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How to Get To and Travel Within Corfu

November 03, 2021
One of the downsides of a country like Greece, which has a lot of amazing destinations, is that some, unfortunately, get unnoticed. A good example is Corfu, one of the Greek Islands. Now here is a paradise that more people ought to know about. It features the natural wonders of the Mediterranean with the country's rustic countryside charm. The island itself feels so different from the rest of the world that even traveling to and within the island is a whole new experience. Here's what you need to know about it.

How to Get To and Travel Within Corfu

Flying Off to Corfu

As you'd expect, one of the only two ways to get to Corfu is to travel by plane. The island's own airport, the Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (also known as Corfu International Airport), welcomes flights from Athens, Preveza, and a few European countries. It gets the busiest here during summer, so if you want a hassle-free way to get to Corfu, without the risk of delays and canceled flights, you might want to plan your trip in other seasons. Nevertheless, traveling to Corfu by plane is the faster way to get here.

Taking a Ferry to Corfu

The second option to reach Corfu is to take a ferry. As with any of the other Greek Islands, like Crete or Kefalonia, you have the option to take a ferry from mainland Greece to go to Corfu. The island has a ton of ports to welcome many ferries coming from various locations. The main port to depart from in mainland Greece is Igoumenitsa, located on the northwest coast of the country. Ferries going to Corfu depart from this port daily, making it the go-to starting to point for those traveling to the island.

How to Get To and Travel Within Corfu

Riding a Bus

When you finally get to Corfu, you'll get a ton of options on how to get around here. The most common and the most affordable of which is to take the bus. There are basically two different types of buses on the island. The first kind is the blue and white buses depart from either Corfu International Aiport or the island's main ports and travel throughout Corfu Town, the island's capital The green buses, on the other hand, travels throughout all the towns in Corfu. Riding the blue or white buses cost around €1.20 to 1.70 each, with an unlimited day pass for only €5.00, while the green buses cost around €2.00 to €6.00 for one-way rides.

Taking a Taxi

If you thought that taxis would only be in the big cities in mainland Greece, you're wrong. Although these services aren't exactly common in the Greek Islands, there are, however, plenty in Corfu. Thus, taking a taxi is another option to travel throughout the destination. At least, if you're staying in Corfu Town, that is. Most of the taxis in Corfu only travel within the island's capital, especially if you're coming from the airport or the main port. Unfortunately, you won't find a taxi that's willing to travel to the next town. Your best bet for that is to take a green bus or rent your own vehicle.

How to Get To and Travel Within Corfu

Renting a Car or Moped

Once you've settled down to your destination in Corfu, another great way to get around the island is to rent a car or moped. You'd be surprised at how many rental services there are in Corfu. Though the island's public transport is efficient enough, there are loads of benefits to renting your own vehicle here instead. By driving your own (rented) car or moped in Corfu, you get to explore the destination at your own pace, avoid the long queues, and have the luxury of time. And among the two, it's better to rent a moped if you're on your own or with another person while, if you're with a group, renting a car is more suitable.

Using a Transportation App

Although Corfu admittedly offers a limited number of ways to get around the island, that doesn't mean you have to take in stride. Especially since you can always rely on a transportation app to helo you get to where you need to be. Although you'll rarely be able to use ride-hailing platforms on the island, you can, however, use other types of transportation apps. For instance, if you use a journey-planning app, you can find out how long it'd take for each public transport option to get you to your destination. Some will even estimate how much it'd cost too!

How to Get To and Travel Within Corfu

Getting to Corfu and traveling on this island will be hard work. At times, it might even prove too stressful for a trip to one of the Greek Islands. But be that as it may, if you only knew how much of a paradise Corfu truly is, you'll know that all your efforts to travel aren't in vain!

Getting to know how to get to and traveling within Corfu helps you reach your destination better, especially to your luxury home