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Should You Sell Your Property On Your Own?

June 01, 2022
Over the years, selling your property through real estate has become the norm. It's come to a point that it's practically impossible to sell your place without the help of a real estate agent. Or is it? Unbeknownst to many, you can still put your home up for sale all on your own. You get to call all the shots, make all the decisions, and you won't have to pay anyone. But should you do it? Is it even easy? Including taking full control and saving your own money, here are a few reasons why you ought to sell your property on your own.

Should You Sell Your Property On Your Own?

You Can Take Full Control

If you consider yourself a control freak, you'll benefit from selling your property on your own. Partnering up with a real estate agent basically means you're foregoing a lot of control over the transaction. For instance, if you already have a buyer in mind, your agent may suggest against them if they feel like there are better options out there. And in turn, this can result in a clash that will delay the process even further. Do you want that to happen? Of course not, that's only added stress! At least, if you sell your place on your own, you won't have to face such hassles.

You Don't Have to Pay Extra Fees

Remember that when you hire a real estate agent, you'll also have to pay them. And you won't just be paying loose change! According to Investopedia, the standard commission percentage ranges from 4% to 6%. It may not seem all that much now, but considering that you're dealing with millions of bucks with the transaction, it's still a lot of money. Of course, if your real estate agent has proven their worth, they deserve it all. But imagine what you can do with all of the money you earn from selling your property! Doesn't it feel like a waste if you pay a real state agent when you can always sell it yourself?

Should You Sell Your Property On Your Own?

You Won't Get Scammed

Selling your home by owner, or rather, on your own, allows you to avoid getting scammed. Make no mistake! Just because there are a lot of reputable agencies and respected agents, it doesn't mean that they're all reliable. At times, even the most successful real estate agencies have their own scammers. And because they're so good at it, they can get away with anything. Do you want to take that risk? Remember that you're going to earn millions through this transaction. Do you really want someone to steal at least some of it? Of course not!

You Can Stil Access Multiple Listing Services

When you want to put your property up for sale, you'll need to access multiple listing services. However, more often than not, you can only get to them via a real estate agent. Or can you? Nowadays, since most technology is accessible, such platforms have become easier to get a hold of. This, of course, includes the platforms you need in order to get your property out there. You can now pay the top property listing websites in France, the US, Canada, and all the other countries to ensure that the best buyers will discover your place.

You Can Talk With The Buyer Directly

And finally, when you sell your property on your own, you get rid of the middle man between you and the buyer. This allows you to get to know the buyer more, what kind of person they are, and get a sneak peek at how well they'll manage your property. Wouldn't you want to put your home in the hands of those who would take good care of it? It might not matter what they'll do with it after everything's all paid, but it will your mind will be more secure if you've gotten to know the new owner better.

Should You Sell Your Property On Your Own?

Although it will be difficult, there are many benefits to selling your property on your own. You just have to work hard at it because, no matter how challenging it can get, just know that you'll be earning more than if you worked with a real estate agent!

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