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The Leading Fashion Magazines From Paris

July 18, 2021
In the fashion industry, magazines are like bibles. They speak the truth on trends and put forth the word of pop culture, gossip, and more. Even to this day, when most publications have gone digital, printed magazines still reign supreme. It's not that they simply present the latest from the runways, but they also lay out the new look of the moment. Some even venture into unchartered territories like politics, news, and sports, among many others. Of course, in this regard, those coming from Paris are the cream of the crop. Here are the leading French fashion magazine magazines from the fashion capital.

The Leading Fashion Magazines From Paris

French Vogue

Vogue itself is an institution in the publication world. Since the early 20th century, it's been the leading fashion magazine in the world, both the original American and the French editions. As for the latter, which started in the 1920s, it remains an authority on the Paris fashion scene. It continually updates what the latest runway trends are, the hottest French designer labels to pay attention to, as well as some celebrity gossip on the side. Of course, its pièce de résistance are its editorials. From the most aspirational to the artistic and avant-garde, its monthly editorials prove that French Vogue is still at the top of the Paris fashion magazine food chain. Source: Vogue Paris Instagram Account


At one point in time, specifically during the early decades of the 20th-century, fashion was only among the elite. The latest trends, the newest styles, and talk of the designers to look out for stayed within the upper echelons of society. And at the center of it all was L’Officiel, a fashion magazine that started in 1921. From back then to now, this French publication still centers on high society, only speaking of luxury and nothing else. Although the magazine is more accessible to the general public now, its contents are still those that only the elite can get their hands on. Source: L'Officiel Paris Instagram Account


With so many Paris fashion magazines coming from the French capital nowadays, what separates Numéro from all the others? Its scope. Although fashion isn't all that these publications talk about, Numéro goes above and beyond in highlighting what's happening in the real world today. Apart from its fashion spreads and trend reports, the magazine is also known for its features on trending artists, updates on pop culture, and even a few politically charged pieces too. Numéro proves that lifestyle affects everyone, not just those interested in fashion and luxury. It presents the zeitgeist of the moment in the most riveting ways. Source: Numéro Instagram Account


Internationally, Elle is practically in second place after Vogue; a testament to the influence of this magazine that only started in 1945. It helps that the publication, although a bonafide fashion magazine, is as much about pop and celebrity culture as it is about trends, fads, and more. Here, you won't just find out the latest straight from the runways, but you'll also get to see what the celebrities are wearing, the newest fads on social media, and the like. From red carpet coverage of the Oscars or the Cannes Film Festival to daily best-dressed lists and the most recent Instagram posts of the hottest celebs, Elle is lifestyle glossy at its finest! Source: Elle Paris Instagram Account

Madame Figaro

Though it's only a supplementary magazine of Le Figaro newspaper, Madame Figaro has become an undeniable authority when it comes to fashion in France. And this is mostly because it's the most accessible publication of all the Paris fashion magazines. Although many of the aforementioned glossies are now more affordable these days, a supplementary magazine from a national newspaper is still the easiest to get one's hands on. It's here that students, housewives, and the like get the latest news on the Paris runways, what to wear for the season, and the classic style staples to have in one's wardrobe! Source: Madame Figaro Instagram Account

Journal du Luxe

Unlike other Paris fashion magazines on this list, Journal du Luxe purely stays on top of fashion and luxury. Everything related to the industry is laid out on the online magazine, from runway reports to trend alerts. More than that, it even reports on what's happening in the business side of fashion as well. Did a big couture house get a new designer? What are the latest purchases of the well-known luxury groups? How is the accessories market doing these days? Journal du Luxe answers all of these questions and more, further proving that behind the glossy side of fashion is an industry that thrives! Source: Journal du Luxe Instagram Account

It's only natural that the leading French fashion magazines come from Paris. It is the 'fashion capital of the world,' after all! And in this glamorous city, a handful of respectable publications stand as the undisputed authorities on fashion, pop culture, and more!

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