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What You Need To Know About Frankfurt's Public Transport

September 09, 2021
Frankfurt is one of Germany's major cities. It's a bustling metropolis that has long served as the financial hub of the country. So it makes sense that so many people live and have relocated here. Nevertheless, despite its huge population, Frankfurt remains a fairly easy city for its residents. It helps that the public transport here is extremely efficient. With various systems in place, it's become easy for people to get to where they need to be. And the quicker you learn to navigate it, the better. Here's what you ought to know about Frankfurt's public transport.

What You Need To Know About Frankfurt's Public Transport

The Frankfurt Card

Just like any other city, Frankfurt offers its own travel passes for commuters' convenience. The most popular of which is the Frankfurt Card. Only costing around €11.00 to €16.00 for individuals and €23.00 to €33.00 for groups of five, this card allows you access to the city's public transport, particularly the metro system. It also includes various discounts in many of Frankfurt's top tourist attractions. You can purchase it online and simply print it out in order to use it in the city. It's good for around 1-2 days only so make sure you maximize its use before it expires.

Frankfurt’s Underground Metro System

While Frankfurt's underground metro system isn't as famous as the tube in London, it's just as efficient. The Rhine-Main Transport Association (RMV) operates these trains and you can use its in-house app to help you with your travels. It comes with its own navigation services as well as online tickets you can purchase beforehand. If you don't have a Frankfurt Card yet, this is the easier alternative. You can reduce the time you would've spent queuing up at the ticketing office to going directly to the platform to catch the next train. Do note that, while bringing your bike inside is allowed, they highly advise against it during peak rush hours.

What You Need To Know About Frankfurt's Public Transport

Buses & Night Buses

Apart from the subway, Frankfurt's buses have also proven to be an efficient public transport option. Especially since they cover a lot more areas than the underground metro system. Not to mention it's also the most affordable way to get around. Depending on how many zones you hit on the way, bus fare only costs around €1.85 to €2.75 per journey for adults, while kids get special discounts. But perhaps the reason why buses are often the better option is because of the Night-Liner, or the night buses. Operating from 1:00 am to 4:00 am, they're are the only available public transport system at night.

The Trams in Frankfurt

Going back to the city's metro system, there's also the trams of Frankfurt. It helps that, compared to the subway system, they venture out to more neighborhoods in the city, especially since the trams also run on the S-Bahn. The S-Bahn is composed of nine routes that also go to the more suburban areas of Frankfurt. As far as common fares go, it's mostly the same as the underground metro. Nevertheless, since the trams travel on the streets, passengers get to tour the city while in transit, hence, they're more popular among tourists than locals. But the latter still rely on them just the same.

What You Need To Know About Frankfurt's Public Transport

Frankfurt's Taxis

Now, what about the taxis in Frankfurt? Well, for the most part, they're the most popular option for those coming from Frankfurt Airport. Since the other public transport systems don't have connections or rarely reach the airport, the taxis that wait for passengers there are the best bet. Other than that, taxis remain fairly common throughout the city. You can often find and hail some near bus stops and tram stations. They're hued in an off-white color with a yellow and black tax sign on top. You'll barely miss them once you get to busy areas and the like.

Using A Transportation App

If you prefer a private vehicle to an ordinary taxi, your best bet is to use a transportation app. Although Germany has since banned the likes of Uber and Lyft from operating here, the country has its own fair share of local and European ride-hailing programs. And they work just as well as the aforementioned banned apps. All you need to do is to pin your location, put in your destination, and book your ride. You'll also find that a popular option in doing this is to carpool, wherein you get to ride with other passengers whose destinations are similar or are on the same route.

Taking The Deutsche Bahn

Most of the other public transport systems only travel within Frankfurt, but what about when you want to outside of the city? What if you want to go to Bad Homburg, Offenbach, and more? Or simply to the nearby lakes, forests, and other serene areas? Do you use a transportation app? Nope! You're better off renting a car instead. And if you don't plan to rent anything, there's always the Deutsche Bahn. This railway company is in charge of inter-city railway systems in Germany. You can take a scenic train ride to the other cities and towns near Frankfurt. That'd be a great way to spend your weekend!

What You Need To Know About Frankfurt's Public Transport

Although Frankfurt seems like such a busy and hectic city, getting around isn't all that difficult. It's all thanks to the many public transport systems in place, offering options for efficient travel and commute no matter your destination!

Once you've mastered Frankfurt's public transport, it'll be easier for you to travel to and from your luxury home here.



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