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Portugal’s Top Property Listing Websites

September 27, 2022
Portugal truly deserves more attention. Since its neighborhoods are more popular—i.e. Spain, France, and Italy—this beautiful country tends to get overlooked. But when you actually get here and see the place yourself, you'll find that it's a lot more fascinating than you previously thought. You might even want to invest in real estate here! Check out the most popular property listing websites, like OLX, Idealista, or Imovirtual, and you'll see that any property in Portugal is worth your while. And if you can afford it, why not purchase it? Who knows what's in store when you have your own place in this amazing country?

Portugal’s Top Property Listing Websites


According to Foreign Buyers Watch, OLX gets around a whopping 18 million visitors each. Without a doubt, this makes it the most popular property listing website in Portugal. Though it helps that it is more of a general ad listing than solely focusing on real estate. Nevertheless, there's a lot to be said about its property portal. For one thing, it has a wide scope of real estate in Portugal. From available apartments and houses to even farmlands and commercial establishments, OLX lists them all. Whatever kind of property you need in the country, you can find it on this platform!


Since Idealista is also a top property listing website in Spain, it's only natural that its closest neighbor, Portugal, relies on it too. In fact, millions of people in the country and beyond visit this property portal each month, further cementing its place as one of the most popular of its kind. This shouldn't come as no surprise considering how well Idealista caters to international buyers. Even if you're not in Portugal yourself, you can spot any available real estate on this platform. Its search engined is pretty straightforward, so you won't have any trouble with your search!

Portugal’s Top Property Listing Websites


Just like Idealista, Imovirtual also caters to international buyers. Their website even comes in English too, making it easier for foreigners to navigate the site without the language barrier. As for what makes this platform stand out among the rest, it's all in how they make spotting and buying any real estate in Portugal for sale easier for the buyer. Imovirtual won't just help you look for a property to purchase, but it can also connect you to their network of fine real estate agents, brokers, and firms in the country. That alone is already a huge help!

Casa Sapo

Having operated since 2001, Casa Sapo has certainly proven itself as a big shot in Portugal's real estate game. That's more than 20 years of business! That alone should tell you that this platform is worth checking out. But if you're still not convinced, consider going to the website yourself. You'll find that they really do a lot for buyers. For one thing, they've classified the kinds of properties listed on their site, making it easier for you to whittle down your search for the specific kind of property in Portugal that you're looking for. It also has a news blog that can keep you updated with the latest real estate news in the country and beyond!

Portugal’s Top Property Listing Websites

Green Acres

Although Green Acres is an international property listing website, the fact that it (currently) has around 34,209 properties in Portugal means it has a special place in this country's real estate market. Clearly, this platform values this Mediterranean country very much. Its scope isn't even limited to a few popular areas. Green Acres covers the entire country! If you want to move to Lisbon and find a place there, you can spot it through this site. If you want to own a vacation villa in the beautiful coastal town of Lagos, this portal has you covered too! What's not to love?


'Home buying made simple,' says the homepage of Properstar, one of the top property listing websites in Portugal. And you know what? This isn't too far from what they actually do. Of course, purchasing real estate in Portugal is never simple, but it can be a lot easier if you start the process through this platform. Not only can you spot the property in Portugal for sale here, but Properstar also offers up their own guides and professional advice. If it's you're first time making this kind of investment, any info you get from them will be a big help!

Portugal’s Top Property Listing Websites


Truth be told, BeEverywhere is a more useful platform for sellers than buyers. This property listing website heavily focuses on helping independent sellers to put their real estate in Portugal for sale. Of course, this also means that any seller you encounter here won't have their own real estate agent. They're on their own and you (or your real estate agent) will have to communicate with them directly. But is that really a bad thing? At least, through this, you can get accurate info on the property you're planning to purchase. It'll also be easier to get to know the seller and learn more about the place from them.


Kyero boasts a mind-blowing 250,000 properties from Portugal, both for rent and for sale. If you truly want to expand your search to find the perfect home to purchase, then this platform is your best bet. Whether it's a chic apartment in Lisbon or a vacation home in Porto, you'll find it on this site. The only downside is you'll have to search long and hard for it. That is the major con with platforms that have extensive listings. Generally, it's a good thing, but for buyers, it can stress them out a bit!

Portugal’s Top Property Listing Websites

BPI Expresso

As far as searching for real estate in Portugal for sale goes, BPI Expresso is as simple as it gets. Its straightforward search engine allows you to filter your search, specifying the location, kind of property, and even price range. That alone is good enough but what truly makes this platform worthy to be on this list is that it also offers additional services. There's the mortgage loan calculator, for instance, which helps with your mortgage needs in regard to the property that you find here. Then there's the news blog, which can keep you updated with the latest real estate news in real time!

A Place in The Sun

True to its name, A Place in The Sun lists properties in Portugal where you can get a lot of sunshine. And you know what that means, right? These are properties located in some of the dreamiest parts of the country. As a Mediterranean destination, Portugal is known for its many paradises. Staying in the big and bustling cities is all well and good but purchasing a place near the sea is quite the luxury! Imagine getting a sunny flat near Albufeira! Or a luxury villa in Lagos with seaside views! Now those are the kinds of real estate in Portugal that are worth your hard-earned money!

Portugal’s Top Property Listing Websites

The first step in buying real estate in Portugal is to find one property worth investing in. And these days, the easiest way to do that is to go on the most popular property listing websites in the country.

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