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The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich

February 22, 2022
Switzerland didn't just become one of the wealthiest countries in the world out of nowhere. The people here truly know how to work. They respect the hustle and are always ready to bustle, all to run big businesses and earn big money. Even the startups and freelancers are hard at work too. Some of them might not have their own office spaces, but that never stopped them from moving forward. They kept on hustling, especially the ones in Zürich. In this central business hub, startups and freelancers can work as hard as they want in the many co-working spaces in the city. Here are a few worth checking out.

The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich

Büro Züri

Located in the Niederdorf neighborhood of Zürich, known as the other half of the city's 'Old Town,' Büro Züri offers a cozy and comfy co-working space. It helps that practically everything it offers is just right. If you're a freelancer looking to work on your own, there are peaceful areas for the taking. If you run a startup and you want to hold a meeting with your staff, Büro Züri's boardrooms provide the perfect setting! Whichever type of worker you are, this place has it for you and more! What's not to love?
The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich
Source: Büro Züri

CreativeSpace Zürich

Just as its name says, CreativeSpace Zürich provides the perfect space for you to get creative in this bustling business hub. As one of the largest cities in Switzerland, Zürich tends to get too crowded and overwhelming for a lot of people. Particularly to creatives who want to change the world through their new and exciting ideas. That's why CreativeSpace Zürich is so important. With ample space for artists, freelancers, startups, and more, you can think freely and outside of the box in this awesome co-working office. Even if you're in a room with your entire staff, you still won't feel claustrophobic!
The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich
Source: CreativeSpace Facebook Page

Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz

At first glance, you can easily mistake Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz as a run-of-the-mill coffee shop in Zürich. It's not your fault! The first floor is, in fact, a cafe. And that's where it all starts. The relaxed coffee shop vibe from the first floor is spread throughout all the different parts of Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz. It upholds a chill atmosphere, perfect for when you want to focus on work without having to stress out too much. Of course, a major highlight is the delicious coffee they serve. They'll definitely keep you up and about no matter how long you work here!
The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich
Source: Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz Facebook Page


DasProvisorium is all about fostering a professional community in Zürich. It's no secret that this business hub tends to get too competitive and cutthroat. At times, it even gets to a point that you no longer feel comfortable working here. So in response, DasProvisorium aims to release you from all that stress. With ample equipment, suitable rooms, and fantastic food on offer, this co-working space in Zürich provides a welcoming atmosphere for all. You get a light sense of comfort and relief when you discuss ideas and accomplish tasks here. And it helps that it's near the city's Binz station, making it easy to reach via public transport!
The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich
Source: DasProvisorium Facebook Page


Regus is probably the most famous co-working space on this list. It has multiple locations in Zürich, not to mention many other branches in cities like Dubai and New York. But what makes Regus so popular to begin with? They provide ample space, offer first-class equipment, and lots of peace and quiet. You'd think that a place where many people work would be noisy and crowded, right? Not Regus! This place has enough tables, boardrooms, desks, office corners, and more that all those who go here can have their own little space.
The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich
Source: Regus Global Facebook Page


While most of the places on this list emphasize 'co-working,' WeSpace emphasized 'space.' Even though it's located in the city center of Zürich, you won't feel too clustered nor claustrophobic at all here. In fact, you might even feel that there's too much space that it'd be a waste not to fill them up with more equipment, co-workers, and other professionals. It's almost magical how We Space has so much space. Even during its most crowded days, you'll still find a corner that's far from the others. That's why this place is the best for small companies to hold meetings and gatherings.
The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich
Source: WeSpace Facebook Page


Finally, there's Westhive! Located in Zürich-West, the 'industrial quarter of the city,' you can probably already tell what the vibe here is. Thing young upstarts toiling away at their laptops and computers. Hippie writers typing out their latest works. And tech startups that hold meetings to discuss the latest updates in their businesses. Westhive maintains a certain energy that exhilarates all those who work here. Yo can just everyone remains enthusiastic about their respective works, no matter what they are. And you know what? That's one of the best things anyone can ask for in a co-working space in Zürich!
The Finest Co-Working Spaces in Zürich
Source: Westhive

As the major business and financial hub of Switzerland, you'll want to work hard in Zürich. But what if you don't have your own office space here? What then? Well, there's always the option of working in any of the fine co-working spaces in Zürich!

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