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The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots

February 20, 2022
The Latin Quarter in Paris feels like it’s in its own world, doesn't it? Compared to the other districts in the city, the vibe here is completely unique. It's not as fast-paced as Le Marais nor as glamorous as Champs-Élysées. Known for its narrow alleyways and vibrant corners, it shows off a different appeal from the French capital. One that's lively, energetic, and oh so magnetic. Perhaps this is also the reason why the Latin Quarter is also posted all over social media. The district has its own fair share of Instagram-worthy spots, each more captivating than the next!

The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots


Though you've probably heard this said about many places, Paris's iconic Panthéon really is unlike any other. Where else would you find an Ancient Roman-like structure in the French capital? It's only this iconic landmark in the Latin Quarter! Taking a picture of its facade, famous for its Corinthian columns, will have your Instagram followers thinking you're somewhere in Rome. Imagine their surprise when you mention that you're in Paris! Not only that, but this historic mausoleum is also the final resting place of many historic and prominent French citizens. Victor Hugo, Voltaire, and Josephine Baker are just some of the legendary names who are entombed in this Instagrammable necropolis.
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Place Saint-Michel

Place Saint-Michel is definitely striking in a lot of ways. Firstly, it's the pièce de résistance of Boulevard Saint-Michel, the busiest street in all of the Latin Quarter in Paris. Whilst most of the other pathways in this distinct district are famously narrow and small, Boulevard Saint-Michel is a wide and bustling avenue that can almost rival the Champs-Élysées. Secondly, with the imposing statue of St. Michael the Archangel defeating the Devil at the center of the plaza, it almost has a religious overtone to it. As if it's the glorious altar of a grand basilica. Wouldn't that make for an eye-catching Instagram post?
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Jorge Láscar

Eglise Saint-Étienne-du-Mont

While most other tourists fawn over the Notre Dame and Sacré-Cœur, Eglise Saint-Étienne-du-Mont is a lot more unique and visually fascinating than both of them. It stands on Place Sainte-Geneviève in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, a wide-enough public square where you can get the perfect angle of the church for your Instagram shot. But what makes Eglise Saint-Étienne-du-Mont so unique, exactly? It's the stunning architecture. There's no other place in Paris that has both Baroque and Renaissance styles in perfect harmony. Art historians will have a field day determining which part of the church comes from which era.
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Velual

Eglise Saint-Séverin Saint-Nicolas

Another church worth capturing for social media is Eglise Saint-Séverin Saint-Nicolas, located on Rue des Prêtes-Saint-Séverin. You can tell at a glance that the place reeks of Gothic style, so much so that it can go head-to-head with Notre Dame. And in fact, even the interior of the church bears several similarities with the world-famous cathedral. Perhaps when you look through all the photos you took of Eglise Saint-Séverin Saint-Nicolas, you'll see the differences. Such as the stained glass windows that come all the way back from the 14th and 15th centuries. Or the overall somber tone of the place.
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Benchaum

Grande Mosquée de Paris

Catholicism isn't the only religion that's alive and well in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Islam also has its own haven in this Parisian neighborhood and in fact, it's the grandest of them all! The Grande Mosquée de Paris stands on Place du Puits de l'Ermite in the 5th arrondissement. It proudly represents Islam and its colorful culture for all the world to see. Think Hispano-Moorish-styled tea rooms, Middle Eastern-esque courtyard, and North African-influenced hammams. With all its color and vibrancy, it's a good thing that this place is open to the public even though it's a place of worship.
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Guilhem Vellut

Jardin des Plantes

Even though it's not necessarily one of the most popular parks in Paris, Jardin des Plantes is still a must-see! This well-manicured garden, beloved for the grand courtyard of colorful flowerbeds and well-cut grass, is the place for romantic fantasies. As you walk around surrounded by flourishing flora overlooked by the grand Galerie de l'Évolution, you can just imagine yourself as the protagonist of your own classical French novel. But daydreaming aside, the beauty of the place is simply undeniable! You'll have no problem choosing a spot to take a selfie for Instagram here!
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Ken and Nyett

Arènes de Lutèce

Tucked away near the Jardin des Plantes, the Arènes de Lutèce is yet another remnant of the Ancient Roman Empire in Paris. It's one of the Latin Quarter's hidden treasures: a semi-preserved Roman amphitheater that was built around the 1st and 2nd century AD. From the wide-open arena to the 36-tier seating, you can tell that this place has probably seen many gladiator fights in its heyday. Nowadays, however, with its slightly forlorn look, it makes for a fascinating Instagram post with a perfect history lesson for a caption. That'll keep your followers interested!
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Shadowgate

Rue Mouffetard

Though the Latin Quater boasts many narrow streets, Rue Mouffetard is a definite stand-out. Lined with many sidewalk cafés and chic bistros, this is the side of Paris that you often see in the movies. Imagine going on a date here, leisurely dining on the red gingham tables as you drink coffee or smoke cigarettes. Doesn't that sound like the perfect Instagram post? 'Living my best life in Paris' will definitely be the fitting hashtag for such a dreamy image. And before you know it, you've already garnered hundreds, if not thousands of likes!
The Paris Latin Quarter's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ besopha

The Latin Quarter in Paris isn't just one of the livelier and more exciting parts of the city. It also offers a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy spots with capturing. Get ready to get a lot of likes with these amazing sights!

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