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Where to Eat in Corfu

November 04, 2021
Corfu is far from what many would regard as the 'food capital' of the world. Not only is it far from the likes of Paris, London, and more, but it's also among one of the lesser-known destinations in Greece. Even among the Greek Islands, Corfu isn't that popular. But nevertheless, the island offers a ton of great places to eat. Though it's not a food capital, it's still a place that a foodie will find worthy to visit. Among the restaurants and taverns in Corfu, here are the most noteworthy foodie hotspots you ought to check out!

Where to Eat in Corfu


In every place, be it a city, a town, or even just a village, there's always that one popular restaurant that most, if not all locals and tourists go to. Here in Corfu, that's undoubtedly Etrusco! Located in the resort town of Dassia, Etrusco is practically a shrine devoted to gastronomy and culinary arts. It's not just that they serve exceptionally delicious food here, it's also how they present it. A plate of Swordfish Carpaccio, for instance, looks more like a modern artwork you'd see in a London art gallery than what you'd expect in the humble island of Corfu. That is the kind of culinary excellence you'd expect in Etrusco.
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: Etrusco.gr

Pomo D'Oro

Corfu is one of the many Greek Islands where Venetian influence is still very present. And it's not just about the many sights to see and whatnot. Even Corfu's cuisine has a lot of Venetian influences on them. It's most obvious in Pomo D'Oro, an Italian restaurant in Corfu Town. Amidst the bustling capital of the island, this elegant foodie hotspot is one of the best places to indulge in handmade pasta, hearty meat dishes, delectable European desserts, and fine wine. The menu is also the perfect mix of Italian and Greek cuisines, offering a Mediterranean taste you won't find anywhere else.
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: Pomo D'Oro Facebook Page

The Venetian Well

Speaking of Venetian influences, the very famous restaurant, The Venetian Well, isn't just one of the most popular foodie hotspots in Corfu Town, or on the entire island itself, but it's also the most romantic. Even though it's located right at the heart of the city, the courtyard setting that surrounds the namesake well, decorated with bright bougainvillea flowers and brightened up by twinkling fairy lights at night looks straight out of a romantic movie. And even beyond its cinematic aesthetic, its highly healthy menu of seafood and vegetable dishes make it all the more worthwhile.
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: The Venetian Well


Still craving some Italian here in Corfu Town? Look no further than Avli Restuarant. Not only does this place serve exceptional pasta, seafood, and the like, it's also among the most beautiful hotspots in all of Corfu Town. Its garden terrace is particularly breathtaking, designed to look like the rustic dining area in a Tuscan vineyard with all the botanical bliss and romance that come with it. As for the food, Avli is yet another great place to eat that converged both Italian and Greek cuisine, resulting in a truly Mediterranean menu that's full of flavor and delight.
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: Avli Restaurant Corfu Facebook Page


Another restaurant in Corfu Town you just have to check out is Rex! Located a hop and a skip away from Liston Square, it's a place that's easy to get to via public transport. In fact, even if you're simply strolling throughout the town, you'll likely stumble upon this elegant alfresco hotspot. As for its menu, it's all about traditional Greek cuisine. Think Ceasar's salad served with yogurt and smoked pork for an appetizer. Slow-cooked lamb with lemon zest and parsley for the main course. And some nice lemonade to help you down it all!
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: Rex Restaurant

Sebastian’s Taverna

Located along the main street of Agios Gordios, one of the resort towns of Corfu, Sebastian's Taverna & Apartments is one of the most popular accommodations in the area. Its hotel rooms and suites are luxurious enough but their in-house tavern is what truly draws people in. A flavorful array of grilled meat and fish await foodies who want a more provincial twist to their meal. Although the hotel itself has mastered Greek hospitality, the tavern reeks of rural countryside charm, offering both serenity and great food for a pleasant experience. What's not to love?
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: Sebastian's Family Accommodation & Taverna Facebook Page

Boukari Beach Fish Taverna

Speaking of taverns, another in Corfu that's worth your while is Boukari Beach Fish Taverna in Kouspades, situated right by Boukari beach. Although Boukari beach isn't exactly among the most popular and finest beaches on the island, this tavern is nevertheless a popular foodie hotspot. You can already tell by its name that you can expect a lot of seafood goodness here. For the fried dishes, for instance, it's your choice between savory squid, a true Greek specialty, or plump small shrimp for some bite-sized fun. They also serve steamed mussels, tempura, octopus salad with olive oil, and more. Those got you hungry, didn't they?
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: Boukari Beach Fish Taverna

Naok Azur

Finally, there's Naok Azur, arguably the best place in all of Corfu for happy hour! World-famous DJs often visit the place, playing their latest hits as the guests dance and drink the night away. Located along the coast of Corfu Town, Naok Azur offers great views of the Ionian Sea and the Old Fortress, making for a great backdrop for a day of partying and having fun. As for what to get here, you get your choice of either bite-sized seafood (the restaurant), great coffee (the cafe), or delicious cocktails (the bar). It's an all-in-one extravaganza!
Where to Eat in Corfu
Source: Naok Azur

Corfu is very much a paradise for your taste buds. Beyond the beautiful beaches and charming towns, the island offers a ton of excellent places to eat, inviting all foodies to try out the best of their culinary scene.

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