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How to Celebrate Father's Day When You're On a Budget

May 29, 2022
Remember—you don't have to splurge when it's a holiday. It's completely alright to want to spend a lot to show how much you care for your loved ones, but if your budget doesn't allow you, you don't have to go that far. Take Father's Day, for instance. Sure, you want to go all out in celebrating with your old man. But what point is it if you end up bankrupt even before the date is through? He might even feel guilty about it in the end. You don't want that, right? Ergo, you can always celebrate Father's Day on a budget by doing his chores for him, going on a hike, or watching the game together!

How to Celebrate Father's Day When You're On a Budget

Do His Chores For Him

All your dad ever wants to do, especially when he's reached a certain age, is to relax. At this point in time, he's done everything he's needed to do for you. He has worked hard, raised you right, helped you become an adult, and more. On Father's Day, doesn't he deserve to just sit back and rest? Why not do his chores for him? Clean his car, rake the leaves, clean up the garage, organize his study, and more. He'll surely appreciate all of that more than an expensive gift!

Play Video Games

More than just relaxing, your dad also deserves to have fun on Father's Day. And what better way to do it than to play video games? If your old man is into them, then you can spend the whole day trying to beat each other in all sorts of games. You barely have to pay for anything except for the new games you might want to place. And imagine—spending all your time flickering and clicking away on your controllers. Got hungry? Order in some food! Add some beers and junk food while you're at it too! That's going to be one hell of a Father's Day weekend, that's for sure!

How to Celebrate Father's Day When You're On a Budget

Compete in Sports

Now, what if your dad is more the athletic type? If you grew up playing ball with your old man out in the front yard, there's no stopping you from doing that again on this special day. Heck, if you're both competitive, you can always rent a court and play sports all day long. Doesn't that sound like one of the best Father's Day ideas ever? Not only will you get a hint of nostalgia, but you'll also let your old man exercise too. He'll end up healthier and happier than ever!

Watch The Game

Then again, why play the game if you can simply watch it? If you and your dad are into sports, be it basketball, American football, rugby, football, and the like, watching a game together is already a great way to celebrate Father's Day. Fortunately, most sports leagues, both local and international, commonly hold their games on a Sunday. And if you don't want (or can't afford to) get tickets to see it live, watching it at home is a great alternative. You can turn your peaceful abode into a loud sports bar in Barcelona with all the noise you and your old man will be making this Father's Day weekend!

How to Celebrate Father's Day When You're On a Budget

Head to The Gym

Still, it'd be great if you could get your old man to exercise, isn't it? When he's reached a certain age, he'll likely find it difficult to move about. Sadly, this can easily worsen his fitness and, in turn, affect his health. You don't want that to happen now, do you? Then encourage your dad to exercise with you on Father's Day! In fact, it can be your Father's Day date! You can wear matching workout clothes together and hit the gym! It'll be great if you live in big cities like Los Angeles, Dubai, and Vancouver. They have some of the best gyms out there!

Go On A Hike Together

On the topic of exercise, going on a hike is also a great Father's Day idea! This is more for the dads who are already active and have adventurous spirits. If your father is like that, then you're good to go! If you live near mountainous regions, all you need to do is to pack the essentials, go on a road trip, and hike on the nature trail. If you want, you can even go camping at night too! That'll really help you and your old man bond, especially on this special holiday!

How to Celebrate Father's Day When You're On a Budget

Buy Some Beer

What if your dad is a homebody? How can you celebrate Father's Day then? Especially when you're on a strict budget? Well, if your old man is a beer-lover, a pack of the stuff is enough to have him smiling all day long. Don't worry! More often than not, beer isn't all that expensive! Many dads are pretty simple when it comes to what they want. Beyond wishing you to be happy, they can already enjoy life simply by drinking beer. Now, imagine how ecstatic they'd be if you let beet flow on this special holiday? You'll instantly become his favorite child!

Drinks By The Fire

Do you live in a cold place? Like in Vancouver, maybe? Or Zürich in Switzerland? Fortunately, since Father's Day is held around the start of summer, it's often a warm holiday. But at times, it can get pretty cold at night! So why not hold a bonfire and enjoy some drinks as you warm up with your old man? That'd be a great way to end the holiday! Mix up some cocktails—made with the stuff from his alcohol cabinet, of course!—and sit down by the fire and talk. It's a peaceful and heartwarming way to bond with your old man on his special day!

How to Celebrate Father's Day When You're On a Budget

Father's Day is right around the corner. Do you have plans yet? If not, here are a few budget-friendly ways you can celebrate this holiday with your old man. Don't worry! Though they're cheap, your dad might still enjoy them more!

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