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The Top Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear Collections from London Fashion Week

June 18, 2022
British men are known for their dapper style. From well-tailored suits to charming casual wear, great fashion sense is part of their DNA. Just take a look at London Fashion Week! Whenever they show men's fashion, you can always expect many exciting things. Season after season, they start trends left and right, never failing to innovate menswear at every show. And this spring/summer of 2022 is no different! Some of the top designer brands like Burberry, Daniel W. Fletcher, and JW Anderson have laid out the most exciting looks of the season. Rest assured that men's fashion is going to look incredible this season!

The Top Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear Collections from London Fashion Week

Alexander McQueen

If there's one thing you can always expect with Alexander McQueen, it's excellent tailoring. As one of the most influential British designers in history, McQueen himself was known for his strict and precise tailoring. And his successor, Sarah Burton, the brand's current creative director, as well. So it's no surprise that her spring/summer 2022 menswear collection is filled with exceptional suits, each more refined than the next. However, Burton also put an haute couture spin on them, adding ruffles and flounces for a more flamboyant look. They provided the edginess that the original namesake designer was known and beloved for!
Source: Alexander McQueen YouTube Channel


Speaking of edginess, that's one thing you can always expect from Ricardo Tisci, the Italian creative director behind the UK's most historic fashion label, Burberry Prorsum. Known for his gothic streetwear aesthetic, he has refined his style to fit the heritage brand, a retail behemoth known for its upscale English style. He trotted out one bourgeoisie collection after another, hoping to gain the trust of Burberry's most zealous fans. But for his spring/summer 2022 collection, however, he threw all of that out of the window. By deconstructing the trench coat, the label's iconic signature, Tiscu sent forth an army of streetwear warriors, each looking more imposing and intimidating than the next!
Source: Burberry YouTube Channel

Daniel W. Fletcher

As the winner of the Netflix reality show design competition, 'Next in Fashion,' Daniel W. Fletcher had a lot to prove. But year after year, he continues to offer up collections that prove that he does, in fact, deserve a spot in London Fashion Week. His spring/summer 2022 menswear line is no different. Filled with lots of his indelible signatures—the skinny silhouette, the exquisite tailoring, and the 'British schoolboy' look—he remains steadfast in leaving his own stamp in the fashion industry. Add to that his sustainable approach to design, as evidenced by another signature: upcycling patchwork. Source: Daniel W. Fletcher Instagram Page


Known for his grandiose, romantic aesthetic, Erdem Moralioglu is probably the last designer one would ever think would venture into menswear. And yet, for spring/summer 2022, he did just that. According to what he told Vogue.com, the Erdem man is “the brother or the friend that wears her clothes in his own way,' which means that he's bound to share the same romantic fancy And lo and behold, his debut menswear line was just that! Bordering on costume-y just like his womenswear, there was an austere elegance to it all. For one thing, the Erdem man is just as covered up. But instead of ruff collars attached to embellished dresses, he was wearing colorful turtlenecks paired with sophisticated tailoring.
Source: Erdem YouTube Channel

JW Anderson

It’s just about kids having fun. Sort of about putting on clothes and singing into the mirror,' shared JW Anderson about his spring/summer 2022 collection. Even when he was the newest kid on the block in London Fashion Week, the British designer was already known for his fun and lively aesthetic. That's why his latest menswear line seems somewhat of a 'back to basics' for him. Everything is completely new and fresh, sure, but this is the same energetic style that helped him grab attention in the early years. The colorful sportswear and the excellent craftsmanship are true-blue JW Anderson all the way!
Source: JW Anderson YouTube Channel

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell may not be an English tailor in the traditional sense, but her fashion is so classic and timeless that you'd swear she was. If only her tailoring was as strict as the rest of them, she'd be among the most respected designers in London. She still is, of course, well-renowned in her own right. Her casual aesthetic appeals to the young and young-at-heart. Even with her spring/summer 2022 menswear collection, yuppies and businessmen alike can easily sport signature white shirts, soft tailoring, and elegant separates. They're easy to style and can be worn again and again. What's not to love?
Source: Margaret Howell YouTube Channel

Paul Smith

Although Paul Smith is a British classic through and through, one can't help but feel the heat of the Mediterranean upon seeing his spring/summer 2022 collection. In fact, his easy breezy menswear line is the kind you'd expect from Italian menswear designers, not necessarily English tailors of Paul Smith's caliber. But then again, that's the charm of his latest collection. Rendered in sandy twilight tones, with a few hints of ocean blue and midnight black, you can get a good sense that these casual clothes are meant to enjoy summer. Sporty with a hint of English elegance, they're fit for the jet-set crowd!
Source: Paul Smith YouTube Channel

As the dapper gentleman that you are, stay on top of the latest trends by focusing on the top designer collections from London Fashion Week! This spring/summer 2022 season is bound to see amazing trends left and right!

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