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Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris

January 29, 2022
This Valentin's Day, why not indulge in something sweet? After all, if you're gonna make some sweet love with your partner during this romantic holiday, why not go all out and eat as much chocolate, candy, and desserts as you want? They may not be that good for your teeth but they'll certainly put you in the mood. Especially when you're in Paris! Not only is the French capital a romantic destination altogether, but the city is also known for its many patisseries, cafés, chocolatiers, bakeries, and more. If you want to have a simple and sweet date in Paris this Valentine's Day, these are the places you ought to go to!

Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris

La Maison du Chocolat

What's the one thing people give out on Valentine's Day? Chocolate! Since it's widely regarded as an aphrodisiac, chocolate has become a major fixture for this holiday. And while there are a lot of great chocolatiers in Paris, La Maison du Chocolat is definitely the one to go to. With several shops throughout the many neighborhoods in Paris, you can easily get to one and indulge in some rich, sweet, and tasty chocolate together with your significant other. Handing out heart-shaped boxes of the stuff is passé! When you're in Paris, you can simply go to a store devoted to chocolate!
Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris
Source: La Maison du Chocolat Facebook Page


Known as the best place to get macarons, Ladurée is undoubtedly the most iconic patisserie in Paris. Even beyond their world-famous pastel macarons, this place is also known for its St. Honoré cake, brioche, Paris-Brest, and more. Fortunately, this popular dessert shop also has its own tea room, the perfect date venue for a couple of sweet-tooths spending Valentine's Day in Paris. You don't even have to think about giving your partner a gift of sweets for the holiday. You can both enjoy them right then and there, inside the pastel-painted salons of Ladurée.
Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris
Source: Ladurée Facebook Page


Undoubtedly one of the most popular cafés in the city, Angelina Paris in the Louvre district is a must for any sweet tooth in the city. This dessert place boasts a long and prestigious history, complete with iconic patrons such as Marcel Proust, Coco Chanel, and the like. if the sweet here were good enough for them, surely they'll be good enough for you and your special someone, right? You can spend Valentine's Day biting into an adorable serving of Mont-Blanc, some creamy and light millefeuille, a plate of delectable eclairs, and more. All while you take a sip of Angelina's world-famous hot chocolate in between every bite.
Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris
Source: Angelina Paris


Having been around since 1852, Fouquet is one of the oldest confectionaries in Paris. But its history alone won't make it a good enough spot for your Valentine's Date. So why should you spend the romantic holiday here? Firstly, Fouquet's chocolates are to die for. They're not just sweet, but rather bittersweet. The way they make their chocolates has barely changed since the shop first opened a few centuries ago. You won't find chocolates quite like these ones anywhere else in the world. Also, their hard candies, caramels, and fondant have a vintage and quintessentially Parisian appeal to them. Won't they be the perfect treats to enjoy on this special day?
Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris
Source: Fouquet.fr

Boulangerie Vandermeersch

Boulangerie Vandermeersch is your typical Parisian bakery, offering up freshly-baked croissants, baguettes, and the like. There isn't even a spot by the store where you can sit down and enjoy your treat. All you can do here is to order, wait for your food, and leave when you've gotten your pastries. Doesn't sound like that much of a date place for Valentine's Day, is it? Well, though you can't spend the holiday here, you can always get your treats from Boulangerie Vandermeersch and eat them as you go on a romantic stroll throughout the city. Sounds like the perfect affordable date in the French capital, doesn't it?
Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris
Source: Boulangerie Pâtisserie Vandermeersch Facebook Page

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Just like Boulangerie Vandermeersch, Aux Merveilleux de Fred isn't that much of a store you can spend time in. Similar to the former, all you can do here is order your food and leave when you get it. But it isn't the fact that you can eat here that makes this place such a go-to hotspot for couples on Valentine's Day. If you're up to spending this holiday staying in, enjoying each other's company in your luxury home in Paris, Aux Merveilleux de Fred is one of the best places to get your desserts from. Their treats are truly remarkable, often going beyond the norms of French cuisine.
Where to Spend a Sweet Valentine's Date in Paris
Source: Aux Merveilleux de Fred Facebook Page

Is there anything sweeter than spending Valentine's Day with your special someone in Paris? Well, celebrating the holiday indulging in all the tastiest desserts, confections, and treats that the French capital has to offer certainly takes the cake!

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