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The Best Tips to Follow When Walking Down Hollywood Blvd

August 15, 2021
When you hear the name 'Hollywood Blvd,' you probably see visions of glamorous stars, the gloss of show business, and the heritage of Hollywood, don't you? Whether it'd be from the movies, TV, and more, you've been fed a certain image of Hollywood Blvd that's dreamy and desirable. However, the real boulevard itself is far from what you probably think it is. Sorry to say but Hollywood Blvd today isn't as sparkling as it was before. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't still go here if you want to! You'll just need to follow these tips to ensure you have a pleasant time here!

The Best Tips to Follow When Walking Down Hollywood Blvd

Go Here Via Public Transport

Although LA public transport is, admittedly, not the best, you're still better off taking it to get to Hollywood Blvd. Whether you take the train or bus or hail a cab using a transportation app, it's better to commute than to take your own car. Firstly, there are very few parking spaces along Hollywood Blvd. Your best bet is to go to the Hollywood & Highland mall and park there, but then you can only get to stay there for two hours for $2.00. There's also the risk of getting carjacked which, as awful as it sounds, is relatively common in this area.

Travel Here With Friends

Let's get real here for a second: Los Angeles is not a safe city, overall. At least, not for solo travelers. Even if you traveled here all by yourself, you're better off exploring the city with local family and friends. Especially if you want to visit Hollywood Blvd. Do note that the only time this area is ever 100% safe is during the Oscars, which is often held at the Dolby Theater along the famous boulevard. Or when there's a movie premiere happening at the famous TCL Chinese Theater or El Capital Theater. But during every other time, especially on the weekdays when there are fewer crowds, you'd be wise to go here with company!

The Best Tips to Follow When Walking Down Hollywood Blvd

Just Stroll The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Of course, when you go to Hollywood Blvd, you can't miss the famous 'Hollywood Walk of Fame,' right? It's practically the pièce de résistance of the entire boulevard. However, as much as you want to see and capture all of your favorite celebrities' stars, you'd do well in simply strolling as you look at the stars instead. Don't dwell on one or two stars all that much, else you risk annoying and getting in the way of all the other tourists and locals who are passing by the boulevard too. A good rule of thumb is to pick a handful of celebrities you'll want to capture stars of and stick to it.

Be Prepared for A Variety of Personalities

Not to crush your dreams of visiting Hollywood Blvd or anything, but if you do plan on going here, expect to see a lot of—for lack of a better term—interesting personalities. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, let's just say that those who hang out in this area of Los Angeles aren't always of sound mind. There are those who intentionally cause trouble, as there are in many other cities. There are those that randomly scream and disturb the peace of the place. And there are those that you're simply better off avoiding.

The Best Tips to Follow When Walking Down Hollywood Blvd

Avoid The Street Entertainers

Speaking of those you're better off avoiding on Hollywood Blvd, put the street performers at the top of the list. Also known as 'buskers,' these are costumed entertainers who randomly approach passers-by, entertain them, and expect payment in return. Simply put, they're scammers, at least most of them are! While, more often than not, they don't harm the tourists and locals who pass by, many of them charge overpriced rates for their performances. If you do want to approach them or even take a selfie with them, be advised that you'll have to pay compensation for the provided 'entertainment.'

Stay Away from The Scammers

As already mentioned, you ought to stay away from scammers on Hollywood Blvd. The street performers are one thing, but those who sell overpriced souvenirs and low-quality merchandise are a different matter entirely. Unfortunately, you never really know if what they're selling is legit in the first place. And if you're not careful, you might find that many of their items contain illegal properties. Before you know it, you'll be facing the local authorities for simply buying suspicious items along Hollywood Blvd. Keep your money and safety secure by simply avoiding these scammers and go on your merry way whilst walking along this famous street!

Forget The Souvenirs

Nowadays, here in Hollywood Blvd, your snapshots of the place are enough. In fact, for most, simply getting to see all these iconic sights should also be enough! As long as you haven't relocated to LA and you're not a local here, getting to see these amazing and historic attractions already makes your trip here worthwhile. So forget about buying souvenirs! Most of what you'll see here are cheap anyway! Sure, they're novel in their own right, but you risk wasting money if you buy even a single t-shirt or keychain here!

The Best Tips to Follow When Walking Down Hollywood Blvd

The sad truth about Hollywood Blvd is that it's no longer as glamorous, prestigious, nor safe of a place now as it was in the past. There's still a lot to look forward to here, but for your safety, follow these tips on visiting the famous boulevard.

Above all else, your priority ought to be keeping yourself safe whilst in Hollywood Blvd. Only when you've returned to your luxury home here can you let loose and relax again!