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The Finest Language Schools in Antwerp

April 29, 2021
Belgium is one of the very few countries where there isn't really one main language. Because the country is made up of three big communities, the language they speak varies from region to region. The Flemish region speaks Dutch, the German area speaks German, and, of course, the French communities speak French. This is why language schools are some of the most essential educational institutions in the cities here. They allow for both locals and tourists to learn all of the countries' languages for easier communication. Here in Antwerp, these five language schools are the most prominent and worth your while!
The Finest Language Schools in Antwerp

University of Antwerp

Right off the bat, there's the University of Antwerp. The premier university in the city, its language courses are open to undergraduate students and to the public alike. It helps that since this is an international school too, the institution has professors and instructors from all around the world. Beyond the three main languages of Belgium, you can also learn how to speak other languages from other countries. And you get taught by native speakers too, right from the source themselves! Before long, you might end up multi-lingual who's perfect to take on diplomatic positions in government!

Hello Languages

More than just teaching you the different languages, Hello Languages will also help you train to speak and understand them until you reach fluency. That's the sort of dedication and devotion this school has to its students. Offering up a convenient and comfortable space for novice learners and speakers to brush up on their various language skills, this institution is all about providing the right assistance to one's needs, be they social, formal, or academic. They'll even teach you legal English here, just in case you want to become an international lawyer or a diplomat someday!

The Finest Language Schools in Antwerp

Berlitz Antwerp

Berlitz is one of, if not the leading international school in the world. It teaches practically all languages and has campuses all over the world, even here in Antwerp. What they do best is to really let the students improve on their skills little by little. Full-term courses that are one-stop aren't enough to help people become fluent in a language. There are certain levels that they need to pass in order to teach fluency. Berlitz not only lays out all of these levels in order, but they drill in their lessons hard enough that you will get to the next step no matter what!

Labs Bvba

Since Antwerp is located in the Flemish region of Belgium, it's understandable that there are some language schools here that only teach the Dutch language. One of them is Labs Bvba. With their motto, 'Adding colour to language learning,' this place is all about incorporating some fun into their lessons. Think social gatherings where students have no choice but to speak what they've learned so far. Or touring the various attractions in the city, letting you know what you can do for a day in Antwerp. And don't forget all the language games too!


Another Dutch language school on this list is Cosmocollege. A more serious yet more intimate school compared to Labs Bvba, this place even provides housing too! As part of teaching you how to speak Dutch, once you enroll here, you can choose to stay with a house family that the school will connect you with. This way, you get to learn more about the language and further brush up on your skills even beyond the standard classroom settings. Other than that, even the institution's classroom settings only contain a limited number of people. It's all about facing the challenge head-on and guiding you every step of the way!

The Finest Language Schools in Antwerp

With so many languages spoken in Belgium, it's practically hard to keep up! Fortunately, here in Antwerp, there's a number of language schools you can enroll in to help you communicate and understand each other better while you're in the city!