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Where To Learn English in Philadelphia

April 09, 2021
Even though Philadelphia is one of the major cities in the US, it's not exactly as international as the likes of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and the like. Sure, the country itself is a hotbed of different cultures, ethnicities, and whatnot, but the city of Philadelphia, as a whole, remains predominantly American. This means that you're better off knowing how to speak and understand English while you're here. It will make your stay in the city that much easier in more ways than one. Fortunately, you can learn English in any of these fine language schools.
Where To Learn English in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia School Of Languages

The Philadelphia School Of Languages is specifically geared towards two types of people: foreigners and students. If you don't know a speck of English when you got to Philadelphia, this is one of, if not the best place to learn the language. At the same time, if you're a student and you want to improve your English to get into the best schools in the world, be it the country's Ivy League schools or London's top universities, the Philadelphia School Of Languages will help you with that as well. The place aims to improve people's grasp of English, making them more fluent and more knowledgeable with formal language.

Kaplan International Languages

Kaplan International Languages is already a famous language institution in the country but the one in Philadelphia is certainly one of the best. This is because this school breaks down what a student needs from them and offers the right type of courses and programs. For foreigners who just want to learn the basics, the school provides short-term courses focusing on light conversations and pleasantries. For locals who want to improve their English for work, intensive and extensive courses prepare them to speak the most formal forms of the language. In this case,e everyone is happy!

Where To Learn English in Philadelphia

FLS International: Chestnut Hill College

Academic, Vacation, and Intensive English—these are the types of courses offered by the FLS International: Chestnut Hill College. The first one, Academic, is an extensive course that really hammers the lessons home for as little time as possible. It's the one that most college applicants take when they want to improve their English to get into the country's finest universities and colleges, even the best in Philadelphia. The Vacation course, on the other hand, missed lessons with sightseeing and outdoor activities. this is the one more geared towards tourists. And finally, the Intensive course is the most standard out of all of them that includes in-person classes every week.

Berlitz Philadelphia

Berlitz is known as one of the finest international language schools in the world. It teaches different languages in different countries, aiming to take down language barriers one lesson at a time. The campus here in Philadelphia is one of the best in the US. Though it's become famous for its foreign language classes among the locals, for the foreign tourists and expats, on the other hand, it's one of the best places to learn English. This is because the school has cultivated a less intimidating and very open atmosphere that allows non-English speakers to learn the language in. safe and comfortable way.

Where To Learn English in Philadelphia

ELS Language Centers

Another international language school recognized around the world is the ELS Language Center. Established in 1961, it's one of the oldest institutions on this list which, based on longevity, stands as proof of its success over the years. Offering a variety of courses that range from intensive to vacation, the school aims to let every student get used to the English language no matter what. Though fluency is the best result for any student, as long as the speaker just becomes comfortable in speaking the language, it's already an achieved goal here in this school! Moreover, ELS Language Center's online classes are some of the best in the world!

Lingual Institute

The Lingual Institute in Philadelphia is more so a training center than your average language school. Although the institution still offers classes as you'd expect in any place of its kind, their aim is more connected to professions than anything else. The Lingual Institute has partnered up with law firms, government agencies, the city's hospitals, and the like to improve the English skills of all of the staff of all of these places. At the same time, the institute trains interpreters to be skilled enough to work for international companies or even diplomatic offices.

Where To Learn English in Philadelphia

No matter how crowded Philadelphia gets with tourists and foreign expats, you're still better off being fluent in English here. Don't worry! Any of these outstanding language schools will teach you everything you need to know and more!

Knowing how to speak and understand English will make it easier for you to get a luxury home in Philadelphia!





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