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The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais

November 05, 2022
The best problem to have in Paris is where to eat. As one of the finest food capitals in the world, this city offers a ton of amazing restaurants, charming cafes, and of course, the best bistros too. You'd especially find many of them in Le Marais! Known as the chicest district in Paris, the culinary scene here is amazing! You've got all sorts of chic bistros you need to check out. Especially Bistrot de l'Oulette, Au Bascou, Le Trumilou, and Aux Vins des Pyrènèes! If you consider yourself a foodie, you need to check out these hotspots at least once!

The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais

Bistrot de l'Oulette

If you were to ask any local about the best bistro in Le Marais, many would mention Bistrot de l'Oulette on Rue des Tournelles. Having opened back in 1987, this hotspot has been around for a couple of decades now. Not even the Covid-19 pandemic got it to close its doors. It only means that both Parisians and tourists keep on coming here. But why? For one thing, they serve some of the finest French food in this trendy neighborhood in Paris. It's here where any skeptic would taste the infamous escargot entrée and find it delicious. Not to mention some scrumptious confit de canard as well!
The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais
Source: Bistrot de l'Oulette Facebook Page

Aux Vins des Pyrènèes

With more than a century's worth of culinary excellence under its belt, Aux Vins des Pyrènèes remains one of the finest bistros in Le Marais. The place opened back in 1905 and has stood the test of time. Part of it is that it has upheld the quintessential Parisian ambiance. Having kept its Belle Époque aesthetic, Aux Vins des Pyrènèes understands that keeping up the historic appeal is part of what makes eating out in Paris so great. And then, of course, there's the food. Or rather, the fine wine. More than just your average bistro, this place is also one of the finest wine bars in Paris.
The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais
Source: Aux Vins des Pyrènèes Instagram Page

Le Temps des Cerises

If you thought Aux Vins des Pyrènèes staying open since 1905 was impressive, wait until you learn about Le Temps des Cerises on Rue de la Cerisaie! Located at the heart of the 4th arrondissement, the building itself has been around since the Middle Ages. The bistro, however, only opened back in 1830. Though it only got its current cyber yellow and crimson appearance a hundred years later in 1930. With such a history and a long legacy of success, you'd expect their food would be spectacular, right? Well, order some Risotto de st Jacques et lomo and a Bistrot burger with fries and a salad and find out!
The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais
Source: Le Temps des Cerises Facebook Page

Au Bascou

Prominent Chef Renaud Marcille heads the kitchen of Au Bascou, offering up a delicious menu of Basque Country dishes and delicacies, a far cry from the haute cuisine the other bistros in Le Marais serve. From Basque Country blood sausage to cod with chorizo, the food here is out of this world. They have a richness and heartiness to them that will fill you up with just one helping alone. Yet you'd still end up wanting more at the end of the meal. Perhaps, if you choose vanilla millefeuille for your dessert, you'll finally feel satisfied.
The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais
Source: Au Bascou Facebook Page


Ahh, Camille! This charming red and wood restaurant on Rue des Francs Bourgeois in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris will surely charm your pants off. Not to mention satisfy your cravings for haute cuisine. For an entrée, try the Cold soup of the day. It's a different yet equally delicious sensation to the warm bowls you're more familiar with. The main course of Filet de Boeuf Hugo Desnoyer served with roasted potatoes will then fill you up unlike any other. Especially when paired with fine red wine. And for dessert, some homemade chocolate mousse will more than suffice! Doesn't all that sound divine?
The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais
Source: Camille Bistrot Facebook Page

La Tartine

Don't let this somber-looking establishment fool you. While it may look a little too dark and heavy, La Tartine is still a pleasant place to hang out and, of course, eat some fine French food. Though it's located on Rue de Rivoli, it's the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of the famous street. And when you get here, order a nice, tall glass of wine to pair with their homemade specialty charcuterie boards. This is part of what makes La Tartine such a popular local hotspot, after all. A fresh salad also makes for a great meal in this charming bistro in Le Marais!
The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais
Source: La Tartine Facebook Page

Le Trumilou

Finally, there's Le Trumilou. You won't miss it when you're already near Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville. The fence that borders its terrace area practically spells it out to you. You can see it even from a mile away! Looking like a charming alfresco hotspot somewhere on the French Riviera, the ambiance here is certainly different from all the other chic bistros in Le Marais. But what about the food? Well, a poached egg with mushroom cream and Flank steak with Auvergne blue cheese sounds amazing, don't you think? They'll really take your taste buds on a tailspin!
The 7 Best Bistros in Le Marais
Source: Le Trumilou Facebook Page

If you're looking for the next best place to eat out in Paris, check out the chic bistros in Le Marais. The trendy district is a treasure trove of culinary hotspots where you'll have the time of your life!

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