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The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris

July 17, 2022
When you're eating in Paris, it's only natural to choose French cuisine, right? It is what the food capital is known for, after all. Arguably, there's no better place for it! With that said, is it so weird to go for foreign cuisine when you're on a foodie trip in Paris? Not necessarily! Part of what makes the City of Lights a food capital is that many chefs here have mastered all sorts of cuisines. Even Italian! And if you're craving some pasta in Paris, you'll want to go to places like Cucina, Mamma Primi, Racines, and Pastificio!

The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris


When a restaurant has the name Alain Ducasse attached to it, you just know that it's exceptional. The legendary French chef has put up a ton of extraordinary foodie hotspots in Paris, many of which have earned their fair share of Michelin stars. Unfortunately, however, Cucina hasn't yet. Located on Rue Saint-Victor, it's an Italian bistro that serves amazing pasta. Think paccheri with beef cheek and farmer lard or ravioli served with black truffle, Mantua squash, and sprinkled with ricotta cheese. If the Michelin Guides taste these delicious dishes, they'll surely reward Cusine with a star or two!
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Cucina


Sicilian prawns, anchovies, and salt fish roe. These are just some of the seafood goodness that makes Dilia's pasta even more extraordinary. Italian culinary superstar Michele Farnesi leads the kitchen in this popular hotspot on Rue d'Eupatoria in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. It only goes to show just how authentically Italian the pasta is here. So much so that you can practically taste the Mediterranean Sea from just your plate. And they're enough to keep you coming back for more that's for sure! Let's just hope that your stomach can handle all the flavorful seafood that'll come your way!
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Dilia

Hôtel de Berri

Though it only opened back in 2019, Hôtel de Berri's in-house restaurant has certainly made a name for itself in Paris's culinary scene. And that's no easy feat considering that this is one of the most influential food capitals in the world! Yet, under the leadership of prominent Tuscan chef, Michele Dalla Valle, it eventually became one of the best places to get pasta in Paris. There's no other place in the French capital where you'll get a plate full of gnocchi seasoned with parmesan cheese and served with girolles mushrooms. Or delicate tagliolini paired with lobster and basil. What's not to love?
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Marriott.com

Mamma Primi

If you ask a local which Italian Paris restaurant has the best pasta, there's a good chance they'll say it's Mamma Primi. This chic, vine-covered trattoria on Rue Boursault in the 17th arrondissement has the Parisians struggle to book a table. It's so popular that you'll need to book weeks—at times, even months—in advance just to get a seat here. But why is it so popular? Because of one dish: their Molise truffle pasta. With such an intense flavor, one bite is enough to make you a fan for life. You'll even wish the wine you pair it with won't wash the taste out!
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Mamma Primi Facebook Page

Mulino Mulé

Although Mulino Mulé serves up all sorts of pasta, each more appetizing than the next, they're not necessarily what draws most people in. Sure, their tomato sauce-drenched Casarecce is incredible and all, but what makes Mulino Mulé such a hotspot, especially in an expensive city like Paris, is its affordability. The amazing tastes are practically a bonus at this point. If you go here for lunch, the pasta of the day will only cost you €10.00 flat. As for dinner, €30.00 can already get you three starters and the main pasta. If that's not a great deal, then what is?
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Mulino Mulé/ Ludovic Beck


Mezze maniche with chicken liver and watercress admittedly sounds too bland, doesn't it? At least, compared to all the other sumptuous pasta dishes mentioned on this list. And lamb stew casarecce? You can't get any more middle class than that! But is that necessarily a bad thing? At the end of the day, these options taste incredible. They're far more delicious than they sound, or even look! Pair that with affordable prices and you'll instantly understand why Passerini is a hit among locals and tourists alike. You won't want to miss this Italian Paris restaurant on Rue Traversière!
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Passerini


Tucked away among the many shops in Passage des Panoramas, one of the most popular shopping passages in Paris, Racines is not-so-hidden secret foodies prefer to keep. Thanks to its head chef, Simone Tondo, and his talented kitchen staff, this hotspot practically bursts with Italian flavor. And the main stars of the show are its pasta dishes! Their pesto, for instance, is intertwined with hazelnut and potato gargenlli for a gentler taste with a heavy texture. The gnocchi alla genovese, melts in your mouth in the most sensational way! Would you really want to miss this?
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Racines Facebook Page


Located in Montmartre, Roberta might confuse you at first. The place operates as a delicatessen too and many of the locals who live nearby mostly get their food and not here. If not for the tables and chairs outside, you wouldn't have thought to stay for lunch or dinner yourself. But then, you would've missed their amazing pasta if you just passed by! Their borage ravioli with sage butter and sprinkled with pine nuts. Or ricotta pansotti drowning in a flavorful nut sauce. These are flavors you won't find anywhere! At least, not anywhere else in Paris!
The Most Delicious Places to Get Pasta in Paris
Source: Roberta Facebook Page

Haute cuisine is all well and good, but if you're craving some Italian while you're in the French capital, there's nothing to worry about. There are many great spots that offer the best pasta in Paris. You'll want to try them all!

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