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Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces

March 03, 2022
From fashion to finance, Antwerp is stepping up its game as an emerging metropolis in Belgium. Sure, the city has long held the title of the diamond capital of the world, thanks in large part to its historic and highly successful jewelry industry, but Antwerp itself has gone far beyond that. More and more industries are thriving in this city and, in turn, the number of people who work here is increasing too. Even those who don't have their own offices. It's a good thing there are plenty of excellent coworking spaces in Antwerp.

Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces

Regus Express

What's better than a nice coworking space in Antwerp? A coworking space in the grand Antwerp Central Station. This is where Regus, the world-famous company that has set up coworking spaces in cities like Dubai and Zürich, set up shop in the Belgian city. Inside this Belle Époque-style structure are tables, desks, cubicles, and more, offering up the right space for startup companies and freelancers alike. And don't worry, the trains will hardly disturb you as you work hard here. The coworking space is nestled in the quieter parts of the Antwerp Central Station.
Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces
Source: Rawpixel.com

Humgy South

Clean, clear, and crisp, Humgy South is a coworking space in the Het Zuid district of Antwerp that's worth your while. The stark white walls and minimal decor makes for the perfect 'clean slate,' while the plants add some much-needed botanical bliss to freshen up the air and brighten up the place. And with ample space in each room, you also won't feel claustrophobic at all. You can easily find your corner and work in peace, all while the other freelancers and teams accomplish their own objectives in the same place. You won't disturb them, they won't disturb you, and everyone remains happy.
Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces
Source: Humgy Facebook Page


Similar to Humgy South, LODGE.co's white and natural color scheme makes for a great open canvas to help people get their creative juices flowing. However, this particular coworking space in Antwerp is a little more serious-looking. It has a straight-laced vibe to it that practically compels you to get serious here. This isn't to say that you shouldn't have fun while you work here, however, with the sort of businessmen and consultants who regularly visit, there's no playing around in this coworking space. If you ever choose to work here yourself, you need to make sure you're not disturbing the others around you.
Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces
Source: LODGE.co Facebook Page

House of Innovation

Thanks to its fresh industrial look, House of Innovation stays true to its name. This coworking space in Antwerp, located in the University district, is perfect for letting one's creativity flow. Since it's near many notable international schools, you can expect a lot of students to gather and hold meetings here. And when they're beside startups and freelancers, you can hardly tell the difference. That's the vibe you can expect in the House of Innovation: youthful, energetic, and full of life. It also helps that amidst the office spaces here, there's a game area complete with ping-pong and pool tables. Sounds fun, doesn't it?
Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces
Source: House of Innovation Facebook Page

Friday Cowork

What you'll instantly notice about Friday Cowork, the coworking space in Antwerp's Haringrode neighborhood, is that there are many plants here. Practically every corner of the office space has such luscious greenery that it almost looks more like a plant shop than a place for work. But that's the whole idea. While the primary objective wasn't to make the place look like a plant shop, you can't deny that the plans help freshen and brighten up the space. It adds a homely appeal to it, so much so that you'll feel so comfortable here, you would've already finished your work before you knew it.
Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces
Source: Friday Cowork

Fosbury & Sons Harmony

Except for a few meeting rooms here and there, doesn't Fosbury & Sons Harmony look more like a massive cafe than a coworking space in Antwerp? Thanks to the round tables with a flower vase on each one, the couch areas, and the like, you can easily mistake this as a foodie hotspot in Antwerp than a typical office space. And perhaps, that's part of Fosbury & Sons Harmony's charm. After all, isn't a cafe sort of like a coworking space as well? By incorporating a coffee shop vibe, it might make all the workers typing away on their laptops here feel more at ease. It helps that they serve coffee here too!
Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces
Source: Fosbury & Sons Harmony Facebook Page


Just by its name alone, you can already tell what Girlsmode is all about. Located on Antwerp's Het Eilandje, this is the premier coworking space exclusively for women. As highlighted by the recent #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the need for female-only office spaces has become more than apparent. In Girlsmode, women get to work as comfortably as they can beside fellow female professionals. They've even fostered a community where girl bosses can discuss ideas, share business tips, and even work out together. Over the years, Girlsmode has become an important sisterhood for workers in Antwerp.
Antwerp's Best Coworking Spaces
Source: Girlsmode Facebook Page

As Antwerp continues to rise as an important business hub in Belgium, the number of people who work here increases as well. Fortunately, the city offers a ton of coworking spaces where they can comfortably accomplish their tasks.

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