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Top Five Tips for Exploring Beverly Hills

August 15, 2021
Is there a place more glamorous than Beverly Hills? Here on the West Coast, there isn't! The home of Hollywood stars, it's a town that screams luxury from every corner. Even if you fancy yourself a person of good means, there's a good chance you'll still feel poor and inferior once you go here for the first time. But don't let that get to you! Beverly Hills, as a tourist hotspot, is open to all. There's nothing barring visitors from basking in the glory of this glossy neighborhood. However, you might want to follow these tips when going here, especially if this is your first time!

Top Five Tips for Exploring Beverly Hills

Drive All The Way Here

It doesn't have to be a luxury car, but if you plan on going to Beverly Hills, you're better off driving here. No matter where you're coming from, be it from the other districts in Los Angeles or a different city entirely, the best way to reach Beverly Hills is through your own vehicle. The town is so far from the other nearby areas that if you choose public transport to get here, it will take up too much time. At least, if you drive here yourself, you also get to enjoy the views on the way, especially the iconic palm trees!
Top Five Tips for Exploring Beverly Hills

Don't Be Intimidated

Yes, people here are rich. Yes, the stores and other establishments here are pricey. And yes, the luxury of Beverly Hills is off the charts! But you know what? That doesn't mean you can't go here! There's no rule barring you to visit one of the most glamorous places in the world just because of your financial status. After all, strolling along Rodeo Drive, window-shopping here, seeing the famous palm trees, and more are free! Though snooty people are par for the course in Beverly Hills, simply ignore them! Whether you're a local or a tourist, you have every right to go here as any other!
Top Five Tips for Exploring Beverly Hills

See The Iconic Sights

Now, if you've gotten that out of the way, enjoy the iconic sights of Beverly Hills. If you don't have any plans on relocating here, who knows when or even if you'll ever be able to go here again. Live in the present and see the sights that this famous district offers. Go window-shopping through the many designer brands and other shops that line Rodeo Drive. See the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, a place that has welcomed many prominent celebrities, both now and then. See the famous grounds of Greystone Mansion, a historic home that has been featured in countless movies over the years.
Top Five Tips for Exploring Beverly Hills

Take As Many Selfies As You Can

Don't be afraid to take as many selfies as you can! In fact, you might find that even locals are into taking snapshots of the place even though they live here. That's how special Beverly Hills is! Even if you've relocated here, it can still enchant you in new and exciting ways. Don't let others get in your way while basking in the glory of this luxurious town. Again, always remember that you may never know when you'll be here again. Even if you attract some unwanted attention, stay confident and snap away! You deserve it!
Top Five Tips for Exploring Beverly Hills

Read The Room With Celebrities

Since Beverly Hills is the hometown of countless Hollywood celebs, you're probably itching to find some, aren't you? Well, bumping into one is par for the course in this glamorous town! However, interacting with them is a whole other story! A huge pro-tip is to read the room when you spot a celebrity. More often than not, you can already tell, even from a mile away, if someone is open to interacting with others or they simply want to keep to themselves. And this is truer with celebrities! You don't have to stare or anything like that, but a few glances will probably be enough to know if you'll be welcome to approach them or not!
Top Five Tips for Exploring Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, one of, if not the most glamorous places in the world. Going here can get intimidating, especially if it's your first time here. However, you don't have to let that get in the way of seeing the destination in all its glory! Especially if you follow these tips!

If you're going to pick a luxury home in LA, why not here in the beautiful Beverly Hills? Rest assured, the luxury in these places are on a whole different level!