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Where To See The Cherry Blossoms in Paris

March 19, 2022
What's the best sign that springtime has arrived in Paris? The warmer weather? The brighter sunshine? The sweet smell of the city after light rainfall? All of these are great signs that Paris is finally in spring, however, one of the more beautiful and undeniably fascinating is when the flowers bloom. Particularly, the cherry blossoms. Although Japan is more famous for these pink-colored florals, the French capital has its own fair share that's just as beautiful. And if you want to experience the magic of cherry blossoms in Paris, here are a few places you ought to visit come springtime.

Where To See The Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Champ de Mars

What's better than seeing the cherry blossoms in Paris? Seeing them near the Eiffel Tower! Champ de Mars, the famous park that's located near the city's most iconic monument, is a great place to see these delicate pink-hued trees. The spot itself is a photographer's dream, offering up the best angle to capture the world-famous tower in its dark-toned steel glory against the light-colored petals that sway with the spring breeze. If you want, you can also have a picnic as you marvel at their natural beauty, very much how they do it in Japan during this time of the year too.

Trocadéro Gardens

Another great place to see the cherry blossoms in Paris that also features the Eiffel Tower in the background is the Trocadéro Gardens. 10,000 square-meter botanical oasis includes the blush-tinted trees in its diverse array of flora, making for a scenic aesthetic unlike any other. It's even more dreamlike around the carousel area, where the path leading up to the colorful ride and the Effiel Tower is lined with cherry blossom trees. If you ever want to find the perfect spot for an Instagram selfie for the ages, this place is your best option!

Where To See The Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Jardin du Palais-Royal

Though not exactly cherry blossoms, per se, the magnolia trees in Jardin du Palais-Royal definitely evoke the same sort of floral magic. The light-colored petals are just as delicate and rosy as actual cherry blossoms and the fact that they're often the first to bloom come springtime makes them very popular. Around this time, they look the most vibrant too, eye-catching enough to even eclipse the sculptures, fountains, and other flora that make up this Parisian park in the 1st arrondissement. If you want to relax and see the magic of cherry blossoms in the city, this is still a great place to check out!

Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes in the Latin Quarter probably has the biggest cherry blossom tree in all of Paris. Its massive blossoms spring out like a still firework, bursting with as rosy hues as if to signal the start of spring. And though commonly pinkish, at times, these petals are white, evoking a sense of light that's almost blinding. With the shade it provides visitors and spectators alike, it's a scenic spot worth going back to again and again. Undeniably, because of its gentle beauty despite its massive size, this cherry blossom tree in Jardin des Plantes makes for a great Instagram-worthy spot in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

Where To See The Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Parc Montsouris

Located on the left bank of Paris, the cherry blossoms in Parc Montsouris are truly eye-catching. They're not the most standard trees you'll see in the city and in fact, they're even scattered in different parts of the park. However, what makes them stand out is the fact that they sprout both white and pink blossoms come springtime. In certain angles, they look like fireworks bursting with multi-dimensional sparks—definitely a sight you won't see anywhere else! Luckily, you can easily spend time near these trees and even relax under their shades. It'll be a time well-spent during the spring season!

Parc Buttes-Chaumont

Parc Buttes-Chaumont is already one of the most stunning parks in Paris. Its famous waterfalls, grotto, and lake make it a natural oasis unlike any other. You'd sooner forget you were still in the bustling metropolis of Paris when you wander off into the more nature-centric parts of the park. But of course, the cherry blossoms here can easily steal your attention, Situated near the park's iconic little temple, it sets a magnificent scene that no painter nor photographer can ever do justice replicating! That's how beautiful this spot is in Paris!

Where To See The Cherry Blossoms in Paris
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Erik Drost

Square Jean XXIII

While the other spots on this list have you seeing cherry blossoms near the Eiffel Tower, Square Jean XXIII has them located near another famous Paris landmark: Notre Dame. The contrast between the iconic church's severe and dramatic Gothic style and the gentle rosy hues and delicate petals of the cherry blossom trees is truly a sight to behold. You can even relax on the bench in the public square and take in this magic scenery, imagining what sort of stories must have taken place in this centuries-old spot.

Jardin Japonais at Musée Albert Kahn

Try as you might, you can never disassociate cherry blossoms from Japan. It's practically their national flower—a beautiful symbol of what this amazing country has to offer. So of course, when you want to see cherry blossoms at their most authentic, even when you're in Paris, one of your best bets will be a Japanese garden. The one in Musée Albert Kahn is undeniably one of the most beautiful in the city. The entire place mimicks the serenity and natural beauty of the East Asian country, while the rosy-hued trees are the (pardon the pun!) cherries on top!

Where To See The Cherry Blossoms in Paris
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Apostoly

Nothing says spring is here quite like the cherry blossoms. And you don't even have to go to Japan to see them! There are lots of cherry blossom spots in Paris too, each more enchanting and captivating than the next!




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