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Where are The Best Spinning Classes in Paris?

August 06, 2022
Paris is a great city for exercising. You can jog through the many landmarks, go to a popular gym, or do some home workouts in your luxury apartment. And if you're into spinning, the city offers some amazing classes as well. There's Kiwill, for instance, which is all about pure energy! Dynamo, on the other hand, is a whole new vibe you won't want to miss. And if you want to go somewhere more peppy and fun, there's also Let's Ride. Any of these spinning classes in Paris will have you sweating like crazy and feeling better after every session!

Where are The Best Spinning Classes in Paris?


When you think of spinning classes in Paris, you'd think of Blanche. One of the most luxurious sports clubs in the city, this technogym setting takes on quite the fitness journey. Neon lights set up the perfect mood for a session of nonstop cycling, paired with great beats and an energetic instructor to boot. It also helps that each bike is evenly placed, allowing you to go full throttle without ruining other people's vibes. As far as upscale gyms in Paris go, Blanch is certainly worth going to again and again!


Dynamo's rave revolution continues to take Paris by storm! This particular spinning class was the first of its kind in the French capital. And over time, it grew to have two locations in different neighborhoods in Paris. One is at Opéra in the 2nd arrondissement and the other is Boétie in the 8th arrondissement. No matter where you choose to spin, know that you're in for quite a ride. Set in a dark space, the spinning classes here allow you to focus on your movement instead of your surroundings. Thanks to this, you're in better control of your exercise!

Where are The Best Spinning Classes in Paris?

La Salle de Sport Paris

Among the most popular spinning classes in Paris are the sessions at La Salle de Sport Paris. Located in a historical building Boulevard de la Madeleine, this fitness center has become a mecca of trendy workouts. Of course, this also includes cycling. But you'll need to book your slot as soon as possible because the class only has 30 bikes every session. And many locals are already reserving theirs as we speak! It's the vibey playlist, the relatively intimate setting, and the wild energy that has many fitness freaks coming back for more!


When you enter Kiwill, you'll instantly get well-taken care of. They provide all the necessities of a fitness center, such as lockers for your stuff, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, and first-class instructors. Then there's the cycling sessions, a fitness experience unlike any other! Unlike the other spinning classes in Paris, especially those on this list, Kiwill has you in a well-lit place with lots of other people. At first, you may think it's too bright and crowded, but the moment the instructor starts, you'll understand that this is a group exercise! You'll need to do your best to keep up with the rest.

Let's Ride

Now, if you want to talk about energy, then look no further than Let's Ride! Located on Rue Chauchat, the place looks more like a concept store at first glance. You'll easily get confused as to whether you're meant to exercise here or shop. But as the spinning class starts, you'll instantly realize that this place is no joke! At first, you're free to ride as you please. Do your own movements and pedal at your own pace. But as the session goes on, the room lights go up and it's go time! The instructor will even go so far as to approach every single one of you to help you keep up!

Where are The Best Spinning Classes in Paris?

If up for an energizing workout, consider going to these incredible spinning classes in Paris! Even though you can just as easily cycle throughout the beautiful French capital, these classes will pump your adrenaline like nothing you've ever experienced before!




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