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8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris

September 24, 2022
Every year, from August to October, France celebrates its wine harvest. And you know what that means, right? It's the best time to enjoy some fine wine. Of course, the best place in the country for that is in the French countryside. Places like Alsace, Bordeaux, Provence, and Burgundy, to name a few. These are the regions best known for their fine wine. However, if you're already in Paris, you don't have to go outside of the city to pop open the best bottles out there. Hotspots like Caves Legrand, Frenchie Bar à Vins, Le Barav, and La Cave du Daron, some of the best wine bars in Paris, are just as great!

8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris

Avant Comptoir de la Mer

Located in the Odéon neighborhood in Paris, Avant Comptoir de la Mer isn't your ordinary wine bar in Paris. it's practically an institution! Prominent French chef Yves Camdeborde initially opened this place as his own bistro in this part of the city. However, the place's wine list became so popular that it has gained more prominence than Camdeborde's own culinary offerings. Not that he's complaining! Famous for his bistro cuisine, his mini-portions work well with this fine selection of wine. And the best part? It's not even that expensive here! For only €3.50, you can already get a simple but scintillating glass of wine.
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: Les Avant-Comptoirs Facebook Page

Caves Legrand

Nestled inside Galerie Vivienne, one of the finest shopping passages in Paris, Caves Legrand is among the oldest of its kind. The place's history goes all the way back to the end of the 19th century, during what many call La Belle Époque. But has it retained its prominence as one of the best wine bars in Paris? It's safe to say it has. Under the guidance of Arnaud Tronche, the former wine director of the now-closed Paris bistro, Racines NY, this place is able to live up to its century-long legacy. The place is divided into two: one part is a wine cellar, where some of the best bottles in the world get to age well, and the other is the wine bar, where wine connoisseurs get to indulge in the best of the best.
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: Caves Legrand Facebook Page

Frenchie Bar à Vins

From whites, reds, and yellows to other European and American bottles, Frenchie Bar à Vins has it all! Though this hotspot isn't exactly the biggest wine bar in Paris, it's definitely one of the most exciting. It's practically just a nook on Rue du Nil in the 2nd arrondissement, far from the other more spacious hotspots on this list. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing! This does make it a cozier and more intimate setting, perfect for sipping Benoit Lahaye's Champagne Grand Cru, Domaine Ami's Bourgogne, or Les Terrasses D’hortense's Costières de Nîmes, among many others.
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: Frenchie Bar à Vins/ ©Virginie Garnier


You might be confused as to where Lavinia really is. This wine bar has relocated from its original location in the Madeleine district to its new home in the Victor Hugo quarter, near the Arc de Triomphe. But don't worry! Despite the chance of scenery, the place has retained its chic and modern ambiance. Not to mention its fine selection of wine too! From the deepest and richest reds to the most sparkling champagne bottles, it's as if it's the wine harvest season all year long here! It's definitely worth checking out if you fancy yourself as a true-blue wine connoisseur.
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: Lavinia France Facebook Page

Le Barav

Located at the heart of the Marais district, you can spot its bright crimson exterior even from a mile away! But are its reds as rich as the place's bright hue? What about its whites? Are they as bubbly as the best would have them? Well, under the guidance of world-class sommeliers Stan Moreau and Théodore Valette, they just might be! Their wine selection is as diverse as ever, ranging from soft burgundies to the suggested rosé of the moment. Of course, they also have bottles that come from the French countryside, so you know that they're bound to taste extraordinary!
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: Le Barav

La Cave du Daron

Located right smack in the center of the 11th arrondissement, La Cave du Daron is not to be missed. It's a quintessential 'belle cave' in Paris, a type of hotspot that offers up the best wine in a more on-the-go fashion. And since this part of the city is known for its many great restaurants, there's no better place to enjoy an apéritif than right here! Be warned, however, that La Cave du Daron isn't exactly the most spacious nor the most chill spot on this list. Oftentimes, it's filled to the brim and you can't even make it inside!
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: La Cave du Daron Facebook Page

La Grande Crèmerie

With such a name as La Grande Crèmerie, you'd think this was a place that sells ice cream in Paris, wouldn't you? Well, it's not! It's actually one of the hottest wine bars in Paris, practically the complete opposite of what its name suggests. They don't even sell ice cream here that'd probably go well with their dessert wine. They sell French cheese though, and they go exceptionally well with any of the best bottles from their fine wine selection. Perhaps the Chinon ‘Les Perruches’ 2017 from Domaine Lambert maybe? Or a Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2020 from Les Gandines?
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: La Grande Crèmerie Facebook Page

Willi's Wine Bar

And finally, there's Willi's Wine Bar on Rue des Petits Champs. Having already been around for over three decades, you won't want to miss this legendary hotspot. As you've already figured, this place is all about the finest wines out there, ranging from the richest of reds to the lightest of whites. And yes, they're all exceptionally good! Most of them come from the Rhône Valley, after all. Of course, they'd taste amazing. Paired with their delicious French cuisine, you can get any more 'Parisian' than this even if you tried!
8 of the Finest Wine Bars in Paris
Source: Willi's Wine Bar Facebook Page

What better way to celebrate the wine harvest in France than to indulge in the best bottles the country produces? And you'll only find them in come of the finest wine bars in Paris, the glorious capital city!

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