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Where To Learn Croatian in Zagreb

May 28, 2021
Even though Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is probably the most cosmopolitan out of all the cities in the country, you'll still benefit from learning Croatian here. The international community in this city isn't as big as those in other European capitals like Rome and Paris. Even though English is starting to become more spoken here, in order to really have a hassle-free stay here, you'd do well in brushing up on your Croatian skills. Don't worry, Zagreb has a handful of language schools that can teach you! Many of them are geared to teach even the most novice of beginners!

Where To Learn Croatian in Zagreb

Croatian Language Academy

Just as its name says, the Croatian Language Academy is one of the finest of its kind in Zagreb. Offering courses ranging from intensive programs to evening classes, it's all about teaching Croatian as a foreign language. So, in a nutshell, it's specifically geared towards foreigners who are in Zagreb. Notably, the school is known for fostering a community of those who simply want to speak and understand the language as well as get to know more about the country. It regularly holds events, social gatherings, and the like to help its students improve their Croatian in more ways than one!

Berlitz Zagreb

Berlitz is one of, if not the finest language institutions in the world. It thas campuses in all the major cities, as well as most of the capital cities. This, of course, includes Zagreb. Here, you get to study Croatian in a more detailed and intensive way, going through levels of proficiency to ensure that you're on the right track. In many ways, Berlitz approaches language like a major course in university, focusing on the academic side of it instead of just a pastime that those with free time get to enjoy. By the end of each level, you will have grown even more fluent!

Where To Learn Croatian in Zagreb

SMART School of Foreign Languages

Although Croatian isn't exactly a foreign language in Zagreb, the SMART School of Foreign Languages still teaches it to those interested to learn. And what's so great about this place is that it welcomes all ages, kids and adults alike. You can learn Croatian as an entire family. For kids, their lessons here can help them with their academics, especially if they're studying in one of the finest schools in the city. As for adults, the school offers programs to help them with their business and formal language. Moreover, it's location right at the intersection of Palinovečka and Kutnjački makes it easy to get to via public transport!

ENBE Foreign Language School

You could say that the ENBE Foreign Language School is one that's perfect for these trying times. Out of all the schools on this list, this one probably has the strongest online courses of them all. The schools foray into the digital age, even before the Covid-19 pandemic started, has always been what has drawn many to enroll here. That and the fact that they provide a level of comfort for their students, many of whom have never uttered a single word of the Croatian language before. It's just funny that the school's name also translates to 'Not Yet Another Language.'

Where To Learn Croatian in Zagreb

Prospero Language School

With certificates and diplomas on offer, it's no wonder why Prospero Language School is one of the finest in the city. The clincher is already its name, in that the school's primary goal is to let its students prosper with Croatian language as a necessary weapon. Among many things, this institution helps those who want to teach in Croatia the right certification. After all, when it comes to foreigners moving to the country, the job market has shown that teaching languages has been a popular employment option. And one can get certified through this school!

Kreativna Učionica

'Would you like to leanr Croatian? You are in the right place' proudly says Kreativna Učionica's official website. While other schools on this list also focus on different foreign languages as well, this one is solely about teaching the country's native tongue. It makes use of what they refer to as 'Crocards,' colorful flashcards with different words and terms in the Croatian language. They're easy to use during lessons or even as games to play among friends and families. And with these, it's clear that this school also aims its students to get comfortable and have fun with learning and eventually speaking and understanding Croatian.

Where To Learn Croatian in Zagreb

Where else would be the most suitable place to learn Croatian than in the capital city of the country where it comes from, Zagreb. The language schools here are all top-notch, sharing the same goals of helping their students become fluent in Croatian!

Learning Croatian gets you closer to getting what you wang while you're in Zagreb. Not the least of which is a luxury home here!



Zagreb, Croatia
On request
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-4
Zagreb, Croatia
118 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4
Zagreb, Croatia
162 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-6
Zagreb, Croatia
213 € / night    
3 bedrooms1 bathroom4-7

Zagreb, Croatia
280 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-6
Zagreb, Croatia
108 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4
Zagreb, Croatia
123 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom4-4
Zagreb, Croatia
134 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom5-5
Zagreb, Croatia
423 € / night    
4 bedrooms4 bathrooms2-14
Zagreb, Croatia
448 € / night    
3 bedrooms3 bathrooms2-12