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Where to Learn German in Frankfurt

September 15, 2021
Frankfurt is, without a doubt, an international city. This means that it's become a central player on the world stage, especially since it is the financial hub of Germany, one of the wealthiest countries out there. Yet, despite the rise of international communities here, German remains the dominant language. Of course, since the city is in Germany, it's to be expected, however, there have been other major cities around the world where other languages have started to rise up and become common. But not in Frankfurt. You'll benefit a lot from learning German here. Fortunately, these schools can help you with that!

Where to Learn German in Frankfurt

Sprachcaffe Language School Frankfurt

More often than not, language schools operating in major cities tend to teach multiple languages. Since they welcome students from all around the world are located in metropolises that house a variety of international communities, it makes sense that they teach more than one language to cater to all of their enrollees. However, the Sprachcaffe Language School Frankfurt is different. This school only teaches the German language and nothing else. From its one-on-one daily lessons to standard business courses for adults and companies, they focus on helping their students learn, get used to, and eventually become fluent in German.

Berlitz Sprachschule Frankfurt

The Berlitz School of Language is an international institution known all around the world. They teach most, if not all languages no matter what city you're in. They have campuses in various major cities such as Zagreb, Philadelphia, Antwerp, and more. Here in Frankfurt, the Berlitz Sprachschule operates on the same approach, in that students learn German through levels. And only if you've passed a certain level, which often includes intensive coverage of the language, will you get higher and higher until you graduate with full fluency. This is what Berlitz has become known for and why the school remains one of the finest in the world.

Where to Learn German in Frankfurt

EVOLANGUAGE School Frankfurt

With campuses in Munich, Hamburg, and more, the EVOLANGUAGE School has become one of the most prominent language institutions in all of Germany. And the one in Frankfurt is no exception. Just as its name suggests, the school helps its students evolve into fluent German speakers, offering up courses that meticulously deconstructs yet gently introduces the language to first-time speakers. With each and every course, students get more and more familiar with the German language, its various pronouns, intonations, sounds, and how to use the formal and informal versions within social customs. Its only drawback? This school tends to be pricey. The courses cost around €160.00 to €550.00 per student.

did deutsch-institut

Located in Bahnhofsviertel, also known as the 'train quarter' of Frankfurt, the did deutsch-institut is already easy to get to via public transport. So that's one good thing to expect from this institution. But going deeper into what this school offers, the did deutsch-institut is all about teaching you German to prepare for academics or business. Sure, they also include lessons for the basics and conversational German, but for the most part, many of their courses center on either business German or to prepare students for higher education. Only if you have these objectives will you get the most out of this prominent language school.

Where to Learn German in Frankfurt

Goethe-Institut Frankfurt Sprachschule Deutschkurse

'Learn German in Frankfurt,' says the official website of Goethe-Institut Frankfurt Sprachschule Deutschkurse. And basically, that's all you really need to know about the institution. This school was built around teaching students, be they locals or foreigners, the country's mother tongue in all its different forms. However, the way they do it is what separates them from the rest of the pack. The Goethe-Institut Frankfurt Sprachschule Deutschkurse goes above and beyond in ensuring that their students not only learn German but get to know Germany a lot more as well. They put on language trips, help expats find accommodations, and hold events all to help students reach fluency in no time.

German Language Lab

When you get to Frankfurt, despite how many foreign expats have relocated here, it's easy to get overwhelmed if you don't know a speck of German. Sure, you can always enroll in any of the aforementioned language schools, but at the same time, the question remains: will you be able to keep up? Remember that just because you got into a language school, it doesn't mean that you'll learn as quickly or as efficiently as your classmates. There are times in which you'll need to learn the language at your own pace. That's where the German Language Lab comes in. This school specialized in tailoring its courses and programs to the students' needs and current capabilities. Only then will they be comfortable enough to reach fluency.

Where to Learn German in Frankfurt

No matter how global Frankfurt may seem, you'll still greatly benefit if you learn the language while you're here. What's stopping you? The city offers a handful of notable language schools, many of which cater to your specific situation.

Be it in your luxury home or while you're out and about in the city, learning German in any of these language schools will really help you a lot!



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