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The Top Autumn 2021 Collections from London Fashion Week

September 18, 2021
September usually means the arrival of autumn. The temperature starts to drop, the leaves all wither and fall, and, of course, you'll start to need a wardrobe change. And this is truer in London more than anywhere else. In one of the trendiest cities in the world, a bonafide 'fashion capital,' style is a way of life. Sure, you gotta keep warm and toasty as the autumn breezes start to cool you off, but it won't hurt to sport the latest trends in the process, right? Then again, what are the trends for autumn 2021? Perhaps these notable collections from London Fashion Week will tell you!

The Top Autumn 2021 Collections from London Fashion Week


It’s the most free collection I’ve done at Burberry,” claimed Riccardo Tisci as he described his autumn 2021 collection for Burberry. Despite his significant reputation as a couturier and effective brand director, he was still working in arguably the biggest British designer brand ever. Because of this, most of his work shackled him to adapt a very English mindset. This season, however, it was he who turned British eccentricity on its head. Giving his collection a distinctly outdoorsy feel, many of his designs captured the innate yet austere elegance of early 20th-century utilitarian wear. From boxy silhouettes to draped dresses, the look retained the brand's high-class English appeal without sacrificing Tisci's own modern-day streetwear whims.
Source: Burberry YouTube Channel


Always a stickler for classic elegance, Erdem Moralioglu presented a ballet-inspired autumn 2021 collection during London Fashion Week. But don't expect to see pastel pink tutus fluttering about on a runway. This season, he was more inspired by the professional dancers themselves rather than their stage costumes. His collection put forth a deconstruction of a prima ballerina's everyday wardrobe, mixed in with Erdem's signature strict sophistication, of course. Shapely outerwear reflected a dancer's rigor through life, embellished with feathers and frills to emphasized a more balletic appeal. Silhouettes from the 1940s and 50s made appearances as well, swiveling across a darkly-lit stage as if going through life was one big performance. Perhaps, that was Erdem's message this season.
Source: Erdem YouTube Channel

Victoria Beckham

Despite the strong shoulders, the overpowering tailoring, the stark color scheme, and the eye-catching clash of prints, Victoria Beckham insists that her autumn 2021 collection has a 'less is more' attitude. “It’s more relaxed. The little details we used to obsess over—there’s less of that. We weren’t in a position to do that, to be honest with you, and I like this sense of freedom,” she explained. She noted Miami, where she currently resides, as her main inspiration. Doing away with the city's stereotypical gaudy appeal, it makes sense that her womenswear this season does feel freer in many ways. But her signature brand of British strictness is still there, making these clothes more fitted for the fashional areas in London than 'Magic City' itself.
Source: Victoria Beckham YouTube Channel

Molly Goddard

Thanks to the national lockdown the UK went through back in the winter of 2021, Molly Goddard had to make her autumn 2021 collection a lot more toned down than usual. 'This collection was maybe the toughest to put together because of all the restrictions,” the designer confessed. But make no mistake, even when it's more subdued, Goddard's signature flou still looks just as delightful. Cascading tiers of tulle—in bright pops blue, red-orange, and pastel green, no less!—still evoked a flight of fancy despite the pared-down silhouettes. However, it's the more practical (yet equally covetable) Fair Isle sweaters and tailored outerwear that will likely become bestsellers this coming autumn.
Source: Molly Goddard YouTube Channel

Simone Rocha

It seems Erdem wasn't the only designer from London Fashion Week to be inspired by ballerinas. It's safe to say that ballerinas are the perfect references for a designer like Simone Rocha, who has built a career out of pouffy tulle confections, to get inspiration. But lo and behold, even she took a unique and different spin on it. Biker ballerinas reigned supreme during her show at the parish church of St. John’s Hyde Park, setting forth a parade of leather jackets and gathered tulle. Rocha's signature schoolgirl appeal shone through with the white shirts with angular flat collars, while the tinges of black leather had a more London punk tinge to it.
Source: FF Channel YouTube Channel

Richard Quinn

A combination of SoHo's fetish scene with classic fairytales like Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. Only the likes of Richard Quinn could ever merge the two in his autumn 2021 collection. Continuing his Old Hollywood Glam approach, he covered his models in full-blown floral patterns, leopard prints, and psychedelic polka-dots from head-to-tea, all cinched neatly in overblown bows at the back. Those that did have their eyes, noses, and mouths uncovered, however, wore latex bodysuits underneath the exaggerated tailoring and pouffy ballgowns. Quinn's world is as perverse as ever, it seems! Source: Richard Quinn Instagram Page


Just one look and it's easy to dismiss Eftychia Karamolegkou's autumn 2021 collection as 'stale,' 'boring,' and 'too simple to a fault.' It appears unexciting at first yet upon closer inspection, her excellent tailoring expresses her mastery of the craft at every seam. And then comes her message with her collection: fashion self-therapy. It's no secret that the world has gone crazy in the past few years. And even if the UK has reopened and things are starting to look and feel normal, there's still a sense of urgency against a global pandemic and political strife both at home and abroad. Eftychia simple selection of suits, separates, and staples put forth a comforting message that you can tune them all out, wear your clothes, and live your life the way you want.
Source: Eftychia YouTube Channel

As autumn 2021 arrives in London this month, and as London Fashion Week takes over the city yet again, it's high time to look back on this season's upcoming top collections. In any of these are the trends that will soon dominate London and beyond this season.

Any of these designer collections from London Fashion Week will help you welcome autumn with style. And keep you warm too! As if you never left your well-heated luxury home here!



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