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The Five Most Stunning Lagos Luxury Homes with a Seaside View

January 13, 2022
What do you come to Lagos for? The sun? Sure. The charming town? Okay. The sea? You got it! This charming seaside town is unlike any other. It's almost as if its entire culture and lifestyle are built on the fact that it's near the sea. So isn't it only natural to want to live near it while you're here? To enjoy seaside views the moment you wake up. To smell the salty air as you soak up the sunshine. These are what make Lagos such an awesome destination. And if you lived in any of these amazing Lagos luxury rentals, you'd be in heaven!

The Five Most Stunning Lagos Luxury Homes with a Seaside View

The Stunning Seaview Apartment

Just as its name says, this stunning Seaview Apartment gives you a panoramic view of the sea. From the ocean waves and white sands to the sea of white cement and red bricks, it's a picturesque look at Lagos, one of Portugal's most stunning coastal towns. As for the luxury home itself, this two-bedroom apartment is compact but comfy. The animal-print decor gives it such a character but all the modern-day conveniences are still there! And every morning, you can go out onto the balcony and enjoy a cup of coffee as you take in the sea breeze!
The Five Most Stunning Lagos Luxury Homes with a Seaside View

Magnolia Sea View Apartment

This one-bedroom Magnolia Sea View Apartment is the quintessential tropical luxury Lagos home. Out on the horizon, you can see the calm waters and white sands, looking like a postcard even from a mile away. You can bask in this Mediterranean glory when you go out to your terrace, which is complete with patio furniture and an umbrella for shade. Just one look and you can feel the coastal beauty of Lagos. Now, if you stay inside, however, you can enjoy watching TV or lay down in the air-conditioned bedroom. There are many ways to rest and relax here!
The Five Most Stunning Lagos Luxury Homes with a Seaside View

MarinaPark Hill Beach Apartment

In the city's popular resort-style condominium, MarinaPark, this comfy one-bedroom Lagos luxury rental is a great option. Firstly, you can see the sea from up here. Though it's not exactly a stone's throw away from the beach, it's near enough that you can wake up to sea breezes every morning. The apartment itself is pretty wide, with a spacious living and dining room area and a wide enough terrace where you can soak up as much sunshine as you want. Need internet? Don't worry! This place also has strong wifi courtesy of one of the best local networks around! What more could you ask for?
The Five Most Stunning Lagos Luxury Homes with a Seaside View

Top-Floor Bay View

Granted, you might have to go building's rooftop deck to see the sea, all your effort would not be in vain! It helps that the apartment is located right smack in the middle of Lagos's historic district. Before you can catch a glimpse of the blue waters, you get to see the white cement houses with red-brick rooftops, sunset-colored tints, and more. Who knows? You might even spot your fellow spectators going to their rooftops as well. You can make a party of it in the middle of the afternoon! The home itself, on the other hand, has a quaint vintage 1970s feel to it. Very hot and heavy yet classic and luxurious at the same time!
The Five Most Stunning Lagos Luxury Homes with a Seaside View

Two-Bedroom Near Lagos Marina

Here's yet another Lagos luxury rental wherein you'll have to go to the roof to see the sea. But unlike the others, at least this rooftop has a pool on it! If you don't have time to go to the sea yet you still want to see it and you still want to cool off underwater, then having a dip in this building's luxurious pool is enough! It's actually one of the best ones in this area of Lagos. And when you get back down to your apartment here, a nice and spacious two-bedroom home awaits. There's enough legroom for you to stretch out your entire body here and the flat-screen TV is so clear, it almost doesn't feel like TV anymore!
The Five Most Stunning Lagos Luxury Homes with a Seaside View

For Lagos, one of the best coastal resort towns in Portugal, the seaside homes with the best views is where it's at! You can live your best tropical life and luxuriate as much as you can in any one of them!

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