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What To Do in Vancouver For a Day

May 17, 2022
When you plan to travel again, is Vancouver on your radar? Admittedly, this Canadian city isn't exactly on many people's travel wishlists. You'd sooner see European capitals like Paris and Rome or American metropolises like New York and Los Angeles. But Vancouver? Though it's not a popular tourist destination, this doesn't mean that it's a boring place. There's a lot to look forward to in this city, ranging from driving up Sea-to-Sky Corridor to hiking up Lynn Canyon and many more! It's even safe to say there are some things that you can do here that you won't be able to in other parts of the world!

What To Do in Vancouver For a Day

Go Shopping at Gastown

Interstingly enough, Gastown used to be Canada's third-largest city. Today, it now serves as the best hang-out spots in all of Vancouver. You can still see tinges of the old-worled here, what with the cobblestone streets, the Victorian houses, and the like. But instead of grand manors and old townhouses, these structures now house luxury homes, designer stores, chic boutiques and more. You can easily get your fashion fix here, whether you go for high-class brands or high-street labels. Not to mention the local boutiques that offer fascinating designs you won't see anywhere else.
What To Do in Vancouver For a Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Anthony Maw, Vancouver, Canada

Relax in Stanley Park

Vancouver, with all its different districts, it a bustling city through and through. However, it's also pretty unique in the number of nature-bound places you can explore. Take, for instance, Stanley Park. It's Vancouver's own answer to New York's famous Central Park. If you ever want to spend a relaxing day in Vancouver, this is your best bet. Although the park can get pretty busy at times, it's big enough that you can find a secret spot that's right for you and away from all the others. And that's likely by the coast where you can see yachts all lined up by the dock and big trees that provide shade.
What To Do in Vancouver For a Day
Source: Flickr.com/ Scarlet Sappho

Drive Up The Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Up for a drive? Then go up the scenic Sea-to-Sky corridor! It's Vancouver's most famous and most beautiful highway, thanks in large part to its astounding views. Against the concert road is an other-worldly backdrop of forested mountains, exotic islands, and a wide open Pacific Ocean. It's as if you the rest of the world is in your reach, and all you have to do is to step on the gas to get to another destination. Of course, for road safety concerns, you shouldn't do that. What you should do is to focus on the heavenly views!
What To Do in Vancouver For a Day
Source: Flickr.com/ B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Marvel at Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

You may think that going to a garden is boring but not when you visit the Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. 22 acres of botanical bliss await those who want to get closer with Mother Nature without having to hike or go to the beach. Spend your entire day in Vancouver relaxing by lily-filled ponds, hoping to sneak a peek of the fishes swimming below. Or get lost in the hedge maze and see who can get out first. And if your phone is all charged up, you can take as many snapshots of the fairytale-like mashes as you can.
What To Do in Vancouver For a Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Stan Shebs

Go Kayaking

Feeling a little bit adventurous now? You can always go kayaking in Vancouver. The city is surrounded by all sorts of bodies of water, from the Pacific Ocean to smaller lakes, big ponds, and the like. You can easily head to any nature reservoir or public park to get your fair share of adrenaline. And if you're into watersports, kayaking is the way to go. You can even do it by yourself, enjoying the amazing views as you reflect and meditate all on your own. If you go with friends, you can make quite the adventure out of it too!
What To Do in Vancouver For a Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hike Up The Lynn Canyon

Out of the many different districts, suburban areas, public parks and more in Vancouver, you never woudl've that that the city had its own canyon, did you? But it does and it's called the Lynn Canyon. This park arguably has the best nature trail, not just in Vancouver, but in the entire British Columbia region. Here, you go through massive forested areas, rocky paths, and more all to reach the canyon's famous suspension bridges—a spot that looks straight out of a movie! Don't forget to take a selfie here because if you can't handle the height, it's likely you won't ever return to Lynn Canyon.
What To Do in Vancouver For a Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Visit Granville Island

Want to satisfy the hipster in you? Why not visit Granville Island on your free day in Vancouver. What was once the main manufacturing hub of the city has become one of its hottest hangout spots. Food stalls, public markets, and hidden gems have turned this series of warehouses into the hippest part of Vancouver. It's even better if you go here at night since it's often a lot livelier. You will, however, need to rely on public transport to get here. Specifically, an aquabus if you can handle it. The 'island' isn't exactly reachable by bus, taxi and the like.
What To Do in Vancouver For a Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Joe Mabel

You might want to consider visiting Vancouver the next time you want to go on a trip. Contrary to what others might say, there's a lot you can do in this city. Don't overlook Vancouver just because it's not as popular as other top tourist destinations out there.

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