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The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

March 28, 2023
What would spending Father's Day Weekend in LA look like? Going on a Hollywood tour? Visiting Griffith Park? What about shopping at Rodeo Drive? Or perhaps, why not all of the above? What's great about Los Angeles is that there's so much you can do in this bustling metropolis. And many of them are things that your old man will enjoy. Whether you plan ahead of time or go with the flow, there's no doubt that celebrating this wonderful holiday in this city will be an experience both of you won't soon forget. If you're not careful, your dad might just want to relocate to Los Angeles altogether!

The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Go on a Hollywood Tour

Though it's cliche, taking your dad on a Hollywood tour in LA isn't a bad idea. If it's his first time in the city and he's unable to go here as often as one would, then it's perhaps one of the best things for him to do on your Father's Day trip. After all, it's not every day that people, even those who actually live in LA, get to see all the movie magic firsthand. And it goes beyond Hollywood Boulevard! Whether it's the bid studios that make the box office hits or perhaps the homes of the world's biggest stars, such tours will fascinate your old man to no end.
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Have Fun at Universal Studios

While Disneyland is more for the young kids, Universal Studios Hollywood is more for the young at heart. And if your dad is just that, then he'll love to spend Father's Day Weekend in this awesome theme park. It can even be part of the Hollywood tour you planned out for him too. But this will require an entire day, possibly even the entire weekend! With so many incredible rides and exciting attractions on offer, one day isn't enough to truly enjoy this place. Who knows? He might decide to bring you here next time instead to continue all the fun!
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Watch a Show at The Hollywood Bowl

While you're at it, why not catch a show at The Hollywood Bowl? Located on N Highland Avenue, it's one of the biggest concert halls in the city. As well as one of its most famous. Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, getting to perform here means one has reached the big leagues. So if you ever get lucky enough to book tickets for a show here, then there's a good chance that you'll get to see some of the biggest artists perform live. Even better if it's your dad's favorite band, rockstar, and the like.
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA
Source: Ian D. Keating

Visit Griffith Park

No visit to Los Angeles, especially when it's the first time, is complete without seeing Griffith Park. Not only is it one of the best public parks in the city, but it's also a full-blown movie star. The green space and its iconic observatory have appeared in countless movies over the years. There's the classic “Rebel Without A Cause” (1955) and the modern movie-musical “La La Land” (2016), to name a few. With such a glittering filmography, Griffith Park is practically another stop in your Father's Day Hollywood tour of LA! But even on its own, this place is still pretty worthwhile.
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Shop at Rodeo Drive

Your old man only deserves the best on Father's Day weekend! And of course, this means the finest clothes and accessories too. You'll find them on Rodeo Drive, the iconic shopping district in Beverly Hills. Perhaps the most expensive street in the entire state of California, this is where countless designer labels and luxury brands have set up shop. It's where most Hollywood stars do their shopping too. If you can afford it, why not take your dad out on a shopping spree here? You can buy him the best pieces for his wardrobe!
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Check Out Vintage Row

Just like Rodeo Drive, the rest of Tinsel Town is pretty expensive. The living costs in LA alone will cost an arm and a leg, even if it's just a studio apartment. What more when you go shopping here? Will you have to empty your bank account if you want to take your dad on a shopping spree in this city? You won't have to if you shop at Vintage Row! Located near Hollywood Blvd, this place is lined with tons of amazing vintage stores in LA. Think tailored suits a'la “Mad Men” or leather jackets from the 1950s. Even if you're dad isn't into fashion, there are cool records, and awesome antiques here as well.
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Explore Venice

Out of all the neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Venice is arguably the most fascinating. Famous for its grand canal that is pretty reminiscent of that famous Italian city that shares the same name, this district is pretty electric. There's Venice Beach, for example, known as a vibrant area where there are loads of fun to be had. You can also hang out on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, another popular hotspot in the district. With a good number of restaurants, boutiques, and more on offer, there's no doubt you and your dad will have a great time here!
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Go Bar-Hopping

Finally, you and your old man can also go bar-hopping in LA. Don't forget that the 'City of Angels' is practically nightlife central. It's the place where the biggest stars on the planet enjoy a night out on the town. So the hotspots here are bound to be the best of the best. And even if that's not your scene, there are also a good many bars and pubs where the vibes are chill and the drinks are stellar. Perhaps they might fit your dad's taste even more. Either way, they serve some mean LA cocktails to keep you guys buzzing!
The Best Things To Do on Father's Day Weekend in LA

Why not spend Father's Day Weekend in LA? The city has a lot to offer you and your dad for the holiday. Some are popular tourist activities while others are fun things that locals love to do here.

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