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Ultimate Corfu Guide by Neighborhood

January 14, 2021
If there's one country where 'natural' is truly natural, it's Greece! Though it's become more and more contemporary over the last few centuries, a lot of places here, especially the islands, remain or seem untouched. So many Greek islands are healthy mixes of more urban landscapes and Mother Nature, making for quite the adventurous exploration ahead. One such is definitely Corfu, an island in the Ionian Sea. Located in northwestern Greece, it's a place many world travelers ought to go to at least once. There are so many beautiful, fun, and exciting things in store among its many neighborhoods!
Ultimate Corfu Guide by Neighborhood

Corfu Town

First, let's start with Corfu Town! As many parts of Greece fell to Venetian Rule in the 16th century, many places pretty much look like rustic Italian villages. Corfu Town is one of them. The cobblestone streets and Renaissance-like architecture look straight out of a district in Rome or a village in Sicily! Also, as it houses the main port and airport on the island, it's the very first place visitors go to in Corfu.


Out of all the neighborhoods in Corfu, Benitses has changed the most! It was once one of the most popular resort towns on the island; a go-to nightlife hub where people can go to at night and dance until daybreak. Now, however, it's become the complete opposite! This area has since become one of the more peaceful in Corfu. A beach town that showcases the most authentic Greek lifestyle on this beautiful island. Not to mention a coast with some of the clearest waters you'll ever see here!

Ultimate Corfu Guide by Neighborhood


Speaking of resort towns, Dassia has become the ultimate in Corfu, replacing Bentises. It's also arguably the liveliest part of the island, what with the many lifestyle and nightlife districts in the area. During the day, the beach becomes the most crowded in Corfu, with all sorts of water sports on offer for families and friends alike. Various boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and other establishments line the busy streets, hoping to get the best out of the tourists visiting.


Though if you really want to party, you'll have to go to Kavos. This electric district is one of those party-centric towns in the Mediterranean, the type you've probably seen celebrities, athletes, and other elites go wild in. Think of it as how Miami is the go-to destination for many college-aged spring breakers. Yep! That's practically the vibe in Kavos, though a little more chill and a lot less vulgar in many respects. Even if you're not one to go wild every single night, the place still has its fair share of chill and even romantic bars and other establishments.

Ultimate Corfu Guide by Neighborhood


On the opposite side of the spectrum, there's Lakones village! This is the type of quaint, rustic, and traditional town you'd expect to see on a Greek island. Situated on the slopes of a hill, you'll be hiking more than you probably expected just to get to the place. But it's all going to be worth it! The relative remoteness of Lakones makes it a peaceful haven for those who just want to lay back and relax.


Very similarly, Liapades is also situated atop a hill in Corfu. Home to all sorts of Venetian structures, it's very much similar to the Little Venice neighborhood in Mykonos, albeit a lot quieter. And while it's perched along the slopes of a hill, this doesn't make it as remote as Lakones! On the contrary, the area is filled with all sorts of markets, taverns, and restaurants where people dine, be merry, and just have a playing old good time!

Ultimate Corfu Guide by Neighborhood


Kassiopi may be a fishing village along the coast of Corfu, but it's anything but busy and bustling. Many would even argue that it's one of the more peaceful neighborhoods on the island. Though it has its fair share of hotels nightclubs, and more, the main draws of this place are, undoubtedly, the beaches. The four beaches—Avlaki, Bataria, Kanoni, and Kalamionas—are some of the finest shorelines, not just in Corfu, but in the entire country as well!


Out of all the places mentioned so far, Messonghi is perhaps the most secluded. And though this may dissuade you from visiting the place as it is pretty challenging to get to, don't miss your opportunity to go here! As it is slightly far from the others, this makes it one of the quieter, more peaceful, and definitely the most serene area on the island. Not to mention the most affordable as well. So much so that it makes the living costs in Athens, for instance, almost making to those of a place like London or Paris!

Ultimate Corfu Guide by Neighborhood


In the northwestern part of the island, the area of Paleokastritsa is arguably the most picturesque in the lot! Picture it: a beautiful cove-like scenery outlines by massive cliffs, beautiful flora, and white sands. Yachts and fishing boats are docked by the shoreline as people swim to their hearts; content in the stunning turquoise sea! Now that's a scene straight out of a movie or even on a postcard! Though all of Corfu's neighborhoods are beautiful, there's no denying Paleokastritsa takes the cake!


And finally, there's Skripero! A whole collection of Venetian mansions, it's one of the more opulent yet slightly remote areas on the island. You'll likely see a ton of luxurious homes here, whether they're set up as attractions or some you can actually rent! If you ever plan on moving to Corfu, settling down in Skripero is your best bet! It's a healthy mix of peaceful serenity and lively hustles and bustles to keep your life relaxed yet exciting!

Ultimate Corfu Guide by Neighborhood

Don't miss your chance of going to one of the most beautiful islands, not just in Greece and in Europe, but in the entire world: Corfu! Once you get to explore the many neighborhoods here, you'll realize just how much of a paradise this place really is!