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The Best Spring 2023 Haute Couture Collections from Paris Fashion Week

February 04, 2023
Always trust Paris to start the new year with a fashionable bang! The city just held its bi-annual Paris Fashion Week, in which the biggest fashion houses in the world presented their latest haute couture collections for spring 2023. And it was an impressive showing, to say the least. No one could forget about Chanel's whimsical parade of signature suits, Valentino's 'Le Club' glamour, Alexandre Vauthier's fabulous faux furs, and Schiaparelli's taxidermy couture. These were unforgettable collections, to say the least, and there's no doubt that they will influence trends and how people will dress for the upcoming year!

The Best Spring 2023 Haute Couture Collections from Paris Fashion Week


Valentino was never about party dress and club gear but Pierpaolo Piccioli changed all that with this spring 2023 collection. Dubbed “Le Club” Couture, he staged this rave-like fashion show under the Pont Alexandre III, which stretches between the 7th and 8th arrondissements. As soon as the first look, an oversized blazer worn with a button-upped white shirt and a sleek black necktie paired with a hot pink big bow of a mini skirt, everyone knew they were in for a glamorous ride. Piccioli put in all the Valentino signatures there—lots of frills, exceptional tailoring, and big ball gowns—but translated them to fit the rave scene.
Source: Valentino YouTube Channel

Alexandre Vauthier

Florals for spring might not be all that groundbreaking but what about fur? Faux fur, that is! This is what French couturier Alexandre Vauthier insists that women of the upper class will be wearing come spring 2023. Amidst his usual parade of oversized tailoring and unapologetic sex appeal are a barrage of faux fur coats, jackets, and hoodies. Some were even rendered in bright neon colors as if their jumbo-sized silhouettes weren't eye-catching enough. And though this is definitely something new and out of the box, why this direction? Vauthier reasons that all the rich kids will be going up the slopes this spring instead of the usual tropics, trading in the French Riviera for the French Alps. Source: Alexandre Vauthier Instagram Page

Miss Sohee

Miss Sohee is fairly new to the scene. In fact, this spring 2023 Paris Fashion Week is her debut in haute couture. And for a first showing, it was commendably strong! No one did it quite like Sohee Park this season! Inspire by 19th-century artworks from Korea, her native country, she enthused some Eastern elegance into old-school haute couture styles. Frocks and evening gowns were beautifully embellished, capes went down to the floor, and slithered as the models sauntered down the catwalk. It was a colorful opulence reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent's shows from the 1980s and 90s. Everything was magnifique! Source: Miss Sohee Instagram Page/ Photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

Maison Rabih Kayrouz

Another Asian designer who made waves this past Paris Haute Couture week was Maison Rabih Kayrouz. Having been around for a couple of decades now, Rabih Kayrouz is right at home in the French capital... literally! He staged his spring 2023 show in his own luxury home in Paris, offering up a homely and somewhat normal vibe. And it fit his latest collection well. His spring 2023 haute couture wasn't extravagant by way of Miss Sohee or Valentino. They were chic Parisian clothes that women in the city will want to wear (if they can afford to, at least). From the trench coats with draped waists to the less bodycon pantsuits, comfort was Rabih Kayrouz's main point this season.
Source: Maison Rabih Kayrouz YouTube Channel


There was a certain level of whimsy that hasn't been seen before in Virginie Viard's haute couture collections for Chanel. The set alone, a collection of animal sculptures where the models went out from, had a storybook-like charm to them. And this makes sense since the collection itself had a youthfulness that only Chanel can bring to haute couture. Though the brand's signature suit is a pretty old but still relevant Parisian style staple, the drummette style that Viard whipped up gave them a childlike twist. As did the mini skirts which exposed the legs in a chic and non-vulgar way. There's no doubt so many young women will want to dress up like the models from this show!
Source: Chanel YouTube Channel


What's couture without a little controversy? Creative director Daniel Roseberry raised many eyebrows with his spring 2023 haute couture collection for Schiaparelli. The haute couture house itself has always been out there with its surrealist roots, but this latest show had people clutching their pearls. Why? Because what decorated Roseberry's usual array of sharp tailoring and corseted gowns were taxidermied animals. From the wolf that sprouted from Naomi Campbell's black fur coat to the lion's head on Irina Shayk's one-shoulder dress, these looks were both unsettling yet stunning. These were fakes, though, as Roseberry himself confirmed. But still, do they belong to today's anti-animal cruelty and sustainable environment?
Source: Schiaparelli YouTube Channel

Viktor & Rolf

Who could ever forget Viktor & Rolf's iconic spring 2010 collection? The one with all the fabulous tulle dresses with the cut holes, chopped in half, and the like? Well, apparently, Viktor & Rolf themselves! The Dutch design duo went back to that memorable show and trotted out a similar tulle parade of pastel gowns and voluminous dresses. But instead of holes and cut-outs, this season's gimmicks had the dresses floating beside the model, cutting another in half, and another slashing her diagonally. They weren't worn the conventional way, which will definitely make for great Instagram fodder. But if you look at the clothes on their own, they're enough to prove that Viktor & Rolf really are masters of haute couture!
Source: Fashion Feed YouTube Channel

Jean Paul Gaultier

For spring 2023, Jean Paul Gaultier tapped the great Haider Ackermann to design their latest collection. The result? A masterclass of exceptional tailoring and divine draping. Ackermann has always been one of the best designers out there, so it's no surprise that he excelled in haute couture. Many of his own collections deserved to bear this exclusive title, so thank goodness that Jean Paul Gaultier chose him to work on their latest show. If not, the fashion world wouldn't have seen this awe-inspiring collection. Inspired by the eponymous designer's play on gendered clothing, his women's suits were nothing short of spectacular. Sharp isn't even enough of a ward to describe his tailoring. And the draped dress? Any goddess would kill to wear them!
Source: Jean Paul Gaultier YouTube Channel

The recently concluded Paris Fashion Week presented some of the most beautiful haute couture collections for spring 2023. The biggest fashion houses in the world put out all the stops to offer such amazing works!

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