-impact exercise while the area around the Reflecting Pool is perfect for jogging. Add to that the many bikes and scooters you can rent (they're not just for public transport!) and you've got quite the workout!
What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Visit The Arlington National Cemetery

While it's a good distance away from all the other districts in Washington D.C., you simply can't miss going to the famous Arlington National Cemetery. Technically, the site is located in Virginia. But because of its close proximity to the American capital and its historical significance, it's become widely regarded as a top tourist attraction in Washington D.C. The cemetery is where American servicemen and women are laid down to rest, commemorated for their heroic sacrifice for the sake of the country. Its most well-visited spot, the John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame, features the grave of the 35th president of the United States, and its burning flame that never burns out.
What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Shop at The Eastern Market

You'll need a full day to shop at The Eastern Market, the popular public market on 7th street. The 19th-century red-brick structure houses a myriad of shops, food stalls, and the like, offering all sorts of fresh produce, exotic delicacies, and more. Many locals go here because most of that's offers are fairly affordable, and considering how high the living costs in Washington D.C. are, this is their best bet to save money. An entire warehouse awaits those who want to eat or to shop for new food that they can cook themselves on their own luxury homes in the city.
What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ AgnosticPreachersKid

See The Animals at The Smithsonian Zoo

As far as the Smithsonian is concerned, forget the museums, galleries, and the like! The place to be is at the Smithsonian Zoo! Especially when you want to spend time with loved ones. Encompassing 163 acres in total, the zoo features 2,700 animals of 390 different species. Many of them are so exotic, you never would've seen them in real life had you not visited this place. Among their many superstars, their gentle giant pandas draw in the most visitors. Since these black-and-white creatures are endemic to China, going to the Smithsonian Zoo is your only chance to see them in real life in this part of the globe.
What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day
Source: Rawpixel.com / Carol M Highsmith

Take Pictures of Meridian Hill Park

Located in Columbia Heights, just north of the White House, Meridian Hill Park is undeniably one of the most beautiful public spaces in Washington D.C. It's no Central Park by any means, but it's just as scenic and luscious as the famous park in New York. Its most famous spot, the cascading fountain, serves as the perfect backdrop for a wedding photoshoot, tourist selfies, and the like. You'll definitely want to capture it for your own Instagram feed yourself! And after that, it's time to play American football in the well-cut grass field in the park.
What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Katy Van Every

Watch a Show in The Kennedy Center

Up for some theater in Washington D.C.? There's no better place than the iconic John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Or more commonly known as 'The Kennedy Center.' As the premier theater in the American capital, it's practically the city's own version of Broadway. You can watch all sorts of plays and performances here, whether they be touring musicals, premiering dramas, hilarious comedies, and more. The center also commonly features cultural performances, many of which come from all over the world. Whether it's for the matinee or the evening performance, you're sure to get a good show here!
What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Mack Male

Go Drinking at The Cork Wine Bar

Who says you can only drink wine at night? Washington D.C.'s famous Cork Wine Bar opens at 11:00 am in the morning and right from the start, they're already popping open their finest bottles for the lucky first customers of the day. If you're up for some serious wine-tasting, this chic hotspot on 14th Street is the place to visit. The atmosphere here is pretty romantic too, making it a popular date spot for both locals and tourists alike. Paired with a few scrumptious nibbles in-between every sip, you'd sooner become a wine connoisseur before the day is through!
What To Do in Washington D.C. for A Day
Source: Cork Wine Bar and Market Facebook Page

​​Contrary to what you may think, Washington D.C. isn't all about politics and American history. There are many other things to do in this city, from seeing adorable animals to watching an amazing theater show and more!





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